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  1. I don't think he's trolling. I used to have a lot of the same complaints before I started getting really nerdy with the game. Before I begin I gotta say I really don't know you so I'm trying to do this objectively Any reason why? Of all the complaints I've heard about Dammy, too many snipers isn't one of them. It's understandable to want this if your experience is from solo-queuing in MCC, but if you're playing in a match where everyone is about the same skill level and you all know the spawns, that situation is avoidable. Why? Something I love about CE is that there aren't that many "static" guaranteed power positions. Sure green is nice but you can take it back if you can grab the camo and rockets. "Dynamic" power positions change depending on what's coming up and ensures map movement. Dammy is already a pretty campy map, I don't even want to think about what it would be like if bottom players were always stuck bottom. Plus: nade tricks are fun :P Elaborate? Most of the other weapons still have their uses. CE's never been about a perfectly-balanced matrix and it's the imbalance that sets it apart. Games like Quake and Unreal Tournament have a bunch of viable weapons and that's fine too, but one of the reasons that Halo grabbed me by the balls was because of how satisfying the pistol felt. There are others ways to make other weapons viable besides nerfing the pistol. Again, if your experience is from MCC, this is understandable because the shotgun and plasma rifle are complete shit. In OG the PR and shotty are viable, and so is the Plasma Pistol (but it's most situational, ex: burning someone's OS). Not sure about making it viable but I can't argue about making it so you can quick-camo. Seems like an oversight more than a design choice IMO. Gotta learn to nade the snipe. You can get it from almost anywhere in the map. I kind of like how it's not a huge snipefest. I think by making the sniper more accessible you'd have really flippy-floppy games (more so than they already are, because of all the spawn traps and randoms). Can't argue with this. I disagree, same argument I make against nerfing the pistol applies to this. Again, this is an MCC problem. Plasma Rifle is a real son of a bitch in the original version. It freezes the shit out of you, especially if you're off-host. Glad you're enjoying yourself. What background do you come from, out of curiosity? Seems like you're just getting into it (no offense meant if you've been playing for awhile, but that last statement makes me think you're just getting started with the best game in series)
  2. I suspect those players that just eat shots game after game don't necessarily have bad pings, but rather lossy connections. Ridiculous that there isn't a connection status indicator in a modern game. 343 failed to deliver on almost every single aspect of this collection.
  3. If only the ranking system was more representative of players' skill rather then their connections
  4. Indeed. I have a 15ft HDMI cable that I use to plug in my TV as a second monitor. Combined with an iPad app called AirMouse I can navigate my desktop from my couch, using my TV. I play Halo PC from my couch sometimes, though if I'm going to get serious I usually get on my monitor because less input lag.
  5. So I decided to actually try "clawing" last night for the first time with an OG S controller on CE. So far it really doesn't seem that bad, I think people in here may be exaggerating just a tad. Question: should I be using my ring finger for the right trigger? It feels much more comfortable that way, and it's nice to be able to turn/melee at the same time. Still need to practice a bit more with it but I didn't have any pain in my hand after playing for a solid 3 hours.
  6. Wait bullet magnetism is completely disabled for host? We're talking about the way the bullets curve towards the target as long as the reticle is red?
  7. I'm actually not so sure that the game being played P2P. It could still be on dedicated servers but netcode doesn't handle bad connections gracefully. Devil's advocate, just sayin'
  8. I'm planning on following this method: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/easy-way-to-softmod-an-original-xbox-usb-noob-friendly.1090166/ If anyone knows of a better way, please let me know now because I'm going to proceed as soon as my wires arrive.
  9. PC gaming isn't what it used to be. What made it great up until around 2010 was community-hosted dedicated servers, modding tools, optimized performance, etc. Now it seems that the recommended specs for games have sky-rocketed, we aren't seeing much in terms of custom modding tools and community hosted dedicated servers, lots of games ship with terrible mouse/keyboard control... Don't get me wrong, there have always been bad PC ports, but it's as if there is considerably less effort that's put in to making an unforgettable PC experience. The majority of games that PC players play are console ports. And Microsoft's plan with Windows 10 exclusive games is just going to feed the monster. They really learned nothing from GFWL. Some stuff looks promising (like Reflex), but being a PC gamer used to mean more than just running games at max graphics.
  10. From what I've seen (and correct me if I'm wrong), is that ranks seem to start being representational in the CE playlist above level 20. The problem is that you'll still get matched with lower levels, not to mention lack of party restrictions. Could the problem be that it's not easy enough to down-rank?
  11. This irks me to no end. A bad connection should never give a player an advantage. Ridiculous.
  12. @@KingNick I don't play this game but I like your video
  13. I'm only planning on applying it to the pistol, sniper and shotgun. The first two because they're precision weapons, and the second because it can kill in one hit, and when your client tells you that you landed a hit, but you didn't, it's rage-inducing. I have other plans for the rocket launcher but at this point it's just a theory. I'll be discussing with SBBMichelle and aLTis to see if my idea is viable. UPDATE 03/02/2016: An automatic Windows 10 update (KB3140743) has broken Xbox One controller compatibility with some games. There is nothing in this update's patch notes to suggest that it messed with anything related to controller drivers, but it is indeed the case. To confirm, I uninstalled the update (KB3140743) and tested - everything worked fine. However that would only have been a temporary solution, since you can't indefinitely choose not to install an update with Windows 10 - it will eventually apply the update despite the fact that you uninstalled it. Luckily, I've found a solution: Download old drivers from here: http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/search.aspx?q=xbox%20one%20controller. You'll need to use Internet Explorer to access that link. Make sure you download the second one in the list (filesize 1.5 MB). Extract the downloaded .cab file into a folder of your choice. Go to Device Manager and scroll down to the Xbox Peripherals section. If you're using default drivers, the device is named "Xbox Controller". Right-click, Update Driver Software..., Browse my computer..., Let me pick..., Have Disk..., Browse..., Navigate to the folder where you extracted the driver package and select xb1usb.inf. You should now see "Microsoft Xbox One Controller" listed in the Model column. Select it and click Next. Let the driver install. Your controller may or may not give a rumble of approval. To verify that it installed correctly, look in Device Manager in the Xbox Peripherals sections. Your controller should now be named Microsoft Xbox One Controller instead of Xbox Controller. Launch Halo and test The first time I tried this fix, I had to unplug/replug the controller. NOTE: I'm not sure if Windows 10 will try to update the driver automatically. Just to be sure, I unchecked "Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows" in the "Check for Updates" app's Advanced Settings. ALSO: I'm not sure if this old driver will cause problems with Windows 10 apps (ex: Xbox App, Windows 10 games purchased through the Windows Store). Not sure if the headset will work with this driver either.
  14. Via tags. aLTis is the one that figured it out. He uses a method that involves spawning invisible weapons when you land a hit. The material response particle effect is somehow attached to this invisible weapon. There's also a script that continuously despawns these invisible weapons so as to keep performance impact minimal. Really though, try it out before giving it praise. The fact that the effect is delayed makes it appear to the player like bullets are slower, so it can look really weird. And since getting killed around corners can still happen to some extent (nothing to do with this fix, just shitty netcode), this effect makes it appear to happen more often, when in reality it's just because the effect is delayed. Personally I prefer this fix over default PC because at least the visual feedback doesn't lie. I consider that more important than the effect reporting exactly where I landed the hit.
  15. UPDATE 02/29/2016: Added Xbox version of Hotbox to the mapcycle (final release candidate). New features in this map: Syncing cyborg shield spark & cyborg armor spark material response. This is the particle effect that is produced when a hit is landed on another player's shield or armor, respectively. Without this fix, the effects don't always sync, and as such they often report false hits. This is the cause of all the "he just ate my shots" complaints. However, since the effect needs to pass by the server, it is slightly delayed, so the effect doesn't always appear where you hit the player. It doesn't lie anymore, though. Let me know what you think - none of this is final and if it looks too weird I may not use it. Thanks to aLTis for the fix & research. Death sounds! SBBMichelle found a way to bring back the death sounds. So far the sounds will play most of the time when you perform a direct hit. Explosive splash damage doesn't seem to work yet. Still, better than nothing!
  16. Don't go down that path man he's going to pick apart your post instead of addressing anything you say to him. Just ignore and carry on.
  17. This is some next-level shit right here. Whatever man, have fun not playing Halo. Good luck with your boycott.
  18. I'm not a philosopher/poet like you and my posts may not be very colourful. But sure, I can give you a fact: you give @@Beryl AU a hard time for posting that he came back to MCC after not enjoying Halo 5. Analogy: once upon a time there was a guy who sperged out on the forums. Emotion: tired of seeing disillusioned kids that don't even play the games shitpost on internet forums thinking they're going to make a lick of difference. Passion: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/11775-current-state-of-halo-pc-the-xbox-experience/ But really, I don't care about your posting habits. I just got triggered when you told @@Beryl AU to essentially screw off to the Halo 5 thread. We can address that instead of my sentence structure and semantics, if you want.
  19. Oh ok this board is your podium. Look I didn't buy Halo 5 either but I can certainly enjoy me some CE on MCC, even in its broken state. I don't think you're sending them any sort of strong message by selling your Xbox. I think keeping MCC and the original versions of the games populated would be more effective than whining on forums.

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