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  1. Literally the only forgers that even replied to that are Me, Omi, and Squally. I've never plugged my maps to literally anyone ever, Omi doesn't even make maps, and I cant speak for Squally. We just wanted to know if he was going to be streaming, like whats so bad about that?
  2. Team name- Beyond the Dream Gamertags- lFoge, Kabe Slays
  3. Something has come up causing me and Kabe Slays to be unable to play today. If we could be removed from the bracket that d be great.
  4. Ok well for starters, "Kanye" is by no means the final name of the map, I name all my maps that have yet to be completed after musicians/singers, because I think its quite funny. So if you have a suggestion for a name, feel free to suggest away! Now onto the map, "Kanye" was designed as a symmetrical 4v4 Slayer/CTF map meant to be played with BR Starts. Any criticism is greatly appreciated and testing is also super appreciated. Weapons on the map include- 2x Carbines 2x Assault Rifles 2x Magnum 1x Plasma Pistol 1x Silenced SMG 1x Sniper 1x Rocket Lawn Chair 4x Battle Rifles
  5. I'm at the step where I have to merge the xox.reg and I really can't seem to understand what that means. I right click and there's no option to "merge". I did a quick google and it seems that this means that I extract it to a specified folder. Is this correct? And if so do I just put it in the halo 2 program files? Any help would be great!

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