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  1. I don't get it they're streaming Tomb Raider
  2. Yeah it'll soon be better and players will have the option to disable the notifications and just keep the counter on the bottom right. Also need to remove the Flamethrower and Fuel Rod Gun counters, since my gametypes don't use those weapons. UPDATE 01/16/2016: A second server has been added & the OP has been updated It has the same mapcycle and settings as the first, and is located in Montreal, QC, Canada. East Coast players will probably ping better to this server than the other one (Dallas, TX). The addition of this server will help players get into games faster, as there are no other viable alternatives for 2v2 MLG Slayer on the list. Also, a bug with the new server host has come to my attention and the max player count appears to sporadically reset to 8. A support ticket has been opened and this should be resolved soon. If you see that one of the servers is at 8, PM me from here or hit me up in Discord and I'll remotely change it back to 4. I've temporarily locked the Dallas server because the support technician wants to look into it.
  3. Yes in my server. Read the beginning of the OP (or just look in my signature) for the server info. When everything is finalized I will post download links to all the config files.
  4. @ Which of the h1final/h1.5 maps are considered the best? Which are considered the worst? I want to stagger the PC releases of them, but I don't want to release all the best ones together and then all the worse ones afterwards, but rather mix it up. I'd release them in pairs, with one good map and less-good one.
  5. @@Hard Way Good video, but I find it could be paced better. Ideally you could explain the importance and context of a certain concept over a few clips of gameplay footage demonstrating it in action, and then quick clips demonstrating different ways to perform actions that complement the concept. Keep them coming - combined with Missingno's vids, new players will be able to learn things pretty easily. You should try some commentary too, if you can talk fast (there's so much to talk about during a CE match and not enough time to say all of it).
  6. UPDATE 01/14/2016: Tweaked settings (custom_sleep & console_input) to improve shot reg consistency. Lead is back at 33 ms because lead 0 is too damn easy. Will be testing lead at 18 ms tonight as well as the above-mentioned settings. Updated OP.
  7. What you're referring to is leading - in Halo PC, there isn't just shot-lead, but melee-lead, nade-lead, etc. You HAD to lead everything you did, because that's just the way the netcode was. With the introduction of the no-lead mod (which the mod on my server is derived from), all of the above types of leading were significantly reduced. Melee's should happen at more or less the same time on the client & server. The colombian nade jumps seem to be a product of warping. I've asked on a few message boards if people had any ideas and haven't gotten back any significant answers. There is a command that can make the warping "update" faster, but it seems to get real weird at high pings (desync, "sticking" instead of rubberbanding, etc). I have adjusted it to what seems to be an optimal value, but it clearly isn't helping the warping very much. Something to keep in mind: when you nade jump, the server still tracks your trajectory properly. The disagreement seems to lie with the client. This means that if you nade jump like usual, you will land at the very spot that you expect to land. Yourself and other players will see you warp, but the trajectory is unaltered. The same concept applies to when you see another player warp - you can still land shots on him if you shoot along his predicted trajectory, because the server is keeping track. I really would love to see improvements to this. As of now, it's the last major issue with the netcode. Apart from warping, how was your time on the server?
  8. Player spawns are set on a per-gametype basis, I assume the CTF spawns were disabled for any map that isn't used for CTF in general. That carousel map is Derelict. The map file name can differ from the in-game map name (ex: Derelict = carousel.map, Chiron = putput.map, Battle Creek = beavercreek.map, etc). That version of Derelict simply has 2-min rocket spawn time instead of 30 secs.
  9. Yes it's fixed via server script. Do you want the details for your own server? Or are you just wondering whether that's been fixed? I'll add it to the OP, it slipped my mind because I figured that out a longgggg time ago. EDIT: Seems like it didn't slip my mind, it's in the OP under Gameplay Fixes. The way it works is through a simple SAPP event: event_spawn playercount<5 'nades $n 4 1 0' Why haven't you joined the Discord channel yet fam?
  10. Not single-handedly. Reminder that NeX single-handedly fixed the broken weapon timers. 002 fixed empty weapon despawn and made the 33 ms lead script (controversial btw, @@KingNick isn't a fan but @@Mintograde eventually got used to it). If it weren't for SBB Mike we wouldn't have Downrush & Zerohour, and I wouldn't have learned how to port the rest of the h1.5 maps or get the Xbox map geometry. Jesse helped with the Xbox health bar. This project would never have come to fruition without the help of these gentlemen.
  11. UPDATE 01/13/2016: Finalized the Active Camouflage fix. I think this is the best it's going to get. I'm going to be testing it tonight. Here's a (very short) video showing the difference: https://youtu.be/8bQlSx0H5DQ OP has been updated. If you want to try it out, join the Discord channel and ask me to send you the map. The video might not do it justice. It's a test version and it won't be uploaded to HAC2's auto-download server. I'll be online for another 90 minutes or so.
  12. I'm gonna watch this when I get a break at work. Ogre 2's stream was hilarious, he was red in the face from all the MCC bullshit
  13. I never have problems getting games. I think most of the shitters moved to Halo 5 too
  14. Sure I was just throwing it out there. I never bothered playing Halo PC at a high level so I don't know all the intricacies. I have a huge zip file full of all the old PC scrim gametypes (TWL, etc) but I can't seem to find it at the moment. These aren't the types of gametypes I was planning on hosting just yet, though. Maybe down the line...
  15. All I want is a little consistency in the shot reg in CE. And for nades to stop disappearing. And for rockets to stop disappearing. And for them to restore the original map geometry. And for them to restore the original sound effects. And the HUD. Goddamn it.
  16. So you don't think I should disabled flag-carrier-driving with a server script? On another, silly note - there's a server option that allows for multi team vehicles (ex: red player driving a hog with a blue gunner). Not really considering it, but I joined a server once and had a chuckle when I saw that. Can confirm - surely you can find it somewhere "unofficial" but the normal Halo PC is not available for free download. That being said, if campaign is what you're after, you can find the whole campaign on halomaps.org (as well as some quite impressive custom campaign maps). But you'll need a custom UI.map that changes the main menu to include the campaign entry. This can be fixed with a server script (players are killed when they leave the playable area of a map).
  17. UPDATE 01/12/2016: Cleaned up the OP. Many players thought a huge configuration was required due to the length of the list of fixes. In truth, almost all the fixes are server-side. I changed the status for many fixes to reflect this. Also: Completed the active camo fix. No changes to the teleporter shader will be necessary. Camo opacity bug was due to the layering of the teleporter scenery geometry. Further tweaking & testing will be undertaken within the next couple of days to improve shot reg consistency. Thanks to KingNick & Mintograde for feedback in the Discord channel! Work continues on the Xbox versions of the maps. Derelict is complete, Hang 'Em High is complete, and Damnation is almost ready. If you are curious as to the fixes/changes, check out halobugs.com and sort by map name. All map-specific bugs from this site will be fixed.
  18. Maybe the OP is too beefy to and lacks clarity. There isn't much configuration required. The vast majority of the fixes are server-side and require no configuration for players. All you need is Custom Edition installed (legit or pirated) and the 3 "Essential Mods/fixes" that are near the top of the OP (2/3 of which only require unzipping a file and placing it in a folder). Like I already said, it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to get it up and running. No one's arguing with you about the state of the game industry. Everyone's sour about MCC. But we can't do a whole lot about MCC unfortunately. @@FarSight XR~20 come and try it out. Join the Discord channel. Halo PC is not as bad as you remember it in its current state, many of the game-breaking issues have been fixed and tweaks are still on the way. Only remaining glaring issue is warping/rubberbanding, and games can still be (and are) played despite it.
  19. I'm not against hosting a 4v4 server down the line, but I want to get the 2v2 experience down and the maps finished before I look at my options. BC 4v4 CTF is indeed a hell of a lot of fun... What other 4v4 MLG gametypes were played back then? Enough for a full mapcycle? You're giving me ideas now :P But that'll be the 3rd server. 1st and 2nd will be 2v2 clones, I suppose 3rd could be 4v4. All this depends on how home-hosting goes - something I'll be testing after I move in a couple months.
  20. Yeah the missed opportunity still hurts. They dropped the ball hard. Don't worry I won't be applauding them anytime soon. But I'll still be playing CE in whatever way I can, be it MCC or on PC with all the fixes I posted in the other thread, and I'm still glad there are at least some more players than if the game was never ported at all.
  21. Watching it now. It scares me that he's an 18 and I could potentially run into him
  22. Ha it's voodoo to me too. Fortunately there are some smarter minds out there to figure all this stuff out. Here's a thread that describes the specific shot-lead script that I'm using: http://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/5647-stable-lead/ Quotes from that thread: For the less technically-inclined: I think MCC is using the standard no-lead mod's method, which can introduce reverse-lead (what causes getting killed behind walls). With this mod, since everyone has to lead the same amount (33ms instead of "zero"), it significantly reduces cases of players getting killed after they've gotten behind cover (happens to me a lot in MCC).
  23. UPDATE 11/01/2016 #2: Due to the fact that I am only hosting a 4-slot server public server, people aren't always able to join when they want to. I reached out to the dev of HAC2 and he told me about a useful console command: "play_during_queue 1" (without the quotes) You will need to have the server already in your bookmarks list (press F4 while in the server). Join another server if mine is full, open console and enter the above command. Then press F5 to view your bookmarks while ingame, and press alt+# (the number next to the server name in the bookmarks list). You are now queued up to join the server When a slot frees up, you will automatically quit your current server to join mine. I won't be increasing the max players. The MLG Slayer gametype is 2v2. Any more than that and the metagame is drastically altered. Keep in mind that @@Mintograde is a particularly exceptional savage - most players you'll encounter aren't anywhere near his level. Don't let it get to you, I get smashed every time I play against him. Just try to get on his team :P When everything is finished (I'll be working to complete the final versions of the Xbox maps this week) I'll start up a second server. I've already said this before, but if someone wants to put up the monthly cash for a Team Beyond server I'll gladly set it up, but I won't be paying for a private server out of my pocket. Let's just say my mission statement is to get more players to learn the metagame and play proper gametypes, and that's not going to happen by locking the server or changing the max player count.
  24. Judging from the fact that the shooting is more consistent with a community-made mod I'm using in my Halo PC server, I would argue that some things CAN be helped and that 343i just doesn't have the competence/budget/motivation/all of the above to look into it.
  25. Yeah that sounds about right. *If* they ever fix this issue (and I won't hold my breath) I would love to see a rank reset.

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