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  1. It just looks bad... lol


    But yeah, I loved the H2/H3 ragdoll, headshot back-flip. And wow, now that you mentioned it, I never even noticed that Halo 4 didn't have the death screams! Haven't heard any in any of the gameplay's yet either, unfortunately...


    It does make you wonder why they take these things out. Hopefully they put them in Halo 5.

  2. Kind of a small thing to complain about but I really wish they'd do something about the ragdoll physics when you fall off of the map... The whole "top heavy" falling head-first thing that the Spartans do looks super awkward.


    Granted it doesn't really mean anything for the gameplay but it just annoys me when I see it... It bothered me in Halo 4 as well lol.


    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. Also they should just bring back Halo 3's death animations, they were pretty unique. Dat backflip when sniped! Also, they need some death cry's back too, has anyone heard any on the H2A gameplays? :/

  3. I hate random spawns. If a team is getting spawn trapped, it's simply because the opposition team is more skilled, random spawns give the less skilled players a chance in an unfair way in my opinion. You could get a set up and start spawn trapping, then you're suddenly getting shot in the back, so the guy gets an easy kill.

  4. Honestly since the release of Halo 4 I have just learned to not get my hopes up anymore...with anything. It has just been nothing but "buuuuuuuut this" or "buuuuuut that". There is always a catch with anything that seems to be awesome. I am sure a lot of us agree that even when the ideas are in the right direction, there is just always something that makes it fall short. It baffles me because a lot of these features have been around for awhile and worked. Just take it and run with it...

    - BR is back? 5 shot and sounds like a mouse fart (Yes I know it got fixed but only after serious backlash from everyone.)

    - Put shots on a sniper with the BR? Get your head ripped off due to terrible "flinch".

    - X's are back when someone dies? Gone in one second

    - Skill-based ranks are back? Can only view them on website

    - Remade Ascension? Giant shield in the middle and no button glitches on any remastered maps.

    - LAN on MCC?!.....must be connected to the internet......

    - No more armor abilities? Spartan Abilities (hopefully it isn't bad though)

    - Pick up flag...cant drop it

    I know this is probably an xbox one issue but I am just not getting excited when Microsoft tries to make sweet announcements anymore. I just sit there with a flaccid look on my face thinking "We will see". I really hope they nail it with Guardians.


    The Halo 4 BR sounded terrible in first person, but when other people are shooting it it sounded good to me :S

  5. As would all modern Sci-fi FPS attempting to be fast-paced MP titles. Every-time a fast-paced Sci-fi MP FPS is forced to use ironsights, somewhere Doom and ID die a little more inside.


    The hipfire is surprisingly accurate in close quarters combat, but its still not reliable. I still haven't given up hope that there will be weapons with more accurate hip-fire than in the beta, and maybe even weapon/class upgrades to allow us to hip-fire more accurately.


    Bungie should know that in a heavy movement shooter with shields that accurate hip-fire makes for the smoothest and most dynamic gun-fights. Look at how many more ways there are to die in Halo comparison to CoD, it breeds more versatile/intuitive gameplay and in turn enhanced replay-ability.


    Completely agree, but it's not just that though. It would just be nice to play a FPS without ADS for once, it's getting boring as it's so generic to have ADS now. Time for someone to make a game unique.

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