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  1. Or the game was actual garbage and the only time it had viewers was when you were 1v1'ing the sudds.
  2. LOL. You know what sucks? Having to tell the developers everything. Its not my fucking job. Why does the burden fall on us? There are tons of write ups done by people WAY more qualified then me, just on this site alone.
  3. Except the map is beyond fixing and the only thing to do is remove it. So that is the constructive feedback. Just like the pistol should be a 4sk. ITS A FACT.
  4. Christ this twitter converstation between ninja and quinn. Yeah ninja should explain himself more but honestly, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD HE HAVE TO? They are the developer. They have a pro team on staff. How do these garbage maps get through and then placed in the COMPETITIVE playlist.
  5. Mods: Wouldn't let me create a new topic on the recruitment page. This is for anyone who couldn't get into the Beyond Company. Post below for an invite :halo: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/the%20beyond%20rejects
  6. Torque would be so much better if it was narrower and had less clutter. Like narrows. Lol
  7. Check the front page threads again. Just bumped the Spartan company I made weeks ago for specifically people that can't get into the main company.
  8. I don't agree we should use the halo CE pistol but we desperately need a 4 shot pistol. Across the board.
  9. Everyone talking about Contra. Elumite was HUGE part of that win. Also Huke LMFAO. "Not much like other halos"
  10. Guess my notch is right above your bedrock. Make sure not voice your opinion on shitty settings and weapon placements. Keep being complacent.
  11. That's great man. I personally find the HCS 100x more enjoyable to watch when players aren't storm rifling/smging and spamming each other with fuel rods. Settings for the HCS should be talked about. In the HCS thread. Which is what this is.
  12. Except the storm rifle is a power weapon. Just because 343 is not competent enough to deem it themselves a power weapon, doesnt mean it isnt.
  13. 1. The feul rod has an excessive amount of ammo and allows the user to make mistakes by having 5 in the clip as well 2. Why dont we just put 2 saws on each side of the map? There in the same place on both sides. Both teams get them! Lets put them on 30 second timers too! What a stupid argument you just made.
  14. -7 rep for storm rifles and feul rods? There is absolutely nothing wrong with them? This is ok to you guys? This is shit ruins games. 3 storm rifles in one screenshot. Someone else on the map is running around with a smg and 2 others with different storm rifles.
  15. Fine. What about the cancerous storm rifles/smg's and fuel rods?
  16. I have TWC in Milwuakee, WI. 50 down, 5 up. I personally have yet to have connection problems except for when I match Europeans. Which I dont think can happen anymore with region lock.
  17. Bro, you are in way to deep. Chill out and play some warzone. oh wait. You LITERALLY cant! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  18. You becoming a billionaire and pitching Microsoft your brand new studio that you just built. edit: LITERALLY
  19. You guys LITERALLY blew things way out of proportion. LITERALLY all i was saying is the the game is unplayable for 1 reason, while you guys are LITERALLY saying its unplayable for another. LITERALLY we have 2 LITERAL problems. Actually there are LITERALLY 50 problems with the game. I just come on the forums to LITERALLY blow off steam. LITERALLY. EDIT: what a fucking wierd word.
  20. Actually the people searching are having a better time then me because they are doing something else.
  21. Slayer is literally unplayable (currently 1900 onyx). Its just a giant fest of pegasus/overgrowth/riptide. All 3 of the current worst maps in the game. Made even worse with there covenant weapons. Talk about shoving shit down of throats. Whats with the god damn obsession.
  22. BUMP. I see a thread on the front page asking for inv to spartan company

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