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  1. If you are looking for the xbox versions (no hit sound, no PC weapons, camo buff, etc) you can get near-final versions from the automatic map downloads on my servers (just vote for the map you want and it will download). Standard versions with normal PC settings are on the way. Both the final Xbox versions and the standard versions will release together, in the near future (a matter of weeks). If you're a server host and want to host them in their not-final state, that's the only way you can get a hold of them. I'd recommend just waiting a few weeks because some maps have slightly different settings than others, since we're still testing and tweaking stuff. For example, Exhibit, Imminent and Levee have all footprint sounds severely muted, but the other maps only have the metal grate sound removed. Those same maps also have slightly different visual feedback for hits, since we're working out a way to make it all sync up and report less false hits.
  2. I don't think that gaining some element of awareness by hearing sound effects is inherently a bad thing, but in a game like CE where so much of it is based on spawn manipulation, I can understand why weapon-ready sounds are disabled. I do like the idea of players getting punished for compulsively and carelessly reloading or meleeing all the time for no reason (I'm guilty of the latter, but working on it). To say there's no skill involved in hearing another player... Well there's definitely skill in making yourself not heard if that's a game mechanic. But I don't completely disagree with you because with a good pair of headphones you can hear things wayyyy too far in some games. Vanilla Halo PC is bad because if players have hardware acceleration and directional audio enabled you can hear mere footsteps from a great distance. I actually managed to find a way to reduce the sound radius of footsteps to the minimum, allowing it to be heard from the first person, but not from any distance greater than about a foot away from the player. See? Immersion and functional game mechanics can coexist after all :P
  3. Halo 1 Final got it right. I'm removing the same sound effects in my Xbox project for Halo PC. Now, when I play in other servers, it drives me nuts because everyone knows where I spawned. It's been brought to my attention that the sound radius (ex: distance you can hear sound effects) is drastically larger in Halo PC and MCC than it is on the original Xbox. Combined with 343 new heavy duty sound effects, your presence is always advertised from a great distance.
  4. I know a few people that have the expensive ones and they all have similar issues. Like you said, might be an MCC thing, though. I don't really play any other Xbone games.
  5. My friend has a pair of Astros and the same thing happens. Is this an MCC problem or an Astro problem? Because I haven't heard many good things about Astro headsets...
  6. After porting the Halo 1.5 maps I kind of want to create something new, but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks
  7. wut Sure, here are the maps available in the current mapcycle: xbox_chillout_rc_final xbox_downrush_h1.5_rc_final xbox_prisoner_rc_final xbox_damnation_rc_final xbox_carousel_rc_final xbox_imminent_h1.5_rc_final xbox_decidia_h1.5_rc_final xbox_beavercreek_rc_final xbox_exhibit_h1.5_rc_final xbox_doubletake_h1.5_rc_final xbox_hangemhigh_rc_final xbox_zerohour_h1.5_rc_final xbox_levee_h1.5_rc_final xbox_ratrace_rc_final Final mapcycle will see the removal of Levee and addition of Hotbox, Red Shift & Outbound. Other Halo 1.5 maps that are less popular will make an appearance in the mapcycle for a few weeks (same as Levee right now), but will be removed unless there is a demand.
  8. I'd love to see a short "MCC Two Years Later" write up on how 343 is pretending MCC doesn't exist anymore.
  9. It's pathetic. Textbook example of a big company not giving a shit about their long-time fans. I hope all the suckers that bought Halo 5 are enjoying themselves, because the sales figures of that game was likely all they've used to measure the damage (if any) after they mishandled the MCC. What pisses me off the most, besides the missed opportunity of what the MCC could have been, is that after numerous updates they improved CE quite a bit and it's almost there. Then they just stopped. I mean, someone obviously researched all of this and has an idea of what needs to be done to fix it. The only thing stopping them is the money involved in publishing another patch.
  10. Here's some gameplay footage recorded by Hasuku (controller):
  11. UPDATE 02/17/2016: Added Xbox version of Exhibit to the mapcycle (final release candidate). Like Imminent and Levee, Exhibit features the latest camo settings and the removal of the shield spark effect (see older updates for more info).
  12. The new maps use stock maps' file names (system limitation). For example, bloodgulch.map isn't actually Blood Gulch, but rather one of the Halo 1.5 maps. Unfortunately I don't have a list of which filenames correspond to which maps in particular for Halo 1 Final, but I do have such a list for Halo 1.5. The difference is that not all the Halo 1.5 maps are present in Halo 1 Final, only the best ones, so I don't know if they got moved around or wtv. Awesome work, always enjoy watching your vids
  13. UPDATE 02/13/2016: Admins (ex: vast majority of Discord group members) can now start a "series" mapcycle. To do so, type /series_start. Map votes and the automatic team shuffler script will be disabled, and a 7-round series will start with the following mapcycle: Chillout Prisoner Hang 'Em High Damnation Derelict Battle Creek Downrush Some of you are used to Rat Race instead of Downrush, but Rat Race is boring so I changed it. Hit me up if you think it should remain Rat Race and we discuss. After round 7 (Downrush), the mapcycle will loop (will start again at Chillout). When all players are finished playing, the admin must type "/series_end" to re-enable map votes and automatic team shuffling. I am looking into a way to automate "series_end", but until then I ask that admins please remember to type the command to get everything back to normal. Additionally, I've added a new admin command to force-shuffle the teams: "/shuffle_teams". After starting a series, admins will have 15 seconds to execute this command manually if the teams aren't already set up as desired. This doesn't leave much time, so I strongly recommend that you arrange for the teams to be set up before executing the "/series_start" command.
  14. For anyone that wants to try the Halo 1.5 maps, but don't have access to an OG console, you can catch them in my Halo PC servers. So far we have Downrush, Zerohour, Decidia, Doubletake, and I just ported and implemented Imminent & Levee. Info here: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/11775-current-state-of-halo-pc-the-xbox-experience/
  15. UPDATE 02/11/2016: Final release candidates for the Xbox versions of Imminent and Levee are now live in the mapcycles of all 3 servers. Some changes have been made which will be applied to the final releases of all xbox versions, including: Slightly nerfed camo compared to other xbox versions in the mapcycle Removed the bullet spark effect which didn't sync up with the server and constantly reported false hits Fixed shotgun reload animation bug from previous versions The above changes are ONLY available in Imminent and Levee at the moment, but will be applied to all maps in the mapcycle once I go back and re-release them without the "rc_final" suffix in the mapname. This will be transparent for players, as maps are downloaded automatically upon joining the server. That being said, I don't want people to have to download new versions of the entire map cycle every time I tweak a setting, so I am introducing them into the rest of the H1.5 maps as I release them all over the next few weeks. Also: Roles have been added to the Discord group. I have assigned roles according to control scheme. For example, players that use mouse/keyboard have a different color in the list than players that use controllers. This should be helpful when setting up controller-only matches.
  16. I like this approach, it's similar to what I'm doing with my Halo PC group. Competitive gametypes but not necessarily super-competitive games. Depends on whether people want to split up into different voice channels or not. I think a lot of people fail to realize how much more fun proper gametypes are compared to the drivel that many players are used to. For example, CE's MLG TS 2v2 gametype is standard stuff for the Xbox players in my group, but a lot of long-time PC players are now being turned on to proper settings and having a ton of fun. There's a sweaty, try-hard stigma around the gametypes that are played at the highest level, but that doesn't mean the very same gametypes can't be enjoyed by lower-level players. The same logic can certainly be applied to all the games in the series, the only thing that changes in this regard is the learning curve (ex: 2v2 CE has a VERY steep learning curve if you're going to be playing against players that know all the spawns in a map, but H2 won't be as problematic for new players to come and try proper settings).
  17. I like the idea. In other vids you never seem to have enough time to say everything you want to.
  18. Random spawns aren't always about spawning your teammate in a power position. Sometimes you don't need that second guy top blue, so you random him out so maybe he spawns closer to camo, or at least gets eyes on it. It all depends on what's going on in the match at the time.

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