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  1. The fact that the code is written for original Xbox, whereas the game itself would be on Xbox One? There's hardware differences, not to mention you can't just take ancient spaghetti code and "make it 60fps" just like that. Honestly a full rewrite, if they did it with the intention of reproducing the game exactly, would be cleaner and work better.


    I think you are asking for "exactly the same code" when what you actually mean is "plays exactly the same way". You can make a faithful reproduction with a different codebase, one that works _better_. See for example the comment about hit registration.

    Good point, didn't think about the hit-reg..

  2. There's so much I want to type here it would honestly take ages.

    No it wouldn't. You could go into the Appearance settings and change it and whenever you pickup a weapon or start with that weapon it changes to how you have it customized. Similar to how they did it in GoW 3.

    If they have a full black BR then its all good....unless it still sounds like a robot shitting out small balls of metal really fast.

  3. E3 in a nutshell:


    - 343 Representative: "We wanted to bring something new to the Halo franchise, but maintain the look and feel that Halo players have known and love"

    - Begins demo

    - Master Chief sprints in and uses some form of armor ability, jumps back and shoots the enemy with a blooming DMR

    - Community collectively groans but proceeds to overanalyze the shit out of the 30 seconds of footage we get, insisting that it won't be that bad


    343: "We've been listening to our fans, so we're releasing Halo 2 Anniversary.....with the Halo 4 engine for the multiplayer"

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  4. I really like RUL and Greenskull on their Halo news. He tells you the facts and then goes off on a tangent on what he would like or think would happen but he makes it very obvious that this is just his predictions and not confirmed. He appeals to a more casual audience but you will no doubt get any new information very quickly


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