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  1. I'm genuinely not following you here. The animations are identical to the Xbox version... Are you thinking about warping or something related? For example, a 1st person reload animations on PC and on Xbox look identical, and even use the exact same tag files. I mean, 3rd person animations look weird on mouse players because they're looking around very quickly. Care to elaborate on this? For the record, I haven't made any changes to the core gameplay - only fixes. There's some server features that aren't available on Xbox, like the on-screen timer, weapon pickup notifications and teammate spawn notifications, but I wouldn't consider those as huge changes to the core game (the notifications are present on split screen anyway). I won't be changing the pistol spread. My pleasure. This project was originally geared towards bringing Xbox LAN-style gameplay to the PC community for the first time, but when we started figuring out how to make the controller feel better we started getting more Xbox players in the group. I agree about streamlining the installation process, but I'm not sure how far I could go with that without breaking the law (ex: repackaging the game's installer to include some of this stuff).
  2. Great video btw Hmm I don't have any specific examples for you. You can probably see what I mean by watching some Xbox gameplay on Youtube, but it's best noticed when actually playing off-host.
  3. Yeah this is what it comes down to. @@Qbit was working on a mod awhile ago but I haven't heard from him in awhile. He was trying to make the game more of a PC shooter, removing elements that are focused around controller movement/aiming and stuff like that.
  4. That's not a bug? The bullets magnetise correctly on PC (as opposed to MCC), the pistol's spread is the same as it is in the original version. Can you elaborate?
  5. Need to investigate that projectile tag. Pretty sure I compared them in the past but it's worth looking into again for sure if it means we can get it to play closer to the original
  6. I don't want to say it's "much like offhost LAN" because it feels different and I don't want to over sell this thing. But it is certainly consistent for all players in the server, within reason (I don't know what it's like when you start getting into crazy-high-ping-territory ex: 150 + ). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a warp fix for player contact on the horizon. The other warping fix (the one related to player velocity), is a possbility but I haven't heard back from the person that came up with the theory. Because of this, I still consider Xbox LAN to be superior, but it is nice to play on guaranteed dedicated servers, unlike MCC. Halo PC can run at upwards of 500 FPS lol it's just the animations that are locked to 30 FPS. Doesn't bother me very much tbh and the framerate doesn't drop at all if you aren't running the game on a toaster. *** I can't stress this enough: many of these fixes ARE NOT live in the mapcycle yet. They are coming soon with the final releases of the maps. Don't expect to play the maps with these fixes by simply joining the server. If you join the Discord group I can give you permission to download the test maps and I can put them up on a server if you want to try it out. Otherwise you'll have to wait a couple more weeks ***
  7. Pretty much this: On Xbox it varies with distance but also with the direction you're strafing in (that's not exactly how it works, but it's the best way I can articulate it). So it's still variable depending on distance (ex: shooting someone across Hang 'em requires more lead). @@t3h m00kz Thanks for the vids! Remember guys for the effects to play you have to land your shots :^)
  8. What controller are you using? I got pretty good settings on an OG S controller with XBCD drivers + XPadder. Still 8-way but feels good
  9. You don't have to lead very much (maybe not enough....), but I'm running a server script that stabilizes the lead for all players regardless of their ping. So essentially a <50 ping player has to lead the same as a 150 ping player. It's not quite the same as off-host LAN, in that the lead is a fixed amount rather than the original version's variable amount. But the amount you have to lead is reasonable. I can always adjust the stable lead amount in the script, adding more if people speak up about it.
  10. So I'm soon going to be changing the way my servers are hosted. Currently I have 3 different subscriptions to EliteGameServers for Halo dedicated servers. For the same monthly price that I'm paying for these three locations (Montreal, Los Angeles, Amsterdam), I could get a few VPS subscriptions instead and double/triple the amount of Halo dedicated server instances at each location. I would also have a greater selection of locations, since there are far more VPS providers than Halo dedi providers. The only caveat is that I'll have to research how to get the Halo dedicated server executable (Windows) to run on linux-based VPS, but I already have some ideas. Now, that being said - if you would like to see a server near your location, take a second and vote in the strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/10134738/r Once I get set up, I'll be able to provide 4v4 & FFA servers if there is still demand.
  11. I don't see "improved shot registration" in the update? The main problem with the shot registration on PC was always the fact that the game's effects are misleading. The effects aren't spawned by the server, so if your client thinks it hit something, the effect plays. But on the server-side, that was a miss. So everyone thinks the shot registration is terrible because it appears to always take an extra shot or two to kill someone. The opposite was also possible: you would land a shot on the server and the effect wouldn't play on your client. With the sync fix, all those effects are spawned by the server, so you only see them if the server registered a hit. It's a bit of a stretch to call it "improved shot registration" because I didn't need to touch the way projectiles work or how the netcode handles registration. I really need to make a video to demonstrate this but when I'm not working on the fixes or maps I'm trying to get some games in lol
  12. Well it certainly won't hurt but I don't think you'll necessarily get better performance than cat5E. The main thing to consider with network cables is careful handling. Make sure they aren't twisted, there's nothing crushing them, etc. Cable length comes into the equation too. Also if you're just doing 2 boxes, you can use a crossover cable to just connect the boxes to each other without the need for a router/switch.
  13. What do you mean? The fact that the left stick, even with the fix, is only 8-directions and doesn't allow for walking?
  14. Just to clarify: 1) I haven't received a response from the guy yet so I don't even know if he will consider the offer. Once he agrees, I'll PM you guys the PayPal address. 2) In Halo PC there are two types of warping: a) the type induced by sharing the same location as another player/vehicle, which is commonly referred to as rubberbanding or bump-lag, and b) the type of warping induced when a player's velocity changes rapidly (ex: when nade-jumping or being thrown off a ledge). This mod is strictly to fix the second types of warping (velocity-induced). For more information, see this thread: http://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/5781-proof-of-concept-syncing-velocity/
  15. I'm trying to determine demand for the development of a fix to player-induced warping (the type of warping that occurs when nade jumping, or when going faster than a full run, like when you fall off a ledge or something). The potential developer of this fix may need financial motivation. Link: http://www.strawpoll.me/10126127
  16. I propose that all tournament match results be recorded. This is for an un-announced project that next year's bracket seeding can be based off of
  17. This is easier said than done. We need to figure out a way to make it sync for people that join the game late. And even if there are no late joiners, each player finishes loading the map at slightly different times due to ping. That being said, someone in the group has a theory that I need to implement and try out. Stay tuned.
  18. UPDATE 05/02/2016: Despite the lack of updates here, work continues. Notable progress: This project is being rebranded as Halo PC: Final (is there a way to change the thread title?) I've de-prioritized work on the Halo 1.5 map ports in favor of making time for research & development of gameplay fixes. The final versions of the stock maps are coming very soon. We've succeeded in porting the actual Xbox map geometry (BSP) from the original map files. Prior to this new development, I had to rip down the map geometry to raw model format and rebuild. While map geometry was identical, some inconsistencies could be found including slightly different texture coordinates and worse optimization due to the fact that all portal geometry was lost in the porting process. This is no longer the case and future (final) versions of the maps will now be 100% accurate to their Xbox counterparts (including Halo 1.5 map ports). Synchronized shield & armor impact effects for the pistol, assault rifle, shotgun & sniper have all been implemented in our latest test map. We are still measuring performance but so far the results are very promising. The visual feedback when landing a shot on another player is now 100% accurate. Prior to this fix, impact effects only played client-side which meant that feedback often didn't sync with the server, resulting in percieved "dropped shots". Similar to the way that the impact effects now sync, the "shield depleted" effect that plays when a player loses his shield is now server-side and plays 100% of the time, just like on Xbox. Descope upon taking damage now syncs properly as well. Prior to this fix, there were often instances of taking damage but not getting descope, and vice versa. Thanks @@t3h m00kz Major improvements to the HUD are currently in progress, including fixed scope masks that no longer scale (stretch) depending on resolution. See below for images. Oh, and the sniper scope now reads "10x" For consistency's sake, I will be removing sound effects in the same fashion as the Halo 1: Final Xbox mod. Currently, many of the sounds have been made to play only in first person (ex: you can hear the weapon-ready sound but other players can't), but in future releases the sounds will be removed altogether. We're back to square one with the teleporter shader fix. It will be completely reworked from the ground up using a different method. Images of scope mask fix (work-in-progress!): Pistol before: Pistol after: Sniper before: Sniper after:
  19. Yeah seems like a glitch. But, like the 180 glitch, it's been around for far too long to consider fixing it. People have been moving in a certain way and avoiding situations because of those bugs, and fixing them would be a game changer. In the case of the 180 glitch, I don't really mind it I think it's hilarious when someone chokes when in mid-air with the rockets and completely misses you lol
  20. Nah you'll need to mod your box. Not sure about linux. But everyone needs to be using the same mod. Modding the box is easy, but you'll need male-xbox to female-usb cable and a compatible usb stick to do the softmod. And splinter cell non-platinum edition.
  21. Maybe that's the problem. If it was in all the maps rather than only a few maybe it would have been better-accepted.
  22. I don't know how people can stomach those mixed playlists man it's torture.
  23. Guys let's LAN CE I've got the setup at my place. Sherbrooke St. E (about 15 min walk from Sherbrooke metro) @@unheeding

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