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  1. Noted, I'll make a thread on here when I have something worth showing this spring
  2. If you have your box modded, how hard is it to just install a map as long as it's in the correct format? I'd be thrilled if your group would play a map of mine (when it's ready) but I wouldn't want to ask anyone to jump through hoops or anything just to play it
  3. Ok but would you agree that providing information about nade tricks, spawn tricks, etc with the release of the new map isn't detrimental to a map's replay value or the development of its meta? Like I said, it's certain that players will find new tricks as time goes on, for organic development of meta.
  4. Nah I don't think that's worth considering. You're talking about an immeasurable abstract notion of charm while a map develops its metagame naturally? Sure I guess memories of discovering certain map tricks can hold a certain emotional value, but only for the players that were around at the time of its discovery. No one's got time to wait for that sort of thing to develop naturally. That's like telling new players "no you don't need halospawns.com, you'll discover all the randoms and spawn points through experience instead it'll be much more rewarding." I can't speak for everyone but I'm fairly certain it's more rewarding for a player to be able to immediately start playing at a high level by knowing as many map tricks as possible, rather than learning stuff the hard way in order to appreciate the "beauty of map design." Besides, even the map creator won't be aware of all the possible tricks on his own map. New meta will develop over time regardless. I just think that as long as players are provided with some base knowledge for new maps, those new maps will gain significant, immediate replay value because they can be played on a similar level as the stock maps.
  5. Well, no - that's the point I'm trying to make. People are still playing the stock maps after all this time because there's so much more to the maps that's been discovered over all the years. You throw people a new map and they're just like "well it's cool but I don't know any randoms, any nade tricks, nothing" and they drop it because it would take years of playing the map and trial & error to establish a metagame for the map. But if maps were released with that information readily available, I think it would make the maps more accessible to players that seek more depth than just a cool layout or aesthetics. I can especially see newer players adopting custom maps as long as that sort of info is accessible, since they're already hopefully in the habit of using external resources (halospawns.com, youtube videos, etc) to learn map tricks. What's another few maps? Easy
  6. @@Missingno @ @@Hootspa It's an interesting subject, getting people to accept change and new maps. It's a constant challenge for map-makers like myself and many others in the community. The problem is that for a map to truly shine for high-level play, people want to know exploitable aspects. Nade tricks, player spawn points, randoms, weapon spawn times, etc. Otherwise it's exhausting just thinking about how long it will take to learn these things just from experience and trial & error. And what happens if the map doesn't offer much in terms of exploitable aspects? If the player spawns positions don't allow for any interesting scenarios, or if no useful nade tricks are possible? Then players have wasted valuable time looking for something that isn't there. Most maps aren't made with this sort of thing in mind, and it's what separates the okay custom maps from the great ones. It's obviously not going to be possible to release detailed information on the level of halospawns.com, but any maps that I release will come with a sort of starter-guide so people can skim through it and immediately know some randoms and nade tricks and stuff. It's required or people won't even consider the maps.
  7. This is why I try to accept all the maps for what they are, despite their flaws. I didn't like Derelict for a long time, but after watching top-level players have good games on it, I'm trying harder to learn it and appreciate it. CE has never been about a perfectly-balanced matrix of map and gametype elements. Just look at the pistol. Look at the player spawning system. Almost every aspect of the game is exploitable to some degree. So why does it bother people that some maps are exploitable too?
  8. I have a few maps in the works at different stages of development but I'm focusing mainly on the Xbox project and the Halo 1.5 map ports. The Xbox project is almost complete and the Halo 1.5 maps don't have much work yet, and I can't wait to get back to my own stuff after all this time. I'll be streaming when I work on my maps. It's not far-fetched in terms of porting it to Xbox. I was thinking about it anyway. I even posted in this very thread asking what the least-played maps are in the Halo 1 final pack so I can determine which ones can be replaced without being missed (if possible).
  9. While I am inclined to think this is because of your integrated card, please indulge me: could you check on the stock maps if you ever get the framerate dips? If you're only getting the issue on my maps, it is possible that they need to be better optimized. It is entirely possible that I didn't detect framerate drops in testing, as my PC runs circles around this game. That being said, Decidia ran fine on OG Xbox, so it may very well be your GPU that is at the root of the issue.
  10. No it's not prohibited but a lot of us use controllers, so if we want to scrim we may kick players that are using mouse/keyboard. Not a huge deal since we currently have 4 servers (soon to be 3 - Dallas will expire this week since we started one in LA for the West Coast).
  11. Not sure what you mean? We're all playing with controller in my servers :/ And he's talking about lanning OG Xbox.
  12. Sure, want to come over and LAN? Open invitation to everyone btw Montreal, QC As if I'd be doing all this if everyone had people to LAN with. Not everyone has the privilege of knowing a bunch of locals that are into a 15 year old game. This project aims to make CE more accessible. I'm sorry that offends you. Have a nice day
  13. Glad to hear it UPDATE 01/30/2016: Here are my findings in terms of netcode adjustments: local_player_update rate, if decreased below its default value (15), introduces many more instances of disappearing nades & rockets, at any ping. It also appears to nearly completely eliminate warping while performing things like nade jumps, as long as you have low ping. I will leave this at the default setting. custom_sleep doesn't seem to make much of a difference as far as I can tell. I'll be leaving it at 4 (default is 8). By removing the "cyborg energy shield" default results reference from the bullet.projectile's Material Responses, the shield spark is removed. This should completely eliminate false-positives in terms of visual feedback. So shot reg should be more straightforward, at least in terms of visual feedback (less instances of "I swear I hit you, I even saw the shield spark"). I ripped and compared the pistol tags between Xbox & PC. The only difference is this settings, which is disabled on Xbox: I disabled it and tested it with @hasuku and another player from the Discord group, and the result was insignificant. Nothing changed in terms of registration and lead (shots still landed when you lead the same amount as usual). The only difference was that you see two bullet impacts: the server-side one that tells you that you hit the player, and another client-side one that shows a bullet impact on the wall behind the player. This is the result of the discrepancy between client/server, which is increased by the use of the no-lead mod. In summary, this setting will be left enabled, as the only result was bad visual feedback.
  14. It drives me crazy. 1 vs 3 is pretty rare, though still a pain. But quitters are still a huge problem that doesn't have a clear-cut solution. Personally I think the match should end immediately when someone quits out. I really hate going on a wild goose chase any map against one trooper after his teammate quit. I don't have time for that shit.
  15. Personally I like how there's a hierarchy of powerups/rockets. It further promotes map movement because everyone wants what's best (rockets + camo) and this is reflected in the way the map flows when everyone's paying attention. I also don't know where you're getting the idea that there's a "rocket campers" problem. If you're not timing it, the people that are timing it will get it, and use it. That's all there is to it, really.
  16. I know, like I said it's a bug with the server provider. It sometimes resets to 8 max players. Upon resolution of the bug it will reset back to 4 players max, as intended. The Montreal server should perform very well for you. Every night around 8:30-9:00PM EST the servers fill up. It's easy to get matches going, as long as you're in the Discord group.
  17. I'm not talking about my PC servers, I'm talking about porting new maps that I'm working on, to the Xbox. For custom maps to work properly on Xbox, they need to be replace one of the stock map files. I'm asking which one is the least played in Halo 1 Final.
  18. Negative, this is a bug. A support ticket has been opened with the service provider. All servers are still 2v2 until further notice (soon).
  19. UPDATE 01/23/2016: Amsterdam server has been added for the Europeans:
  20. Not yet, I've been actually playing the game now that almost everything's working well. I'll be looking into it soon.
  21. Kb/m footage btw And you didn't apply the HAC2 fix. Takes 5 secs to install the timer won't bug out like that.

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