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  1. Bio, motto, and gamerzone were useless and dumb. I'm glad that's gone. And name's are in the next update (already available for people in the preview program).

    They added personality to the profiles, how were they dumb?

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  2. Let's see what we can discern from this picture they posted.




    1. They have multiple people play testing something on Xbox One (as evidenced by the Xbox One controllers, and Polk Audio 4 Shot headsets which are for Xbox One).


    2. Unless Halo 5 is already in a playable state, they aren't playing Halo 5.


    3. They could be playing campaign co-op on the rumored port collection, but there are 6 people in this picture and might be more off camera. (Possible that they are each playing SP campaign at the same time, but doubt it)


    So I think it is safe to say that we will be getting some kind of MP Halo experience on Xbox One this year. This picture is probably the most solid evidence we have gotten to be honest.


    Getting me pumped for E3.....I need H2!

  3. Is getting a bit ridiculous In my Opinion. All the games with all the multiplayer in Xbox One? Eh... no offense but a Halo 2 Remake is enough, why having the whole Chief series with their multiplayers and features? Seems like a waste of resources, time and opportunity.


    I mean, in my opinion, having a Halo 2 more balanced with the modern and better features such as Forge Editor, Better Theater, Spec mode, Leaderboard, Better ranking system, Netcode, Dedicated Servers, etc... is way enough and could literally obliterate the last 3 Halo games. Having every Halo game in one game seems like a waste of resources, the majority would probably go to the original trilogy, or the first two games while H3 and H4 become not that popular. Not mentioning dividing the whole freaking community not with settings, but with games.


    Having everysingle campaign and a Halo 2 MP Remake seems more reasonable and better. It's just my opinion.


    This is definitely 343's best option, although the thought of playing Halo 3 on next-gen sounds pretty great.

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  4. Could be pretty good, it's all about them releasing a finished game this time. I LOVE BF4, but the bugs are so annoying. I spent 4 hours doing the campaign to get the collectables trophy for it to not even work/didn't get the trophy :/

  5. Would love this so much, and now that 343 have put the game back another year, there's literally no excuse for it to not be in the game. People been asking for it for ages! Think they were hinting at something like this before Halo 4 was released, then turned out nothing happened so I think it will be in H5.

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