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  1. Rooting for CLG, Royal 2 representing us Canadians baby! It's single elimination in the bracket right? I feel like we might see some top teams choke later tonight when the bracket play starts. It's cool to see a lot of the same names/faces after so many years of Halo. Even some old top pro's coaching! No Ogre 2 though Good stream so far! Always enjoyed Walshy and Bravo casting. Warriors top 1
  2. Why all the hate? Aren't we all here for the same reason? #teamhalo
  3. Too many stacked teams to predict this seriously, but: Lethul and formal to shit everywhere. BtH top 3. Optic v StK final. Some serious trash talk from Gandhi and crew. Probably finish last tho. TcM to turn heads. An all-around awesome weekend for Halo! Warriors top 1 #gethyped#lethulmostunderratedplayerever#wiiback#flamesbeardisglorious
  4. It took me far too long to realize this wasn't a video on celebrity and/or Halo pro player impressions. Kind of like what Totz a few years back.
  5. Fear of spiders is arachnophobia. Fear of tight spaces is claustrophobia. Fear of Strongside is called Logic.
  6. Reach killed my Halo boner... But I can tell you now that after that event, I am fully erect. Has anything been mentioned about a ranking system? Hopefully they keep it like Halo 2/3. I would be so happy.
  7. Stuck at work until the stream is over for today. Anyone that posts updates I will love you until the end of time. tD top 1 dat Heinz/Lethul duo do
  8. Top 1 Get hype for PAX stream tomorrow! #weback#halo3rulez#FREET2
  9. Predictions: tD top 2 because Heinz. Warriors top 1. Suddz to win a game on stream. Followed by them screaming "Reality Check" to the opposing team. Followed by them losing the series 3-1. Bravo's casting making me cream myself. A great weekend for Halo.
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