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  1. I understand it's point lol. It was just too overbearing though. Games on maps designed around the laser could just simply snowball out of control too fast and too easily. Even in games featuring two teams that are relatively equal in skill.


    The Laser made vechicular combat very one sided as one team would have all or most of their vechiles up while the other team would be unable to get any vechiles up and running.


    Outside of the Laser most anti vehicle options (outside of other vechiles) were very ineffective.

    I guess so. I think just making the Laser harder to use would help a lot. It is a bit OP and too easy to use.

  2. You can't be serious lol. Vehicle balance was horrid in h3.


    Whoever gets laser wins. That was the entirety of the "balance" on most vehicle maps. Whichever team had laser could insta kill the other teams vehicles off spawn and the team without laser would have very few effective ways to counter vehicles since all their own vehicles were out of play.


    For all the talk of how halo does such a good job with vehicles I've never been super impressed with the vehicle balance in any halo game.

    Thats the point in the Laser though its an anti vehicle weapon. There were plenty of other weapons to use if you didnt have Laser though.

  3. Yeah, vehicles need to be much stronger. The BTB sandbox was perfect in Halo 3, the vehicles were strong and so fun to use, but there were a good amount of options on map to help with destroying them. Laser, stickies, PP, Missile Launcher, Rockets, Turrets and Power Drain.....even the Bruteshot could help a lot.


    Halo 3 BTB is the most fun ive had with Halo.

  4. When I play Reach big team, I'm always checking out recent players while searching and a couple months ago I saw the original "Halo" gamertag, but the person ended up dashboarding before getting locked in and went to avatar editor. Kind of crazy I ran into that GT, cause he only had 15 Gamerscore and had barely played Reach. His k/d was something like 17-33 and don't think he's been on since.

    I just checked his tag and he still has 15 gamerscore. I think the account is dead now. Bit of a waste.

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  5. I know that the updated version of Deadlock has had all DMRs removed from it (as well as fixed spawns) but it isn't in MM yet.


    We've been playtesting AR/Mag BTB for a few weeks now and as long as the map pool supports it it plays much better. Warthog gunners especially can survive a bit longer and not get instantly melted by the head magnet that is the BR.

    So we might be getting Pistol starts in BTB in the future?

  6. See I want to say the same, but some maps would be awful once a few people grabbed BRs. Deadlock (I think that's the Standoff one?) would be terrible.

    True. I guess the only way around that would be to remove the BRs and DMRs. Isnt there a community BTB playlist coming out? Can you make your own BTB maps and send them to 343 to get them in the playlist?


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