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  1. This is the correct answer. Also don't know why people wouldn't be onboard with this...?
  2. That's the spirit! Lol in all seriousness though, if you were trying to get started with CE on MCC, that's probably not the best learning platform. I find 90% of games in that playlist are very one-sided. If I'm not getting stomped by savages, I'm stomping people that appear to be bots. There are very few relatively close matches, and in my experience those are the ones that let you experiment and develop as a player. For the best learning experience, you want to be able to increase your GGPH (good-games-per-hour). In descending order, these are my preferred means of achieving high GGPH: 1) Local LAN on original Xbox 2) Halo PC in my servers with the Discord group 3) MCC Customs 4) MCC Matchmaking I'm strictly talking in terms of good "can't put the controller down" series/gauntlets.
  3. You obviously haven't played Downrush in CE.
  4. @@Lateksi It's good to see more and more PC players joining the controller cult!
  5. Awesome! Gonna add this to the main post next time I update it Also gg's tonight.
  6. Does anyone know where I can grab the Team Beyond video header? I want to add it to the intro of a promo video that will be released upon completion of this project & the Halo 1.5 map ports. Thanks
  7. Yup you need to only map the Action button (leave Exchange Weapon and Reload unassigned). I have Action mapped to X and it seems fine. I know that framerate seems to affect the required duration of the button press. For example, at 30 FPS lock you need to hold down the button twice as long as when you have the FPS locked to 60 with VSync. So if you're playing without VSync, your framerate might be really high and that's what could be causing the issue.
  8. I'm so glad you approved of my post - and I didn't even need to mention specific names this time! Validated.
  9. Would be cool to get a sponsor. Are people using those old Samsung's ? lol ask them to sponsor it
  10. Deal I'll upload and send the DL link in Discord this weekend If you can whip it up fairly quickly I can get some folks to help test it out in a real match environment.
  11. Then they succeeded. They removed their most troublesome demographic from the equation and brought in a whole new REQ-pack-buying fanbase that is oblivious to how the series' long-time fans got screwed over.
  12. Sounds like it's worth testing for sure. Would you be willing to put it together? I don't do much tag work. That, or you could walk me through it on Discord. I just moved this weekend so I haven't done much Halo stuff in the last week or so, but I'll be hopefully getting back into it this weekend.
  13. Fairly certain this only works if both parties have the setting enabled, and I don't think it's ON by default either. Need to investigate
  14. Can't agree more. I've been playing CE since 2001, though not competitively, and it's really a breath of fresh air to have something to learn about the game again. I also rarely have trouble finding games in the CE playlist. The only time I can't get a match is when matchmaking is shitting the bed (ex: no matches in other playlists either).
  15. UPDATE 03/24/2016: Couple of recent changes: The timer notifications have been removed - only the elapsed-time clock remains in the bottom right. Training wheels are off boys. A new script has been implemented that notifies you when your teammates picks up any of the following items: Rocket Launcher, OS, Camo, Sniper Rifle. This information is readily available in splitscreen anyway. I'm entertaining the thought of disabling this script (and some others) when an admin starts a series. More Halo 1.5 maps are on the way, the next one being Madhouse. I'm waiting on someone to look into porting the animated pendulum scenery. New features in this map include syncing shield "crack" effect (same method as shield "spark" and armor "spark"), 10x zoom on sniper, and a sneaky prototype fix for bump-lag warping (rubberbanding). Also I got my OG S controller working on PC. In brief, you'll need to use XBCD drivers, but I'll make a setup guide soon.
  16. Far from it. I know I'm preaching to the choir but it's very unfortunate that all the most accessible means of playing the game have major pitfalls: 1) PC: sketchy netcode + tons of issues 2) MCC: sketchy netcode + tons of issues 3) XLink: host-advantage Halo1final on LAN is the best way to go, but not as accessible. I've found Xlink to offer the least-frustrating experience, because at the least the host-advantage is predictable, whereas warping on PC or disappearing rockets on MCC aren't.
  17. I can't argue that MCC's matchmaking is shit and that CE has a very punishing learning curve when new players are thrown in with the wolves. But teabaggers and laggers aren't exclusive to the CE playlist. As someone who only started playing CE seriously when MCC came out, the 2v2 playlist is a welcome reality check and playing against high-level players is a learning experience I otherwise never would have had (read: high level players, not high-rank players that got their 35+ because of their shitty connection).
  18. Join the dark side my son. Come to the CE playlist, where games are plentiful and ranks meaningless. PS: Also "Covenant Dance" > "Under Cover Of Night"
  19. Bump. I'll just leave this here: http://www.h2v.online/2016/02/17/welcome/ http://www.h2v.online/2016/03/06/public-beta-release/ http://www.h2v.online/download/ https://github.com/FishPhd/H2V-Online-Launcher/releases/tag/ Disclaimer: I don't play this game. I'm posting it because I commend their efforts and hate to see a game die with a whimper.
  20. One of them was playing smart, even though he was laggy. But the guy that ate my melee was just lagging all over the place.
  21. Only way to get better. If you need a partner add me: stunt man gmyf On a related note, I matched a 39 and a 45 for the first time in the CE playlist (I'm rank 15). This happened: xboxdvr.com/stunt%20man%20GMYF/6552ffaa-57bd-4371-8a80-4f8e358991d4/embed Matched them twice, both games were the laggiest matches we played all night. And on an unrelated note: xboxdvr.com/stunt%20man%20GMYF/6a1fb4b6-12ec-4158-aa7e-b5a6463f7d0f/embed
  22. The group I met @@xxcloud7xx in is active every night of the week. Pro tip: if you get in a lobby with a bunch of guys playing CE customs, always add them all. I get invited every time I log on and I must have added about 30 randoms from customs.
  23. I think I'll be available to play CE with you. The only that would make me not-available is if I end up LAN-ing with some buddies but so far no plans for that.
  24. Literally just an octagon-shaped box map? How far should opposite spawns be from each other?

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