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  1. we are besties
  2. Can somebody tell me what settings I need to make my vertical and horizontal sensitivity the SAME speed? Reading this makes me all confused.
  3. If this tournament is for Halo 2 Anniversary then doesn't that mean they can only use the 6 re-made maps for the tourny?
  4. I don't jetpack or play Uncaged. But yeah man, do whatever you enjoy. I just can't wait for this Master Chief Bundle!
  5. It's absolutely incredible. But I would obviously rather play Halo 2 doubles.
  6. Anybody know if H1 or H2 will have doubles? I didn't see it anywhere on that UI interface video. Dubs is pretty much all I play so If it isn't there that would be a huge disappointment.
  7. I still play Reach daily. I have way more fun playing it than Halo 4.
  8. Also, they should take away the footsteps or reduce the footstep sound. A lot of games just end up being a sound whore fest.
  9. Where can I find the images for the rest of the players placings?
  10. WELL WHO THE EFF IS ON IT Edit: Nvm awesome!
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