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  1. Nah I was playing some 2s on MCC earlier and the lobby broke multiple times, we struggled to find games, and the post game lobby literally turned my headset off until I plugged it in again after each game. You can't even make this shit up. Its crazy how broken MCC is lol.

    I played it earlier and couldnt deal with the shot reg.

  2. We dont even need the DMR and BR in this game. At least theres an excuse with having the LR and Carbine....1 precision weapon per 'race'. The DMR is just an easy to use Pistol, the BR is easy to use even if it did have aim assist and bullet mag reduced.


    I think a good middle ground would be to make the Pistol a 4 shot and make the kill times of all the other precision weapons longer.


    If I had it my way I would just get rid of the BR and DMR from Arena and leave them in Warzone. Along with making the Pistol a 4 shot.

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  3. It definitely doesnt help that there are so many precision weapons in H5. 343 were saying how theyve made it really easy to change how to weapons work before launch. Yet we're like 4 months from launch and still have a terrible utility weapon, Laser is pointless, Sniping is too easy and infact basically all the weapons are too easy.

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  4. 343 maps are just a clusterfuck of things in the way and loads of places to camp. Why cant they just keep it simplistic.


    Also I really dont understand why they cant add some good competitive Forge maps to matchmaking. Seriously we have the best Forge ever and it's the only one that doesnt have Forge maps in matchmaking.

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  5. Doom 4 MP resembles Halo more than any other IP out there. The movement, pacing, jumping, all resemble Halo to the T. Yes, there are loadouts and the weapons are different of course, but if you're a Halo fan, you'll likely be a Doom 4 fan. The biggest detriments are loadouts and the "monster" pick up. The rest is solid for a Halo game. Now if you're expecting a Doom game from Doom 4, I would dodge it like the plague to save yourself the stress.


    I wouldn't count on the game's longevity though. If id has proven anything in their history, it's that they can't support a game if their company's reputation depended on it (which it has). We'll see I guess. SnapMap does look promising though.

    It does look good. Ive never really played a proper arena shooter before, so I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations. Will it have a BTB type of playlist?

  6. XIf4b2J.jpg


    Dude has his highest rank in Griffball. Like many people supposed already, H5's version of social is literally the exact same as the ranked playlist. Only difference is that your rank is not showing in game. Stats such as K/D or W/L count in as well with the normal ranked arena stats.


    While I maybe won't have to care about my rank dropping, it is in no way a fun, chilled or social experience at all. I get the exact same experience as in ranked arena just without getting rewarded with a rank for trying


    I have to disagree with how social playlists work at the moment.

    This is really annoying. I would play this game all the time if it had real social.


    I dont wanna play Warzone as I find it boring, we just need some social arena playlists so bad. If this released with real social playlists the population probably wouldn't have dropped so bad.


    The majority of players are casuals who'll only wanna play social, so when there isnt any social for them to play theyll just leave the game.

  7. Thanks for playing. Hopefully they switch BTB to AR/Mag starts and adjust the on map rifles to compensate. It certainly helps the Warthog have some kind of role rather than just being abused for its driver's hitbox when capturing Strongholds.


    Yeah, all they would have to do is make the snipers harder to use, then Pistol/AR starts would be perfect for BTB. Bored of being cross mapped. I would rather snipers be taken out of BTB in order to have Pistol starts, than to continue with what we have now.


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