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  1. Sound radius in most cases is map-specific. Maps are supposed to be divided into clusters, which trap sounds in certain areas. Some custom maps aren't properly broken up, so the entire map is one big cluster. A good example of this are the waterfalls in Dammy. You can only hear them if you're in the cluster where the sound scenery is located (and possible the adjacent ones?). I'm not 100% sure if this is the case for sounds emitted by the player, though. Question: In H1Final is the weapon-change sound completely disabled? Or can players still be heard switching weapons after they've spawned? Off the top of my head I'm not sure how to go about disabling the weapon switch sound ONLY on spawn, but I can look into it. I agree that the project needs more traction. My reasoning for it being limited at the moment is that it's still in development and I don't want people to come try it only to drop it. The current mapcycle is a mix of old builds of Xbox versions and vanilla maps. That being said, the first releases of the Xbox versions of the maps will come this weekend. I need to release them all at once, because there are significant changes such as the disablement of the hit sound for all players (sound removed from map file) and a major buff to camo. I need the experience to be consistent across the mapcycle. The updated mapcycle with these versions of the maps will be more representative of where this project is going, and following the release I WILL add a 3rd server in order to gain exposure. Judging from feedback, I agree that it would be wise to make it 4v4. I still need a solid mapcycle, though, and it takes research. I need map-gametype combinations based on what's played on the Xbox for 4v4. There are good suggestions in this thread, but I need more.
  2. Yeah I know what you mean, and trust me I wish it was that way as well. But I've tried to quit CE and I can't. Too bad it's so hard to get OG games unless you know locals. There's pretty much no hope of getting good at OG outside of travelling around the US to LAN with people.
  3. Join our Discord group. Just click the link in my sig. I thought I shilled it enough, I guess not lol. We get games going every night in there. Supports voice chat and multiple text channels so I can control who gets access to test maps, as well as post blog-like updates on progress, as well as a general chat that everyone has access to. Good discussion takes place in there. PS: I recommend getting the Discord desktop app, the web browser is limited.
  4. Thanks guys. I didn't like Wizard and Longest in the rotation but I felt like I had to include them. One of the five vote slots was going to be reserved for F-tier maps, but with the upcoming Halo 1.5 PC ports I think I'll have enough maps anyway.
  5. I am definitely considering it. I know this sounds real rich judging from my position on some of 343's decisions in regards to playlists and stuff in MCC, but we're dealing with a very small playerbase right now and I don't want to split it up just yet. When the time is right, the 4v4 server will be added with proper mapcycle and gametypes tailored for 8 players. But all this requires research as to which gametypes work best in 4v4. I've seen some suggestions, even in this very thread (I think it was in here, anyway), but not enough to merit a whole server and mapcycle. Keep em coming. If a list can be compiled that folks here are more-or-less content with, it'll save me a lot of time. Stay tuned!
  6. (it's stunt_man not Stuntman) lol anyway so there are actually two servers, not one (check the OP). And hopefully many more will come with the help of @@Hootspa. Even without his help, I will be hosting at least one more server, possibly a 4v4 one but I haven't decided yet. Waiting for the project to be 100% finished before expanding.
  7. I think the general consensus is that yes, it sucks, but no one's surprised.
  8. I am curious as to how you guys would rank the stock maps using the same S-F tiers? I'll use this info to directly influence the map weighting in my map cycle. Different types of mobility. It's not like when you're playing Imminent you can just sprint away from a firefight and clamber into cover.
  9. I agree and the focus on speed-matching over skill-matching is probably yet another product of marketing principles affecting design philosophy. This stuff happens far too much lately and it saddens me. The missed opportunity of MCC will forever be a reminder that devs tend to prioritize selling as many copies of their game over creating lasting experiences and replayability.
  10. While you are entitled to your opinion, here's why you'll find that very few people here share it. Halo PC (Custom Edition), with the fixes outlined in the OP, is indeed a great way to play CE online. But if you can't understand why OG LAN will always remain as the proving grounds for the highest level, it's because either: 1) You haven't played it enough, or 2) You don't play at a level where the original LAN netcode really shines. I started with the console version in 2001, but switched to PC when it came out, for its online capabilities. I never played at a very high level, and it's only with the launch of MCC that I bothered to learn about the high-level metagame and, in turn, the OG LAN scene. I've had lengthy discussions with some high-level players and the fact of the matter is that when you reach a certain level of skill and knowledge, the skill gap between players is much less apparent. Games are generally very close. This makes unpredictable netcode-related issues like warping, rubberbanding or bad shot registration all the more significant and game-breaking, as Halo CE's high-level metagame is almost exclusively based around the manipulation of predictable elements. The reason that I don't expect to convince many OG players to make the switch is completely due to this discrepancy in network performance. So why am I even bothering? Read on. This project is in no way meant to replace OG LAN, nor is it meant to steal players away from that scene. It's simply meant as an accessible alternative for people who don't have a group to LAN with, and are fed up with MCC's lack of support and improvements. Before the improvements outlined in this project became a reality, it was literally impossible to play the game on the same level as on the original Xbox. Yes - I said it. The best Xbox players will beat the best PC players, regardless of control scheme. Yes, even controllers vs. keyboard/mouse. I know you're thinking it: "But that's impossible, stunt_man, you've truly lost it!" Negative. Halo PC's high-level metagame did not build off of the Xbox high-level metagame at all. They evolved exclusively from each other. If you look at the huge range of game-breaking issues like: massive latency-dependent shot lead, weapon/equipment timing being almost completely broken, incorrect number of starting nades, the fact that empty weapons didn't despawn, all the way down to the differences in map geometry - the list goes on, and it's no surprise that the two player bases developed their own gametypes and high-level strategies. Where Xbox players have always focused on predicting player spawns, and setting up for map control and ambushes when weapons/powerups were coming up, and using split-screen to improve teamwork and coordination, the high-level PC players' metagame revolves mostly around reducing TTK and nailing precise shots, which is respectable and no easy feat given the netcode-induced shot lead. 2v2's aren't nearly as popular on PC, and the spawn system therefore doesn't get as much attention. Since the weapons/powerups don't spawn on time, everything comes up at different times, completely breaking map flow and control. This may all be besides the point, and I admit I may have gone off on a tangent there. But what I'm trying to say is that there are reasons beyond mere nostalgia why OG LAN players will always play OG LAN. It offers the cleanest most stable gameplay out of all versions of the game, allowing for clean matches at the highest level. Now, that being said, this IS true: Everyone that has a lasting bad impression about Halo PC needs to come by and check out how the game plays in my server. But don't spread misinformation about Halo PC/Custom Edition inherently being better than OG, or even MCC for that matter. Outside of my servers, the game is still a bloody mess. And I'm not even being cocky. I'm not disillusioned and I know what I'm talking about. I'll say it again: Halo PC/Custom Edition without my server-side fixes is shit, inferior even to MCC. That's how significant the fixes within the scope of my project are. Don't say otherwise unless you understand the impact the fixes make on the high-level metagame.
  11. I applaud you for your patience but people shouldn't have to wait that long. I remember long matchmaking times too but it doesn't mean that people should settle for that. Especially when you consider the fact that other recent games have near-instant matchmaking and real dedicated servers. Even so, all that's besides the point: I already said I don't mind waiting for tight ranked matches. But under no circumstances should people need to wait more than a minute or so to get into an unranked match in the year of our lord 2016.
  12. You think that forcing players to play gametypes they aren't interested in is better? Unranked playlists will never make sense to me. I don't mind waiting in matchmaking to get a ranked match and a good game, but waiting in matchmaking for an unranked clusterfuck isn't worth my time. And that's besides the fact that I might not even get the GAME I want to play thanks to the dumbass mixed playlists. A custom game browser with toggle-able join-in-progress would get people into games quicker and much less time would be wasted listening to menu music and dealing with "Failed to Connect." I'm certain that the population would be stronger if people didn't have so much trouble getting into their favorite gametype, and a custom game browser is the most efficient way to do so. Look at Halo PC, it's old as shit and you can get into a game in seconds with a playerbase of only 1000 people. How many players does MCC have? Surely much more than that, and you have to jump through hoops to be able to play the way you want.
  13. Everyone who bought MCC is entitled to wish for whatever playlists/gametypes they want. The playlists have been fucked from the get-go. It's impossible to make playlists to accommodate the demands of each player. Doesn't mean that people aren't allowed to or shouldn't be asking for a certain playlist or gametype, just because the other games don't have it. The whole notion of "it's not fair because my favorite game isn't getting the same treatment" idea is bullshit and 100% 343's fault. This could easily have been avoided with the inclusion of a custom game browser, which would have gracefully handled all unranked gametypes for every game. Then there would just be ranked playlists for each game's best established competitive settings. Bingo. Problem solved. Less playlists allow for better matching and faster searches. No mixed playlists. And people can get the gametypes they want in the custom game browser if they just want to mess around. This is literally the most logical solution, but we're dealing with totally illogical devs who I'm really starting to think sabotaged this game on purpose, because the solution is so simple that it's impossible that they didn't think of it.
  14. Well that's what I'm saying. If you aren't playing OG, and you aren't playing MCC... Then you're just not playing CE at all? I don't understand - I've always found a way to get games. For awhile it was on MCC,and now it just so happens that I'm having the most fun with the PC version with all the recent fixes and additions. I can get games every night with people in the Discord group and I can play maps that otherwise aren't available without modding an OG box. I'm sure you'd have a lot more fun joining us than nay-saying on a Halo board when you don't even play Halo anymore. Join the group homes I'll help you if you run into any issues or have questions about the setup.
  15. UPDATE 01/20/2016: Alright mandatory update time, and some questions for y'all: The final version of the on-screen timer script is now online. Improvements/additions include: removal of new PC weapons (Flamethrower & Fuel Rod Gun) from notifications, re-named "Random" to "OS-CAMO" (ex: top powerup in Hang 'Em High) & implementation of new commands to disable/re-enable parts of the timer. These commands are: /stfu & /unstfu (this turns off the notifications and the clock, completely disabling the visual timer), and /sftu_spawn & /unstfu_spawn (turns off only notifications, leaving the elapsed time clock in the bottom right). Personally I like to just leave the elapsed time counter. Come into the server and try it out I'll post a video of it in action soon. In the end, the only new map we tested tonight was Battle Creek. I ran into some weird snags while finishing it up but it's all good now. Testing didn't bring up any bugs. Tomorrow we'll be testing Longest, Rat Race & Wizard. We're looking into setting up some sort of solution for team balancing and a way to get the shitters out of the server when they're taking up a spot. I'm considering giving members of the Discord group the ability to kick betrayers and totally useless players, but I don't necessarily want all bad players to be kicked unless it's to make room for someone else in particular. I'll ask around about potential solutions. Suggestions are welcome. If you haven't tried the server yet, you may want to wait until Sunday, when the mapcycle will be updated with the final versions of the stock Xbox maps as well as Downrush, Zerohour, Decidia and Doubletake from the Halo 1.5 map pack. The current mapcycle has a few early builds of the stock maps mixed in with stock PC maps (without the proper weapon placements + map geometry). The shot lead mod is a blanket setting across the whole server, independent of which map is up. So is the on-screen timer. Speaking of the mapcycle, upcoming updates (Sunday) will include: decreased weighting of Derelict, removal of Wizard 2v2 Nav Points + Boarding Action 2v2 Snipers, removal of the custom map hcel_corrupted (there's a bad geometry error), re-evaluation of all the map weightings upon the release of all the final Xbox versions this weekend, as well as a couple of surprises :P Some people may want to know how the lead feels before jumping in. @@Mintograde described it yesterday as feeling "very close to OG offhost opposite strafe lead". Experimental tweaking will take place once these maps are out the door. I have a feeling it could still be even better. If you like these updates, you can catch little micro-updates and details about progress in the Discord group under the new #news text channel.
  16. Does anyone know what Quake map Decidia is based off of?
  17. Custom 2v2's are THE SHIT when it's a good matchup. Straight matches back-to-back-to-back. No "Failed to Connect," no shitters - it's gold. I'll add you even though these days I'm focusing on my Xbox project for PC, I usually jump on MCC at least once a week to stay sharp.
  18. UPDATE 01/18/2016: I made a guide for people that want to set up XPadder in order to get a controller working properly. Open the spoiler to reveal it - it's very pic-heavy.
  19. Do you still play Halo CE? If so, which version? Join the Discord I'll help you
  20. The command only works if the right stick is bound to the "look" controls in the Halo settings. This is deliberate so that mouse players can't use it. If you bound the right stick in XPadder that may be causing the issue with the magnetism. I'll catch you around 9:30 PM then! EDIT: I just realized that the movie I'm going to see is a bit longer than I though, I may only get on from 10:00-10:30pm. Should be more than enough to guide you through the process anyway.
  21. I can confirm that XPadder works with an Xbox One controller. The diagonals and deadzone are exactly what the XPadder solution is for. I had to reinstall this weekend so I just went through setting it up. I'll be home around 9:30 pm EST tonight, I'll try to post a step-by-step guide here for around 10pm. In the meantime, the only thing that comes to mind is that you need to make sure you save the profile before it will work in-game. To do so, click on the little save icon near the top-right corner of the screen (if there is an arrow pointing towards it, it needs to be saved). Apart from that you can try starting from scratch - don't uninstall, but remove the controller profile you made and only activate the left stick, D-Pad and Start button, since all other buttons can be mapped in Halo's settings. As for the magnetism setting: it works. You'll need to type player_magnetism 1 into the console. To enable console, create a shortcut to Halo. Right-click on the shortcut and add " -console" (no quotations, but make sure you put the space before the dash) to the end of the Target field. If you don't want to type the command every time you start the game, you can create a text file named init.txt and place it in your haloce.exe root directory. In the text file, write only "player_magnetism 1" (without quotes). The command will be automatically entered upon launching the game, eliminating the need to enter the command manually. Sadly, this trick does not work with the command to turn off hit sound. I will update the OP with all this info. Again, if you still can't get it to work, hit me up on Discord tonight and I can try to walk you through it. This isn't entirely true. It supports 8-way movement with adjustable diagonals, which brings it very close to how it feels on Xbox (at least close enough that I wouldn't say "it sucks" - but it definitely sucks a big one without XPadder, it's hardly playable). I'm using the settings I posted in the OP, but I didn't really spend much time tweaking the diagonals. If someone finds better settings, please share them.
  22. UPDATE 01/17/2016:Tonight we tested release candidates of the Xbox versions of Prisoner, Damnation, Chillout, Hang 'Em High & Derelict. Additionally, we tested the brand-new ports of Decidia & Doubletake from the H1.5 map pack. The tests went very smoothly and the maps should see their way into the mapcycle during the upcoming week. Better late than never. Note that the inclusion of the new versions of the maps mentioned above into the map cycle is fully dependent on the completion of the other Xbox versions of the stock maps. The new versions have significant changes, like the removal of the hit sound for all players, and the buff to active camo. I plan to test the remaining maps (Battle Creek, Longest, Rat Race & Wizard) on Wednesday night. If all goes well, I will have the maps uploaded to HAC2's download servers and include them in the map cycle in both servers. After positive feedback from many players in the Discord channel (https://discord.gg/0fnn37Ieq0XXPrMJ), I think we will be settling on 18 ms lead. Nothing is set in stone, and everyone's invited to try it out and complain about it in Discord.
  23. I played some 2v2's as a test for the release candidate of Doubletake with some of the guys in the Discord channel and it seemed OK. We may not have been playing at the highest possible level but we still time weapons, stay aware of player spawning, voice chat for both teams, etc. Didn't seem too slow to me. Haven't played Crosswalk and Levee enough to have a strong opinion. Thanks for the response. Yeah Downrush and Zerohour were ported last summer by SBB Mike, who's since shown me how to rip the Xbox maps. We've established some quality standards and enhancements, and we've both been working on porting the rest. So far they're all in game, at various stages of development (many needed a lot of touching up - the porting process is a bit screwy). By the way if anyone's interested I'm releasing the Decidia & Doubletake ports probably on Tuesday. I'll post in here and in my Halo PC thread.
  24. For everyone wondering about how to get Halo Custom Edition for free, check this post: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/11753-halo-custom-edition-discussion/?p=646505 I assume it's OK to link this since the other post was not removed.

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