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  1. This H3 playlist is easily the most fun I've had playing Halo in years. It's amazing how it can suddenly be fun just because it doesnt have all these AAs, sprint and pointless shit in it.


    Even with the problems it still has it feels more like Halo to me than anything else I've played in H4 and H5.

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  2. I know what you mean but i think it depends on the style of map. I agree maps built from basic pieces to look like human installations for instance def look better in H3 but some of the forge maps in the infection playlist for example look really good. I think the area where H5 forge really shows its strengths is in puzzle-style maps, which i do like to dabble in from time to time.

    Yeah some do look good. Its just the art style if anything is what puts me off.

  3. Exactly, Halo should be MS main priority when it comes to the games on this console. How on earth could they let the game that made this console franchise get to such a low point.


    They should have done whatever it takes to get MCC up and running in working condition and to help population numbers.


    In an ideal world for MS, MCC and Halo 5 would be 1 and 2 on the population charts. That would also more than likely help sales as people would see how good Halo is doing and want to get an Xbox One.


    They really have no idea what they're doing, and I seriously worry about whoever the person it is that decides how modern Halos games should be made because we've strayed so far from what gave MS a chance against Sony in the first place.

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  4. Lmao...

    Why is anyone still playing this game? (Not trying to be smug, genuine question.)


    If I want a Warzone experience, I'd play a game that does it better like Battlefield.

    If I want a competitive experience, I'd play a game that does it better like CSGO.

    If I want a mobile experience, I'd play a game that does it better like the recent CoDs.


    What unique experience does Halo offer anymore?

    That last line really hits you about how much Halo has been messed with. I loved the original trilogy because it was something completely different and unique to itself.


    The sound, art style, gameplay and mechanics were in a league of its own. Even if it was an arena shooter, its definitely not a traditional arena shooter. Its completely different to UT, Doom or Quake or whatever else you'd class an arena shooter.


    Its completely lost all its uniqueness now. I really miss the old zoom, no sprint, completely unique art style, and the general simplicity of the old games.

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  5. When MCC was released I bought a trip to the Canary Islands for my family ($5000) but I stayed home. I had take a whole week of and I was so hyped to once again play all my favorites. I thought I was worth it after working my ass of for many years. I still remember the day and....ehhh...I played Halo 4 on 360.

    I think I can remember you posting about this on the day it released.

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