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  1. Hey guys just wanted to extend an invite to all of the local NC H5 players about joining the probattleleague. I am a long time halo player and just relocated to the Charlotte area. I have been in touch with the probattleleague organizers. They want to push out into the north carolina area to make a localized team. All this information can be located on the website linked in this post. Also if any of you guys are interested in helping out i would love any helping hands. please contact me with any questions, suggestions, or if you just wanna run some arena at my gamertag. Thanks guys GT: Los Burger http://www.battleleague.com/
  2. Been playing for halo for years.(since H2) GT:lbarger Because of my age many of my old teammates have moved on and Im left without a team at the moment. Have been playing in 1v1 tourneys and dub tourneys recently but would like to partake in 4v4 tourneys/Ladder.
  3. Im looking for some players that would like to get together to lan or just play with regularly. Also i stream if you local guys would like to come check it out. Gt: lbarger http://www.twitch.tv/lbarger
  4. Starting a lobby send message for invites Gamertag: lbarger Customs/MM: Customs Region: Eastern Pacific
  5. Gamertag: lbarger Customs/MM: Customers/MM Region: Eastern Pacific
  6. Post your Gamertag: lbarger Customs/MM: Both Region: PA/WV/OH tristate area
  7. GT lbarger add me for 2v2 scrims
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