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  1. It does make you wonder why they take these things out. Hopefully they put them in Halo 5.
  2. Just make the darker areas less dark and I'll be fine with that, even if it doesn't look entirely realistic.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. Also they should just bring back Halo 3's death animations, they were pretty unique. Dat backflip when sniped! Also, they need some death cry's back too, has anyone heard any on the H2A gameplays? :/
  4. I hope the rest of Halo 5 doesn't look like Halo 2 Anniversary/Halo 4. I hate them Spartan models .
  5. Yeah, I like OG Sanc best, it's more 'clear' the new graphics makes it way too dark in some areas.
  6. Hope that gets changed and the health bar is on top.
  7. Bravo told me on twitter that health bar on OG Halo 2 will be in its normal place next to radar, would prefer it on top to be honest. Also didn't Halo 2 have name indicator's the same colour as the team you're on? So if you see a blue enemy, his name indicator will be blue?
  8. Wonder if playlist EXP will return from Halo 3, missed that in Reach and Halo 4.
  9. I wonder if every playlist will be ranked, or will there be social too? I am so hyped about the ranking system, but don't want to sweat it out all the time haha.
  10. I hate random spawns. If a team is getting spawn trapped, it's simply because the opposition team is more skilled, random spawns give the less skilled players a chance in an unfair way in my opinion. You could get a set up and start spawn trapping, then you're suddenly getting shot in the back, so the guy gets an easy kill.
  11. The Halo 4 BR sounded terrible in first person, but when other people are shooting it it sounded good to me :S
  12. Reach still had potential for me. I don't care if bloom added skill or not, I hated it either way, maps were terrible the only ones I liked were the anniversary ones and obviously AA's were just a joke.
  13. Used to love that level where you were on the covenant ship. Purple....purple everywhere!
  14. Will you guys be on here launch day or will you be to addicted to even come on?
  15. Indeed they are, too many, disappear too fast and too small too.
  16. Not as bad as H4's Generic Kill one.....oh dear, how unrewarding was that!?
  17. I think Reach did the medals just right, not too many, not too little. Hope they stat track over all the games, including the medals.
  18. Isn't the limited edition case the same size as a normal one?
  19. Ok, thanks for the reply. Might pick it up then!
  20. Completely agree, but it's not just that though. It would just be nice to play a FPS without ADS for once, it's getting boring as it's so generic to have ADS now. Time for someone to make a game unique.
  21. Is the response time good? Was thinking of getting it, but not sure.
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