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  1. They'll ruin it in some way. I wouldnt trust them to do it at all, but im guessing there'll be a Halo game next year and my bet is on H3A.
  2. Cherlie Intel are saying there'll be a trailer tomorrow.
  3. Looking forward to replaying the campaign too. My favourite CoD campaign.
  4. Personally hope they keep it the same. But if there has to be changes, I'll be hoping for small ones. Basically keep the weapon balance the same and just replace bs perks like Martyrdom, 3x Frags and Last Stand with perks like reload while sprinting, Flak Jacket and Scavenger.... Just hope they don't mess with the game too much and they don't make the graphics poor with over the top lighting like in newer Halos.
  5. My ten maps: Crash Ambush Vacant Overgrown Pipeline Crossfire Chinatown Backlot Strike Countdown So hard to choose. I basically love all the maps in this game which is why I'm gutted they aren't remaking them all.
  6. Id imagine it'll be available for a standalone purchase a gew months after launch. This is just a way to get people to get the special edition. Also wouldnt be surprised if they did this in future CoD games. Probably why BO1 isnt backwards compatibility yet, theyre probably saving it for a remaster.
  7. So would I. I havent really enjoyed any game on current gen consoles so far, but Id be addicted to CoD4.
  8. As long as they're all in the game eventually I'm happy. Also I personally liked downpour, although I prefered most of the maps over it. CoD4s maps were great overall.
  9. They're either only including 10 maps so they can release the rest ad paid DLC or they want it as bare bones as possible because they know people will chose it over Infinite Warfare. No excuse not to include all maps really.
  10. I bet they'll sell it separately a few months after launch. Also only half the map count? :/
  11. The hate from the community would be huge if they don't include MP. They'd be stupid to not include MP imo.
  12. That would be good. I would prefer that than a new game. Although I would worry about an MCC all over again.
  13. Yeah me too. Although I did love BO2, the recent CoD games have been poor if this leak is true and has MP I'll hardly play any other game. Does seem too good to be true, even if it is true there'll be something to ruin it...lets hope not though.
  14. I loved CoD4 and its not nostalgia saying that I can honestly go back to that today and be addicted again. If it doesnt have MP or this isnt real im gonna be so pissed.
  15. True, but they'll get so much hate for it. I think theyd be better off including MP. I will be so pissed if it doesn't though.
  16. The leak about it containing CoD4 remastered.. please god be true. Its all I'll play.
  17. Connections have got bad for me too. I've stopped playing at the moment because of it.
  18. It was like a month before I fully got used to it. Couldnt go back to a standard one now though.
  19. The shot reg is so inconsistent. Its by far the worst Ive played in a CoD game. Shame because this isnt too bad, although Im desperate for a boots on ground CoD game that's good.
  20. Last night was one of the best in my life. Cant believe it, another famous night at Anfield
  21. I actually prefered the playlist without the titans for some reason. Definitely looking forward to this though.
  22. The shot reg has got a lot worse in the past couple of weeks.
  23. If you play regularly then yeah no reason not to if you have the money. I only got it in the first place because I was fed up with the sticks breaking on the standard controllers (the Elite has a much stronger build). I was planning on not using any paddles, but I put two on. At first they kept getting in the way and it was annoying, but once you get used to it, its great I couldnt go back to having no paddles now. It does have a steep learning curve though. Overall I'm completely happy with buying it and would get another if this one breaks.
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