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  1. I think releasing this game incomplete/holding content back ruined it from day one. It didn't help maintain the population at all.


    Either 343i aren't good enough to make a Halo game in 3 years or they're simply deluded in thinking releasing parts of the game that should have been there at launch over time is a good idea.


    How about release a complete game, then add more content over time to help maintain its population.

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  2. Hey guys. Ive been off the forums for awhile. Whats the overall consensus of halo 5 multiplayer?

    It's good, but stupid decisions stop it from being really good. The maps, no real social and a lack of community are my personally biggest problems to me. Also hate that Theater is messed up, too much bullet magnetism, and there's too many things missing that should be there.


    The gameplay is pretty good though and it feels great to play on dedicated servers.

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