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  1. "Spartan Abilities" could very well be just as bad for competitive as Armor Abilities. I mean, it seems to me the only difference is the name, and that's all 343 is saying. A spartan and its armor are essentially one in the same. This is developers thinking they have to incorporate something new and "cool" into the game, even though it's not what the community wants. We want vanilla Halo with better graphics and physics engines with a sleek interface; nothing more. But they won't give us that. There's this disease in the industry that causes game devs to believe their modification to something great makes it better, when in fact it is often a destruction. I can't possibly see "Spartan Abilities" as anything else. You see it with the wierd wall climbing in Titan Fall and stupid double jumping in Destiny. Things that destroy competitiveness in FPSs are rampant right now. Any mod to enhance escapability is an instant dwarf to strafing/aiming requirements and causes death to the necessary skill gap.
  2. Competitive in Halo 5 will fail if maps are designed and tested using sprint, and other armor abilities. The game must also completely separate competitive from anything involving armor abilities or loadouts if any exist at all.

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