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  1. Think I've asked before, but can you get the Astro emblem in REQ packs?
  2. 'Competent' being the worrying word.
  3. I keep messing around with the settings and can't find any that make the aiming good, it's so annoying.
  4. Really hope specialists don't return from BO3. I didn't mind them at first, but now they're just starting to annoy me tbh.
  5. Thanks man, much appreciated! I only need to get M&KB and Windows after getting all this, then I'm set. Thanks again.
  6. Ok, cheers. If you get the time could you make me a build please?
  7. So I still havent got round to getting my PC yet. @@Synyster you linked me this last year: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/cnsc99 Should I still go for it or is there better options now? Im planning on doing YouTube at some point and I'll also wanna play a wide variety of games from racing sims to shooters. My price range is £750-£800. Also how hard will it be to set the whole thing up, considering I'm someone who doesnt know a lot about PC's and has never buit my own before?
  8. After going back to BO1 this weeks, I really want them to go back to boots on ground. I thought I wouldn't like the slower pace and lack of boost after playing so much BO3, but im enjoying it a hell of a lot more.
  9. Yeah definitely can agree with that. Especially with art style, both Halo and CoD look very different from what they used to look like.
  10. I actually love the CoD series, but there's always been one thing that annoys me, and that is the guns dont shoot straight. Theres too much randomness in the spread. I understand its a casual game anyway, but if they made the guns shoot straight I might have a little more care for competitive. Similar to some problems Halo has had over the years really.
  11. Anyone else getting terrible connections?
  12. I played this for the first time today in like a month and a half. Is there any news I should know about? Any aiming fix coming or anything?
  13. How's it play? Any frame rate drops?
  14. I always used to switch between both scopes, but used the Acog more as it made the M40 1 shot kill.
  15. What are they doing to the aiming? Are they fixing it?
  16. M40A3 with an Acog scope. Took no skill, but still felt so rewarding.
  17. Gonna be pissed if they dont remake Ambush. Loved that map.
  18. Oh god. I worry about population if it wont become available separately.
  19. Theres a stream in around an hour. I think theyre just talking about the game.
  20. For all the hate IW is getting and love CoD4 is getting. I wonder how the community will react if they came out and said IW is campaign only.
  21. IW looks like it'll be bad. All about that CoD4 remake.
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