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  1. To each their own but man I'm just trying to play Team BR's.
  2. This game badly needs BR starts. Are they going to make a playlist with it or?
  3. H3 feels so nice when it actually works though. Playing it on 360 again felt insanely slow. As much as I love Halo, MCC made me regret buying an Xbox One...
  4. This game destroyed my desire to play Halo. I haven't touched my Xbox in over 2 weeks.
  5. I'm starting to feel really stupid that I spent $500+ on a new console for one game and that decision backfired completely.
  6. As in the X1?! Where'd you see this?! That would be siiiick.
  7. I still do not understand why KH3 is coming to Xbox One but they can't release the ReMiX games on Xbox (hell I'll even take 360 versions).
  8. Can't even find a game after this update but before I was finding them with no problem. What the actual fuck 343?
  9. IMO, The Pit is the greatest Halo map ever made.
  10. Same here, but for some reason my opinion of Halo 5 pretty much did a 180 since the gameplays were uploaded. Obviously not a fan of sprint, etc. but I'm decently optimistic for the beta.
  11. Reluctantly bought CoD...at least I can play it. Look what you've done 343
  12. I'll even admit I've tweeted my frustration to him. I honestly feel bad about it but who else can you voice your thoughts to when everyone else at that company had their finger up their ass. I'm praying 343 is at PAX East so I can verbally slaughter them.
  13. I'm really thinking of getting it because once again I have a $500 paperweight. The H5 team has so much pressure on them it's ridiculous. If that beta fails on day 1 it's over.
  14. How's AW because I'm in the same boat man and I'm not playing fkn forza 2 with my brother. It's either AW or re-buying Destiny to slay bad kids.
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