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  1. I hope that's not the case, although I cant see how they could stop modded controllers from having a big advantage.
  2. I'm wondering if they will support stats? I really miss stat tracking for Halo 3. Would love to have stat tracking for the first 3 games and they could just continue Halo 4 stat tracking as they are. Anyone heard anything about this?
  3. Kinda bad news, when playing MP you HAVE to be on the new Halo 4 graphics. So if you where hoping for Halo 2s better player models, medals, not having "Sniper kill" written on your screen think again.
  4. Will Halo 3 still have a terrible net code? Will we be able to play all games on Bumper Jumper?
  5. Can't you just play it on the old graphics though?
  6. Yeah, it was much better in the later games for me too.
  7. I haven't played since the patch, can you even notice it?
  8. They might aswell be there for people who want it, which is probably most. It's not like you have to write anything in them lol.
  9. They added personality to the profiles, how were they dumb?
  10. This x100000000000000000. Probably the thing that I hate the most about the Xbox One is there isn't the gamercard. Hope they bring it back, along with the 360 profiles; name, location, motto, bio.
  11. I downloaded it in hope my pretty old laptop could at least run on low settings....it's laggier than a Mexican host.
  12. This is definitely 343's best option, although the thought of playing Halo 3 on next-gen sounds pretty great.
  13. Could be pretty good, it's all about them releasing a finished game this time. I LOVE BF4, but the bugs are so annoying. I spent 4 hours doing the campaign to get the collectables trophy for it to not even work/didn't get the trophy :/
  14. Me too, but it's always had a terrible one, that lack of people playing and stats are what kills it for me.
  15. I still play H3 regularly, but it has a small player count. It's hard to even find a game in some playlists, also it takes a lot of the fun out of it when they don't bother tracking stats for it anymore :/
  16. Definitely get rid of the pointless bloom.
  17. Pretty much what you said, but I didn't like the reloading animation on H4, so any of the previous animations are fine to me. I think the scope on H:CE was the best, also if it sounds anything like H4's terrible sound I'll be mad.
  18. Would love this so much, and now that 343 have put the game back another year, there's literally no excuse for it to not be in the game. People been asking for it for ages! Think they were hinting at something like this before Halo 4 was released, then turned out nothing happened so I think it will be in H5.
  19. Agreed on that, I like Oblivion much more than Skyrim. I was addicted to Oblivion, where's after like an hour I am bored of Skyrim :/ Oblivion was also a better looking game for me, much more colourful.
  20. Halo 2 have more aim assist in general than Halo 3?
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