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  1. Yeah, but if they bring out H2A with it's original multiplayer, then it's all good. In fact it will probably have a bigger population than what Halo 5 will have lol.
  2. Chelsea? Who have Chelsea produced? Terry?
  3. I really wish I had XbL when Halo 2 was in it's prime
  4. They will probably keep it all in as the 8,000 or so people that still play Halo 4 are the only ones who want it all there. The 180,000+ who left obviously didn't want it there, but will probably not return even if they made it classic.
  5. Well, they're both terrible ideas, but considering you can't get rid of sprint I think it's worse. Also there's less chance they'll get rid of sprint than PO as there are quite a lot of people who actually want sprint for whatever reason.
  6. Sprint is probably the worst thing to even be in Halo.
  7. Pretty happy the BR is back, just hope it doesn't sound as horrible as the Halo 4 one.
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