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  1. I'm loving this, including MP, but feel it would of been much more interesting without ADS.
  2. I really hope in the next Halo games you can select a 'same country' search, I've played in games where everyone is from the EU on H3 and the connection is still poor. Once me and some friends done an 8v8 all of us being the the UK it was literally the best connection I've played on in my life on H3. I didn't play amazing, but I saved it in theater, just for the fact that the connection was so good.
  3. I'm 21, but I didn't have the internet back then. I did play like 20 games of Halo 2, but they were all pretty much all on the same map I think. I'm looking forward to playing them all. I can't even remember what the ones I have played on were like.
  4. I can't wait to play Halo 2 to see how good the maps are, I hope nostalgia isn't talking for the people on this forum. I loved the Halo 3 maps, but if the Halo 2 maps are way better then I cant wait!
  5. I think you'll find its called "going skiing"
  6. Well, the one good thing about it being a Friday release is that we have the whole weekend to play it . Yeah, I really can't wait, gotta wait so long though!
  7. So you should be hyped for 14th As that's when it's out over here, right?
  8. Either way I'm pumped, as long as theyre balanced, no complaints from me. Did they mention anything about stat tracking?
  9. Does anyone feel theyre messing with the game too much? I'm not sure atm.
  10. Damn, this is a good game. Hope Chile win.
  11. Completely agree with this. Even if you have to play a bad map now and then, it's a lot better than playing the same map over and over again.
  12. I'm still confused, will you be able to play on the classic graphics on the 6 remastered maps? I swear they said graphics switch is only on Campaign.
  13. I hope they do this, I dont understand why things like this even change in the first place.
  14. I liked the map. I thought it was best for SWAT and FFA though.
  15. I really hope it does end up releasing on the Tuesday, what's the big deal about it being on a Friday ffs!?
  16. Why have they not even officially confirmed it yet? It's annoying.
  17. That's pathetic, I've been banned for much less than that, 343 need to sort it out.
  18. Damn it! I already booked the week off. Might aswell take the following week off now.
  19. I wouldn't want more maps, got enough in the game . I'm happy with what we already get.
  20. Will dedicated servers definitely help with the terrible bullet reg?
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