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  1. I've already got them but some of them have been decompressed and recompressed, I could use a clean set that I can backup and keep forevs. And Arsenic is exactly what I've been using to view tag values. Entity is good for ripping BSP's - but I never got that aspect of it to work, so someone else had to rip geometry for me (halo 1.5 maps + hangemhigh, beavercreek + other maps with geometry differences).
  2. If you want to play the new maps but don't have an OG box and a group of locals, come try Halo PC on my servers (check out this thread: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/11775-current-state-of-halo-pc-the-xbox-experience/). I have Downrush, Zerohour, Decidia and Doubletake in the mapcycle right now but in about two weeks I should be adding Exhibit and another, with two more releasing every two weeks or so afterwards. Depends on how fast I can get them ported. Also quite interested. I can't get enough of the stock maps but it'd be great to see how the new maps are played at a high level, considering many new players will be trying them since I've been hosting them as part of my Halo PC Xbox project thing.
  3. Not sure if serious but lol either way
  4. Join the Discord we're getting stronger every day fam
  5. Whether one enjoys the game is besides the point - I'll never hold it against someone for enjoying something, that's entirely subjective and understandable. I just don't understand anyone that complains about MCC and then jumps onto Halo 5. The reason 343i isn't updating MCC is because all hands are on deck to count all the money they made off you guys.
  6. I'd love to see commentary for some of the Beach LAN matches from last August. You can catch matches from Beach LAN 3 on Droid's channel and matches from Beach LAN 4 on Jeenyus' channel, all un-commentated but still great to watch.
  7. Yes let's all jump over to Halo 5 after the trainwreck that is MCC, that's a sure way of telling the incompetent devs that we expect more from them.
  8. Will you continue to make CE commentaries? You're the only one that can do it (to my knowledge).
  9. I'll need to do some trial-and-error on that sort of thing and test in conjunction with different server settings. You know your way around this stuff, I'll need you to help test as well as some Xbox players that are able to articulate shot reg issues, that are used to playing on LAN (@@Mintograde & @@KingNick come to mind).
  10. He's streamed MCC CE on rare occasions. But the netcode makes him rage, I don't think it's going to become a regular thing.
  11. Terminology may vary (as discussed here: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=49015) but the concepts are the same. I'm glad you asked. Refer to this site for all the reasons why high-level players' blood pressures rise when trying to play serious matches on MCC CE: http://www.halobugs.com/#?s=priority More specifically, refer to these bugs: Curving Bullets / Wall Interception / Host Shooting: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=124 Rocket Launcher Shot Delay: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=122 Slow Bounding Box Projectiles should have Client Side Location: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=129 Lag Compensation Seemingly Based on Ping+/-Fixed Amount: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=128 Inconsistent Registration of Shots between Players in Game: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=127 My personal favourites: Frag grenade not throwing: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=139 Rocket not firing: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=138 Curiously, I never experienced this in Halo PC until I messed with the local_player_update_rate server value. At 15 (default), there appears to be less instances of desyncs, but more warping when performing nade jumps. No such thing as a free lunch, I guess. I just came across this one: Projectiles are Client-Side Only: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=36 I'm eager to research the differences for all weapons between Xbox & PC and I'll be looking into this before I push out the final releases of the Xbox versions of the maps. Right now they're at "final release candidate" status, with only very minor bugs remaining. I'll need to put together some test builds in order to properly test things like shot registration. It may not be this week - I need to play the game a bit after all this work. I also need to play in order to reveal any remaining issues with server settings and maps. Last night we had great back-to-back matches for a few hours with @@xorg. @@Mintograde jumped in at the end and I started losing my shit, but I really don't mind, I'll play with anyone. Just need to shuffle teams :P You can catch last night's stream here: http://www.twitch.tv/stunt_man_gmyf/v/37684000
  12. Decidia and Exhibit are up on halospawns.com If you don't see them, press ctrl+F5 while on the "Explore the Maps" page. EDIT: Damn good thing too, there's a few randoms that aren't in your commentary :P
  13. For anyone wondering how the game plays with a controller, or how the shot reg is, here's part of tonight's broadcast: http://www.twitch.tv/stunt_man_gmyf/v/37684000 (Don't mind the savages in voice chat)
  14. Changing the core mechanics of the weapon probably isn't the best way to improve online play and maintain fidelity. I'm much more interested in the suggested changes that were made to projectile speeds in the PC port. I haven't confirmed yet whether or not such changes were made, but it's something I plan to look into this week. I'll post findings here. If projectile speeds are different, maybe they can be reset to their original values and the difference can be mitigated with server settings. The logic is that if projectile speeds were altered to accommodate to the "optimized" original PC netcode, those changes may no longer be necessary due to the no-lead mod + custom lead script being used, which allow for better control over shot lead distance than what was possible with the vanilla PC server settings. Further to my post above, these possible changes would only improve the already stable shot registration between players with good ping times to the server. They are definitely worth looking into and I fully plan to exhaust all options before setting on any given settings.
  15. This was my initial impression of MCC CE. I was overjoyed that the physics and update rates were fixed, and that the lead was similar to SAPP's no-lead mod. I thought I'd never need to touch the aging PC version again. But the more you play, the more you realize that the shot reg in MCC is in fact less consistent across matches than the PC version. Keep in mind I'm talking strictly about the no-lead mod + 002's custom lead script. Can't argue that the shot reg without any mods is complete garbage on PC. When set to 18ms, the lead seems to stay consistent, regardless of who you're shooting at (within reason - see one of the later updates I posted regarding high pings and region-locking my servers). The amount you have to lead in MCC seems to change on a per-player and per-match basis. Players with bad connections (ex: wifi, hotspots, etc) have a huge advantage (as reported by many players on this board), even more so than Halo PC. Coupled with the broken bullet magnetism (it hasn't been fixed), the shot registration in the MCC is nowhere near as glamorous as you're making it out to be. And that's without bringing disappearing nades and rockets into the equation. That stuff also happens much, much less on Halo PC even without mods. Sure, there are some things that the MCC undeniably does better - handling of physics, rubberbanding and update rate are great. But from my experience and from the feedback I've heard in the Discord group, the shot registration on my servers is much more in-line with off-host LAN than MCC CE, at least when all players are in roughly the same region. It may also be the case in MCC when all players have equally good ping times and are connected to the same dedicated server - but unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that since matchmaking appears to match players from all over the place and custom games are peer-to-peer (with host advantage). If you haven't tried it out, come onto the server tonight and play a bit. I haven't come across any servers on the list with similar settings in regards to shot reg. Other server settings have been tweaked that are said to improve reg according to SAPP's documentation. Another thing that has reportedly helped reg for some players is locking the FPS to 30, which I suspect has something to do with what you're saying about 30/60 FPS discrepancies and tick-rate.
  16. UPDATE 01/25/2016: Testing is over folks. We're almost Gold. The final release candidates of the Xbox versions of Battle Creek, Chillout, Damnation, Derelict Hang 'Em High, Prisoner & Rat Race have been added to the mapcycle on both Dallas & Montreal servers. In addition, the Xbox versions of Downrush, Zerohour, Decidia & Doubletake have also been added. All maps are available for auto-download upon joining the server, thanks to Btcc22, creator of the essential HAC2 mod. These final release candidates will stay up for a short period to ensure that no bugs slipped under my radar, and then they will be released publicly. For now, the only way to acquire these maps is by joining one of the Good Maps Ya Fucks servers, or if you have permission to view the #private_map_testing room in the Discord channel. These new versions of the maps include signficant improvements and changes such as: All map geometry is identical to Xbox versions. Windows, roof & tree in Battle Creek. Trench lip in Hang 'Em High. Holes & invisible wall are gone from Derelict. Invisible walls are gone from Damnation. And more. The hit sound beep has been irreversibly disabled for all players across all maps in the mapcycle. No more nade probing. The camo is now much more effective in all maps. Sound effects that can be used for sound whoring have been removed in all maps. The tags were not removed, but modified - you can still hear them in the 1st person, but you will be unable to hear other players spawn (weapon-ready sounds) or walk up clinky. I left other sounds such as OS/camo pickup, teleporter, waterfall, etc enabled because they can only be heard in the 1st person. The remastered OG HUD has been applied to all maps. This includes up-scaled versions of all HUD elements, the Xbox health/shield bar & the removal of Halo PC's gametype icon. Additionally, the pistol reticle is now the correct size (nade tricks now work properly). Victims of betrayals are now presented the option to kick the betrayer after 3 offences. There is now a countdown timer to your dead teammates spawn that comes through in that chat - an invaluable tool that has only been available in split-screen until now. And some other stuff I'm probably forgetting! If you haven't tried Halo PC on my servers yet, or if you tried it before and you didn't like it, now is the time to give it another shot. Join the Discord group to get games going!
  17. Very truthful post with finely articulated explanations of the difference in mouse & controller aiming in high-level CE. Saved for future use.
  18. Friendly reminder that this project is about bringing the Xbox experience to PC. Hit scan will not be implemented. Jump delay will not be removed. No changes that will alter the high level metagame will occur. k? thx
  19. UPDATE 01/23/2016:Victims of team-killing will now be presented with the option to kick the betrayer after the third offense. Thanks to Devieth for the script! A countdown to a dead teammate's spawn now appears in chat. It takes into account penalties too. Thanks 002 and Devieth for the script! Still planning on release the Xbox versions of the stock maps and implementing them into my mapcycle tomorrow. May only happen tomorrow night but I will try my best to meet this deadline. A bit of work still needs to be done on optimizing the map and fixing teleporter shader positions (teleporters are too deep), as well as little bug fixes here and there.
  20. Yeah all Halo 1.5 maps are being ported. I even sent a couple of them to @@Mintograde for halospawns.com. He said there's a lot of work involved per map, so he's probably loafing :P but he said he was at least going to start with Decidia. Wow the whole layout was changed for the final version. Very interesting. You mean Decidia? I could make an Octagon but... is there really much of a demand for it? Sounds boring to me, just spawning and immediately blasting someone over and over and over again. Maybe I'm old.
  21. MODS: If possible, please move this post up to #2. I had to remove old updates from the OP because I busted the character limit and crashed the page with the latest update. UPDATE 06/07/2016: Believe it or not the Halo 1.5 PC project is coming to a close and I will be releasing all the map ports as well as the server configuration files to the public. Within the next few weeks, we will be putting together a promotional video which will include some snazzy flythroughs of the new maps as well as some in-game footage. This is not to be confused with the Halo PC Final project (ex: Xbox versions of the default maps), which is also coming to a close but will be released after the Halo 1.5 map ports. We are accepting capture gameplay footage from all members of this group. Here are the minimum requirements for submissions: Clips recorded must be from gameplay that takes place in one of the Good Maps Ya Fucks servers. Footage must be recorded in 1920x1080 and maintain a minimum of 30 FPS (video will be capped at 30 FPS). FOV must be between 90-105. Use the HAC2 console command "fov #" Controller & Mouse/keyboard footage will be accepted. Your control scheme will be identified in the final video with a small message in the bottom corner of the screen. NO config.txt file modifications. No DART. Turn it off if you want to get in the video. Gameplay should be recorded on the new maps. They include Crossway, Madhouse, Exhibit, Redshift, Hotbox, Decidia, Levee, Downrush, Doubletake, Imminent, Outbound, Zerohour & Uplift. Yes I know some of these aren't in the mapcycle yet, but they soon will be Gameplay clips should NOT use Youtube-level compression. Upload your files to dropbox or something. We will not be accepting streaming links unless the clip can be downloaded and isn't too lossy. If you have clips that are recorded on the Xbox versions of default maps, hold onto them! We'll be doing the same deal when we promote the Halo PC Final project's release. Here are some guidelines that will improve your chances of making the final cut: All settings on HIGH. Controller gameplay. No laggy/warpy/questionable network-related situations. HAC2's Custom Chat ON. Your in-game name will be displayed alongside your control scheme at the bottom of the clip. This will be handled during editing. PM your submissions to me directly (in Discord), and ask your questions in the #halo_pc_general channel (or in this thread). UPDATE 05/02/2016: UPDATE 03/24/2016: UPDATE 03/02/2016: UPDATE 02/29/2016: UPDATE 02/17/2016: UPDATE 02/13/2016: UPDATE 02/11/2016: UPDATE 01/30/2016: MAJOR UPDATE 01/25/2016: UPDATE 01/23/2016: UPDATE 01/22/2016: UPDATE 01/20/2016: UPDATE 01/18/2016: UPDATE 01/17/2016: UPDATE 01/16/2016: UPDATE 01/14/2016: UPDATE 01/13/2016: UPDATE 01/12/2016: UPDATE 01/11/2016 #2: UPDATE 01/11/2016: UPDATE 10/01/2016:
  22. UPDATE 01/22/2016: So following a discussion with Btcc22 in the Discord group (get in there @@t3h m00kz ), it appears that neither the warping, rubberbanding nor the inconsistent registration are being caused by the no-lead mod, nor the Custom Lead script - these issues are inherent netcode issues. The reason why the bad shot reg is more noticeable while using the no-lead mod is because with the no-lead mod, you can see exactly where you're shooting, whereas without the no-lead mod, players are more likely to think they didn't adjust their lead correctly and simply missed. In reality, the issue occurs at the same rate with or without the no-lead mod. Warping and rubberbanding are also a product of netcode optimization (thanks Gearbox...). Fixing this is no easy task and is far beyond my area of expertise. If any coders want to dive into this, @@Hootspa has figured out how to decompile Halo's .exe and get the assembly code. Join the Discord group to discuss with him and some other people that may be able to help. I cannot promise any improvements to this, because like I said I am powerless to fix it. That being said, many of these issues are partially mitigated when all players in the server have low ping. I will need to enforce a strict automatic ping kick on my servers. I will review the locations of current servers and try to spread them out across different regions before enforcing the ping kick. This should prevent instances of Americans, Aussies and Europeans raging at each other in the same server because of bad shot reg. A third server may be added to the pool early next week, whose location is to be determined. Ideally, server locations would look something like: Montreal for East Coast players California for West Coast and Australian players Amsterdam for European players The ping kick threshold will be set around 100 to start, and feedback will be monitored to determine whether this needs to be further tweaked. Additionally, server admins will be an exception to the ping kick rule. This means that if I make you a low-level admin, and you're a masochist, you can still play against players with high ping in any region's server.
  23. Great post. This clearly demonstrates the problem with the registration and de-scope issues. Now that we have the problem articulated, I'm wondering whether anything can be done about it through either server commands, scripts, client modification, etc. The first thing I'd like to try is removing 002's Custom Lead script to see if it helps. The way I understand it, it's working on top of the standard no-lead mod. So basically, the no-lead mod uses the method that you guessed: it compensates for a player's ping by moving the player model forward in relation to the player's latency. Rather than "removing the lead" it "moves the players" into the shots. The Custom Lead script slightly reverses this action to add a bit of lead. The goal there was to make it slightly harder to lead your shots, because many found lead 0 to simply be too generous. I really like the amount of lead that I have right now, though, and it would be a shame to remove the script, but if it means that shots will land more consistently, it's worth trying out. The second thing I'd like to test is removing the no-lead mod altogether just to see if the same problems persists. I really don't like even entertaining the thought of playing with Halo PC's vanilla, ridiculous netcode-based shot lead, but in the scope of determining the root cause of these issues, it's worth trying.
  24. I won't consider disabling descoping completely. A couple questions: are you sure this also occurs with projectiles? At the same frequency as with nades? I'm wondering, because there does appear to be disagreements between the client and server rather frequently, even in terms of pistol battles. @@KingNick and I played with an Australian and a European last night and we would switch teams every few games. He is much better at noticing and articulating problems with shot reg than I am, since his shot is much stronger, and he said that while he didn't have problems landing shots on me (we both ping about 24 ms to the server), he could hardly land shots on the Australian, who was pinging about 220 ms. The amount of shot lead appears to be consistent across all players in a match, but the consistency of the registration seems to differ. I believe that there are many more disagreements between server/client when a player with low ping is fighting a player with high ping. If the problem occurs more often when a low-ping player is fighting against a high-ping player, I'm going to have to consider region-locking servers to some extent (by enforcing a strict ping kick). I won't proceed with this solution unless I can host servers across multiple regions, though, because I still want people to be able to get into games.
  25. On a semi-related note: let's say I'm hypothetically working on two dank new maps and I want to release them as an addition to the Halo 1.5 maps. Which maps are the least-favorite, so I can know which ones can be replaced? Should I just refer to the rankings that were posted earlier?

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