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  1. Good read. Man as much as i loved growing up in that golden era, I can only imagine what it would have been like today.
  2. Idk if it because I'm bored to death of all shooters on the market right now or what but I am actually enjoying MCC for the most part. See how i feel in about a week.
  3. I've put the most time in H3 so far and it feels pretty solid to me outside of the ridiculous spawns majority of the time. Played a few games of H2 classic and something just feels really off for some reason.
  4. This is me as well. I check in on the boards every now and again but this event has really reignited my love for Halo.
  5. I'm gonna try and make St. Louis. Only about 4 hours north of me.
  6. Today is a beautiful day my friends! Yes I squealed like a lil girl when Lethul sat on that couch lol.
  7. Silk

    First Rounded

    Salty as they come
  8. I mean in Hecz's defense he doesn't have to call anybody out when his damn cameraman comes out slaughtering people. Edit: when you don't know how to embed :poop:
  9. - Was a casual playstation gamer - A few months after H2 came out a buddy let me borrow his xbox to play the campaigns for CE & H2 - Immediately hooked after the first flood encounter. - LANs in my garage with random neighborhood kids - Discovered MLG towards the end of H2 season, bought an MLG video on the 360 dashboard that I probably watched 1000 times. - Lurked MLG, GB, TLN, THC forums forever. - Team Pajama Pants was formed with some high school friends. (yes we wore pj pants during all house lans) - No life'd H3 and won a few local gamestop events - Didn't play a ton of Reach or H4. Got into COD when black ops 2 came out. - MCC happened - here I am at 29 now with a job, a baby, and still loving Halo like i'm a kid. I love this community. Always have, always will.
  10. I don't understand the talk of Cloud to OpTic. Didn't they pass on that option once already?
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