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  1. Snakebite is implying that there are more individuals who geofiltered that 343i are investigating and keeping on the hush since raleigh.
  2. You can't talk about rent free anything while getting triggered by a joke comment lol
  3. It's actually really good for the scene that no one team seems too far ahead. And despite my grips with desync, mangler, the over abundance of power weapons ect. halo infinite has really good potential with the right tweaks.
  4. falcated/bound, trippey (who already played with the sen guys previously) and manny come to mind. the anti super squad stigma isnt a thing in halo the way it is in the nba, that's how we got sentinels in the first place when lethul replaced ogre 2. and your memory is off because clg were the clear favorites since they formed, hence why eg beating them at ex games was a big storyline at the time. and naded was a fool for that move, as he promptly fell off the map sticking with cratos and co. look at splyce in h5, they beat clg/og with shooter and bubu dubu but still dropped them to form the roster that would dominate the last year of h5. most halo players dont stick with teams when a golden opportunity arises. Formal himself is the best example of this.
  5. This. though in this highly unlikely scenario, why drop lethul for formal specifically when a core of frosty, royal 2 and snakebite will entice just about any other top player? outside of the c9 guys, SEN would have the pick of the litter because no way in hell is anyone else gonna pass up that opportunity. In reality, those core 3 on LAN are so good that only need to find consistency and fill the gaps, and while formal is genuiely a top player in this game, he doen't bring anything to this squad they dont already have.
  6. lmao yup. i said this from jump; no team is the level of splyce in h5 where they can afford to not scrim their rivals. even c9 scrims og who tbh played them close at raleigh
  7. the map count for that first series for c9 is very decieving given how close the games were. C9 are the top dogs atm but not by a lot.
  8. Every esport comes with it's fair share of weirdos on twitch, dont know why eric acts like the halo community in particular is toxic in chats.
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