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  1. huh?i charge a plasma just fine. It only fires when you release it



    an issue i'm having is when a guy strafes all the way one direction, my controller has a hard time going all the way to that direction. I dont know if that's slow turn, or just my sensitivity

    Can you? I swear it doesnt work because youre not pressing the button all the way.

  2. i really wish the domed sticks werent so high. Why send two of the same height? They're too tall. i want a shorter one



    i use one paddle, on the bottom left, and am finally getting used to it. I use it for grenades since i play boxer. i cant imagine using one on the right side, let alone all 4



    The sticks were weird at first, and i was having sens crisis. Figured it out, and it feels great now.



    The build quality is excellent. No controller compares.




    i also like the lock to make the trigger have a shorter distance. It does feel like i'm shooting faster. Dont know if that's just a placebo or not

    I definitely prefer it with the trigger lock, but unfortunately it means youre unable to do certain things like charging a plasma pistol, vehicle boosting, ect.


    I dont use them for that reason. Shame as I definitely like them better locked. Still love the controller though.

  3. H5 is a great first step. They just need to refine everything and double the content at launch.


    Observer mode should of been there at launch

    BTB should of been there at launch with dev maps

    Forge should of been there at launch, continue to add onto it

    Warzone firefight should of been there at launch

    No campaign scoring/speed running features, in addition to a subpar campaign

    Griffball/Infection/Bomb/Oddball should of been there at launch

    Overgrowth+Riptide+Noctus should of been there at launch

    Warezone should of been way less static at launch, continue to refine it

    Tons of small QOL things

    Split screen minimum, some kind of LAN would be nice


    All that for H6 AT LAUNCH with some small sandbox changes (longer re spawn on autos, BR smaller reticle, decrease magnetism, non shitty corridor maps etc) and it will be a huge success IMO. H5 will continue to have a slow population drop until it ends up like h4 unless they make it F2P which I think they might. My main train of thought is focusing on Halo 6, we have a great foundation to build on IMO.

    I would of preferred Overgrowth and Riptide to never been made lol.

  4. Dawg, the pistol in this game is more of a "niche complimentary weapon" than almost any other gun. The reason it's kept a lot of the time is for things unrelated to pure damage output (such as faster ready up speed). If you think the pistol is even close to equal to the rifles I would tell you to play a 4v4 custom with one team only using the pistol, and the other team using literally any other rifle. You'll see how fun the balance is then. Smh I'm getting tired of the random ass gunfights in this game and being at a disadvantage off spawn. Losing a fight to some garbage kid just because he has a SR/BR is compete shit.

    It kinda reminds me of H2 and H3 SMG/AR starts, although its no where near as bad of course, but if the whole of the other team has picked up a BR or DMR, you're at a big disadvantaged when your team are only spawning with pistols.

  5. I dont play much BTB but decided yesterday to jump in and try out the new maps. For the 1st time I noticed my damage indicator would be a greenish blue when hit with friendly fire or friendly grenades.


    Has BTB always been like this or is this something new? I didnt get a chance to try out any other playlists to see if its in there also.

    Pretty sure its always been there.

  6. "Safe option"


    Why are we still trying to assume we NEED DMRs and BRs

    Thank you. We dont need these two weapons in arena. Its making precision gunfights too inconsistent and lowering the skill gap as they're easy to use.


    Theres nothing wrong with just keeping them in Warzone.


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