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  1. Can somebody tell me what settings I need to make my vertical and horizontal sensitivity the SAME speed? Reading this makes me all confused.
  2. If this tournament is for Halo 2 Anniversary then doesn't that mean they can only use the 6 re-made maps for the tourny?
  3. I don't jetpack or play Uncaged. But yeah man, do whatever you enjoy. I just can't wait for this Master Chief Bundle!
  4. It's absolutely incredible. But I would obviously rather play Halo 2 doubles.
  5. Anybody know if H1 or H2 will have doubles? I didn't see it anywhere on that UI interface video. Dubs is pretty much all I play so If it isn't there that would be a huge disappointment.
  6. I still play Reach daily. I have way more fun playing it than Halo 4.
  7. Also, they should take away the footsteps or reduce the footstep sound. A lot of games just end up being a sound whore fest.
  8. Where can I find the images for the rest of the players placings?
  9. WELL WHO THE EFF IS ON IT Edit: Nvm awesome!
  10. I think you want him in the top 20 just because you like him. This list is about their skill, not being the first streamer. Now if this list was "Top 20 FAVORITE Players" then putting Ninja in there would be absolutely fine.

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