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  1. Just saw that they aren't reverting back to the reach medals for mcc which makes me so sad. Yeah you can just use the 'classic' h2 medals, but I still think Reach did medals the right way. https://blogs.halowaypoint.com/en-us/blogs/headlines/posts/the-halo-bulletin-10-8-14
  2. Team Name : Salt and Pepper Gamertag 1 : kkrotz Gamertag 2: Plain Filth
  3. Well the thing I don't quite understand about Halo and Microsoft, is that they have so much capital behind them yet the game is hardly advertised.
  4. Well I'll summarize my best moments by saying I loved sanc 1v1's, and here's a testament to that:
  5. Well when I changed from the Default Halo 3 settings to 'Southpaw', it took about 15 or so games for me to be pretty much completely comfortable with it. I reckon it would be a similar time frame for you to learn the ins and outs of bumper jumper.
  6. I'm sure that these companies are 'holding back'. I find it impossible to grasp that the improvements that happen annually are so minimal. It's just a money-making scheme (and I know that no one needs to be told that) but honestly, all we want is some proper innovation. Companies like Apple and Samsung have become complacent. Although... with that recent $21 Billion that Apple lost due to "The Fappening" ( search it up if you live under a rock), I think that either this year or next, there will be a definite push towards regaining market leadership.
  7. Well Halo 3 is one of those games that has a 'timeless' graphical experience in my eyes. It is to me what represents the type of graphics that should accompany every Halo game. Bright, vivid and with extremely good textures (albeit in 720p), and I think that from a graphical standpoint, the game has stood the test of time. Even games that were developed much later (2014, 2013) do not look that much better than Halo 3. Sure it doesn't have all the lens flare effects that modern FPS titles use, but that also makes it that much better in my eyes. To give you a straightforward answer to your question, I honestly believe that the graphical fidelity of a game usually means nothing in my opinion ( For instance I still love playing 8-bit games), but in this case, it can be seen as a major improvement to the almost perfect Halo 2 (Post-patch anyway).
  8. You think Reach's aiming was clunky? Try playing some Halo 3... It rapes so much. Decent game nonetheless. when you're not facing constant red bar.
  9. My only complaint is the Spartan models. Based from gameplay I've watched, I'd have to state that players seem all-to-easy to kill in Halo 2:Anniversary. I think that for the most part however, the game is aesthetically pleasing.
  10. Well the flashlight definitely has a more terrifying allure about it. I think it provides a more atmospheric element to the game than the VISR. In saying this however, I must comment on my decision to side with the VISR for ease of use.
  11. My gripe with the Lockout Ice Dynamic is that yes, it prevents people from camping at top BR, but where is the balance if this only happens on one part of the map? At mid-sniper if there was a similar dynamic I would be fine with it. I just find that with that particular map element, it is incongruent with Halo's new 'balanced' theme.
  12. Bubble shield would be my pick. Unlike the other options, it is not seen as overpowered in my opinion. It can be used in a skillful manner, and the planning needed to pick it up from the terrain is an added factor when it comes to determining my favorite defensive ability.
  13. I would actually really see 'Amplified', but with insane graphics. I know this is out of the question, but maybe 'Warlock' will suffice. C'mon, I just want to feel young again .
  14. Halo Reach grenade launcher was an amazing weapon in the hands of a capable player. It was a weapon however that needed a really good connection to be deadly with, but I don't consider this a fault of the weapon. With three shots in the chamber, I feel it is an extremely balanced weapon.
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