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  1. Your player name: Briannxbox360 Winner: FlyingPickle500 Round: 2 Score 2-0
  2. Your player name: Briannxbox360 Winner: briannxbox360 Round number: Round 1 Score: player not online aka: Gammage
  3. Gt: briannxbox360 Miami beach, FL
  4. Im also an individual skilled player i started playing halo since H2 came out i'm really good and always active for any battle. Contact me if you wish to create or join a team send message through xbox GT: Briannxbox360
  5. Im looking up to join a team or make a team which ever im a skilled halo player been playing halo since halo 2 came out and well now im interest to participate in this halo challenges!
  6. Yo im looking for a team ive played all halo games so i do have some skills contact me if your interest GT: Briannxbox360dank teIve also wanted to be in a competitive match for halo!
  7. team name:--- xbox gt:Briannxbox360 looking for a partner... contact me on xbox to tryout :Halo:
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