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  1. Good to see some other names from h5. Is snipedown gonna come back or is apex going too good for him?
  2. so besides sentinels, who are the teams formed going into infinite?
  3. Its been a minute! Is a halo back or nah
  4. Its been a while! My Two cents on the tox win; it comes down a couple of factors 1 Map Selection. Plaza strongholds and Coli Slayer were high percentage maps for Tox. To reiterate a previous point, Refuge and the oddball map offer a lot of open space which nerfs splyces ability to abuse the movement of halo 5. Refuge being a more traditional halo map played right into Tox’s hands. To Lethul, Snakebite and Royal2, sanc flag is there bread and butter 2 Tox is playing faster in the sense that they are commiting to their pushes as a team. Splyces 2v2 strats are very reliant on catching tox while they are trying to setup. Now Tox are pushing out of the gate, often sending numbers to a specific duo on splyce. We saw it on coli slayer; every time splyce would get a ridiculous double or triple, one or two members (usually renegade) would immediately be flooded on by tox until tox has numbers. They were even able to negate splyces sniper use this way. 3 Royal 2 flexed his roaming prowess. Its long been said that royal 2 is the slowest member on tox due to his anchor like playstyle. Splyce used to abuse that by disregarding him and collapsing on the rest of Tox. Now Royal 2 is a lot more involved in team pushing and letting Frosty play snipe. This allows Tox to match splyce in slaying as now there main tank is right up front and it showed. Part of the reason Lethul was holding oddball was because he was anticipating splyces pushes, which is a lot easier to do when you have royal2 putting them on respawn. These 3 factors were the perfect storm that would end splyces reign of terror and it translates to one point. Once Tox were able to match Splyce in speed and slaying, The teamwork became lobsidedly in their favor. Teams are figuring out that Splyces irregular style of play works against them once you negate their movement and force them to play on the backfoot.
  5. Jesus, you really are a bucket of shit opinions. Snip3down himself will tell you frosty has not lost a step since the new radar. And scrims are scrims, frosty has always gotten ticked off when people challenge him and not respect his name, this is not something new.
  6. And this is where you fucked up. People catching up with Frosty and Frosty playing worse aren't the same thing. and if anyone has caught up to him the most in nerdyness, it's the boys on NV, particularly saiyan and ola. Shottzy has a great shot but stellur is the chief nerd on Splyce.
  7. See this right here is exactly what beast was talking about smh.
  8. While i agree with this sentiment, there is also more to consistency than Damage dealt as well. Speaking for myself, i thought his decision making was questionable at times, especially in semi's against NV.
  9. Yeah.... i want some of the ish ya smokin if yall think optic should be makin a switch. I wasnt aware that pushing a series to six games, half of which were close, was considered getting dominated. Frosty was inconsistent, but when he was on, there was no stopping this man. Hasnt been the same since no radar my ass!
  10. End of the Event Wrap up: I'm blown away at the job clap and co pulled off with this event. Schedule was on point, issues were fixed in minutes, bravo stream was :flames: , crowd mics aplenty, the music was on point, little to no downtime, constant action following all the best series ect. It's a testament to how bad events have been prior that the only thing people can complain about were caster nitpicks (most of which for unwarranted at best). I even managed to be engaged during the FFA, inspite of how much i despise FFA in h5. seriously @@Clap barvo bravo to you and and MLG for all the hard work this weekend. I told people that I didn't see optic not placing in the top 2. But i cant help but be happy for Stellur and Eco. The former in particular has a come a long way from being scumbagged by teammates to being on top. Splyce played with calm communications, clutch play-making and some crazy ass shots. They honestly played optic at their own game and won(again sorta). But honestly the moment they got 3-0'd by NV, i knew optic couldn't take Splyce this event. That's not a slight on NV, as i do think with more practice they can make this a Mexican standoff at worlds, but Optic this event has seemed to have lost some footing, particularly when it comes to slaying. Frosty has been inconsistent, So i'm not sure why Lethul has been taking flak when he was doing a lot of the dirty work to keep them in games and series. Most improved player of the event IMO has to be Pistola. Idk wat was the turmoil on the old NV, but playing with Saiyan and trippey has rejuvenated him. To anyone saying NV should make a switch after 3-0'ing optic(the first to ever do so) and winning 1 less of a game then them off splyce, i say GTFOH. Breakout player of the event goes to Neptune, he showed flashes of brilliance and if rostermania commences, i guarantee it will revolve around him. All and all, such a great weekend for halo!
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