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  1. iZetroC


    I dont play 1v1s anymore
  2. I totally agree, Most of the h3-4 clips were just sitting in my computer for years and I wanted to get rid of them. I couldnt do a h3-4 montage because my 360 hard drive died so I just threw them in lol. And to be honest this could be my first and last montage so thats why it was longer than what I wanted it to be.
  3. Team Arena - Champion 19 Inv if your champ and need 1 to play
  4. Ive been playing Halo competitively for 7 years, MCC literally sucked all the passion I had for Halo away. With that being said I hope 343 realizes they have one chance left with Halo 5 or it will be the knock out punch..
  5. Lol I was just about to post that, then I realized I wasnt logged in.
  6. Got top 16 last HCS Sunday I was on Team Same But Sometimes Not Same. We are 4th on the PGL ladder for the 10k but a teammate totally blocked communication from us yesterday so now we cant play in the 10k(rosters are locked). Anyways F/A HMU
  7. Amen! http://media.fyre.co/qOmy51OITlOex4umhMjA_respect-37557934.jpg
  8. Your Player Name: iZetroC Winner: ContrA GG Round Number: Round 7 Score: 1 - 2 (Best of 3 games) ggs gl
  9. Your Player Name: iZetroC Winner: iZetroC Round Number: Round 6 Score: 2 - 1 (Best of 3 games)
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