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  1. I wonder if any Orgs are kicking themselves for letting ninja go?
  2. He is about to hit 100000 subs. Why would he want to contribute to a community that constantly insulted him and criticized his every move? And also for a game that he doesn't really like?
  3. I am wya out of the loop and looking at the first page did a bunch of orgs leave halo?
  4. i could sell you my final boss hoodie that i have only worn once.....size large
  5. what are you talking about? you see bitching and complaining at every single job you will work.
  6. you mean formal and enable. Crimsix started in cod u believe
  7. i spent almost as much time playing mw2 as i did playing halo 3
  8. to me its not so much the game itself that turns me off of watching. i enjoy halo 5. its not my favorite halo and the competition was better in other halos but i enjoy watching and playing it. its the continued imcompetence from 343 and ESL that makes me not want to watch when it comes to how their Tournaments are ran and all the problems they are always having and never fix
  9. so apparently ninja is getting married today? i knew he was engaged but didn't know it was today
  10. I don't see how ninja will be able to juggle halo h1z1 pubg and destiny(if he sticks with that). I hope he can but I dunno
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