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  1. Forge needs to be big. It's a pillar of growth in every aspect of this community.
  2. Honestly, I find H5 extremely entertaining to watch; it's fast paced, yet strategic. And I suspect many new people to the scene, as well as fans that weren't previously interested in competitive Halo will feel the same way, and Halo 2A was just a bore to watch. Halo 5 won't be for everybody but the competitive scene will be better than it ever was before.
  3. Eh, that's not necessarily true. For me, I enjoy CoD campaigns, I won't replay them and I despise multiplayer. But I do buy it solely for campaign value.
  4. There was even full on beta gameplay iirc
  5. Maybe they're going to announce a shit ton of new in-game features that support HCS other than just spectator mode?
  6. I think if they left the always online and cloud features in the console instead of backtracking, it would have the power for split screen, large environments, and then some. I'm no expert, but it seems like the decision to go back with those things hurt the consoles power as MS was relying on cloud computing for the extra juice.
  7. I mean, I don't blame you for your opinion. But it's really not that bad, halo is in a good spot and people really like halo 5 and the media leading up to it. Not everything is automatically the worst possible scenario or absolute shit like you assume at every turn.
  8. Dude you are the epitome of pessimism. Have some optimism.
  9. As far as I know, they haven't confirmed the player count yet and the possibility is still there.
  10. I know we won't be able to forge warzone, but can we forge on the maps, with 24 player customs? Pls Josh @@Sal1ent
  11. Very, very well put. At a certain point those videos do nothing but harm and promote pessimism at a point in our community when we need be optimistic and welcoming to new people in the community. How is talking down our game constantly going help our community? More like shooting ourselves in the foot. /rant
  12. I was wondering when these cool features would be implemented. The Halo Channel needs an update with stats, forum support, and a weekly schedule of halo content. Partnering with youtubers and machinima makers wouldn't be a bad idea for The Halo Channel. Also that shit shouldn't be as clunky as it is.
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