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  1. Damn it, missed the first half.
  2. Getting a bit heated in here, think I'll come back later....shitting myself!
  3. I just want no loadouts and the BR as the main range weapon. Either BR & AR or BR & Magnum starts.
  4. Wait, couldn't they just put Halo 2 on dedicated servers? Wouldn't that get rid of the bad hit registration?
  5. Wish I could be paid to talk complete dog shit. People at IGN are lucky.
  6. There's so much I want to type here it would honestly take ages. If they have a full black BR then its all good....unless it still sounds like a robot shitting out small balls of metal really fast.
  7. I dont see what's wrong with that though? If they just improve the graphics and make it 60fps then what matters?
  8. I have similar memories to you, but for Halo 3. Really wish I had the internet and started with Halo 2. If H2A doesn't have its original MP I will be so pissed off!! Surely 343 aren't that stupid?
  9. Oh Jesus, theyre going to release it on H4's engine aren't they? -_-
  10. One of those things where you have no idea what to say. Just how is that possible? Must of been a typo!
  11. Yeah, something like Far Cry's map editor would be great! Would also like some kind of copy and paste so it will be easier to make symmetrical maps.
  12. Wish we got to see him in the prem :/
  13. Not possible until Halo Wars 2 is out
  14. 343: "We've been listening to our fans, so we're releasing Halo 2 Anniversary.....with the Halo 4 engine for the multiplayer"
  15. It gets people hyped for the game, so who cares lol.
  16. I have a feeling 343 might get rid of the DMR and make the BR a 3 burst out of scope and a single shot in scope. I hope that isn't the case though. Would rather just have both with the DMR being an on map weapon.
  17. You know after all this hype about it getting remade, imagine everyone's anger if it doesn't get made after all :P
  18. Yeah, I'd personally rather it not be in the game.
  19. I usually watch all HaloFollowers videos, don't agree with his opinions though. He is one of the people that like all these loadouts, perks, ect -_-
  20. Is there any other Halo channels on YouTube that do real news? and not speculation.
  21. Sandtrap might actually work on a game with decent hit registration to be fair. Avalanche for me was only good when you have sniper or laser and going against a team on that map was horrible, just keyhole battle the whole game.
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