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  1. I really hope in the next Halo games you can select a 'same country' search, I've played in games where everyone is from the EU on H3 and the connection is still poor. Once me and some friends done an 8v8 all of us being the the UK it was literally the best connection I've played on in my life on H3.


    I didn't play amazing, but I saved it in theater, just for the fact that the connection was so good.

  2. Ah shit, might have got the date wrong. But yeah I cannot wait, Halo is back.

    All we need is some big league announcing that they will have it on the circuit (UGC has it, MLG will probably follow)

    2014-'15 is looking bright, the dark days of 2010-'14 are over.


    Well, the one good thing about it being a Friday release is that we have the whole weekend to play it :). Yeah, I really can't wait, gotta wait so long though!

  3. In my opinion, voting has killed Halo's map variety. I enjoyed Veto because you still got something you wouldn't normally play. Halo 4 turned into Halo: Haven thanks to voting. I would honestly prefer veto or no voting at all just to keep the replayablity.

    Completely agree with this. Even if you have to play a bad map now and then, it's a lot better than playing the same map over and over again.

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  4. Hopefully "Strongsiding" is useful again in Halo 5... The Reach/Halo 4 engines seemed to allow for headshots to occur through the back of your body, which is great if you're using the Sniper or something, but not for lower tier/utility weapons.


    I really loved that mechanic in Halo 2 and 3... Kinda made your escapes more thrilling and intense lol.

    I hope they do this, I dont understand why things like this even change in the first place.

  5. Wow, someone made a troll thread 2 days ago on waypoint completely taking the piss out of people who want a 1 to 50 ranking system, then continued to take the piss out of those people with some Infinity/Halo 4 fanboys, and the OP hasn't had his posts flagged as non-constructive, nor has the thread been locked. It's pretty pathetic that as long as you're being non-constructive and outright disrespectful in defense of Halo 4 and 343i's current design philosophies, then you'll get away with it every time. You would expect more from the mods on the official website of a AAA game, or at least you would hope to.



    I'm so glad that we know now that Halo 2 Anniversary is a thing and that we'll be getting a ranking system that 'Halo 2 fans will enjoy'. I've had about enough with the days of Halo being catered exlclusively to non-fans.


    That's pathetic, I've been banned for much less than that, 343 need to sort it out.

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