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  1. Can't believe its 2 years already. So depressing, I've found it hard to even buy games since then, I usually wait until they are a couple of weeks old. Lost all trust in developers lately. I'll never get over how demoralising MCC was and still is, was more hyped for that game than any game I've ever played and they were all games I've put loads of hours into already. Worst thing is thinking about what could have been. Pretty much 343s last chance to save this series and they fucked it.
  2. Dont see anything wrong with them in social personally. Not a big fan of equipment though.
  3. But surely it would improve your enjoyment of the game?
  4. Out of curiosity as most of you guys hate H3 on here. What would you think of it if it was fixed in H3A? So there wasnt spread, dedicated servers, fixed movement and aiming, FOV change, ect. Would you still hate the game? Would it completely change your opinion and enjoyment in any way?
  5. If they announced H3A I'd just be worried I'd be broken like last time or they'll ruin it somehow.
  6. Did they get rid of pressung Y to get an overshield quicker?
  7. "We would have fixed the game by now, but we forgot it existed"
  8. It seemed fine to me and worked great with the hogs either side. Maybe the hogs were a little too easy to use on Standoff, but as far as I know the BTB community would consider it as one of the best BTB maps ever made in Halo.
  9. How is it a garbage map when its one of the most popular BTB maps? What makes it garbage?
  10. For me H3 had vehicle balance down perfectly. They were really strong, but not the easiest to use. Vehicles in Halo games after H3 were way too weak.
  11. The problem with Halo 5s Ghost is that its too easy. I dont mind the handling, but the guns are just too easy to get on target.
  12. We might as well just make a H3A thread at this point haha.
  13. Personally thought the AR was fine in H3 on lan. I wouldn't want too many changes other than what obviously needs changing like the BR spread and FOV.
  14. I played a game, done the update, then played another game and it definitely feels better (still bad), but it did feel noticeably different. Could just of been a good connection or whatever it is that makes the aiming magically better some games and terrible in others. I'll keep playing.
  15. People will still buy H3A because its a Halo game. They'd be mad not to remake the most popular game in the series. No brainer really.
  16. A working and improved H3A is probably the only thing that would get me back into the series by this point.
  17. I loved H2A campaign graphics, it was how it should have been done. It was basically a layer over the original. Where they fucked up is with the MP, basically looked and played like H4. If they're to make H3A, they need to just layer over the graphics, I dont want to be playing a Halo 5 mod. If they do that, fix the problems it had, maybe add some more maps and put it on dedicated servers I'll be on it all the time. I think it could bring a lot of peope back if done correctly too. EDIT- CoD4 remastered will save CoD, H3 remastered could save Halo.
  18. Honestly, I'd prefer to go through the frustrations of MCC over H5. I just can't play this game consistently, if they fixed the aiming that would make a huge difference, but I'm pretty sure that won't ever happen.
  19. Not even ranked and everyone in the lobby were Onyx. WTF?
  20. Haven't played in ages. Did they do something to the BTB maps? Frame rate is really bad and I cant remember it being that bad.
  21. Yeah, I'm really worried MWR will have very low population. Never thought of that
  22. Difference is that the CoD community jumped onto the bandwagon of complaining about getting "the same game every year". They changed the game, now are pissed off at the developers for changing the game. Now CoD is going to be in the same situation Halo is in, theres going to be people wanting both 'versions' of CoD, its now gonna have an identity crisis and the community will become split and toxic just like our community.
  23. Yeah, its pretty infuriating, what is it with this franchise and dissapointment!?
  24. Yep. I couldn't wait to get my mates into H1 and H2, what a huge dissapointment.
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