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  1. Can you? I swear it doesnt work because youre not pressing the button all the way.
  2. Definitely would like some in there, as long as they dont go overboard like Reach. They should just put a map in for each Forge map.
  3. I definitely prefer it with the trigger lock, but unfortunately it means youre unable to do certain things like charging a plasma pistol, vehicle boosting, ect. I dont use them for that reason. Shame as I definitely like them better locked. Still love the controller though.
  4. Think I'm the only person who likes the Sandtrap remake lol.
  5. Maybe Multi-team is on BTB maps because theyre seeing how pistol starts plays on them?
  6. Just a thought about SC. What if you can only do it with speed boost, but its a 1 hit kill?
  7. TeamBeyond when 343 dont make the Pistol a 4 shot...
  8. You must be going against really poor players if thats true. You can always see how the balance really is at high level gameplay, but I can tell how bad the pistol is and I dont even get higher than diamond.
  9. Been getting really bad connections lately.
  10. I would of preferred Overgrowth and Riptide to never been made lol.
  11. I thought H5s music was miles better than H4s, but nothing beats the original trilogy for me.
  12. It kinda reminds me of H2 and H3 SMG/AR starts, although its no where near as bad of course, but if the whole of the other team has picked up a BR or DMR, you're at a big disadvantaged when your team are only spawning with pistols.
  13. Keeps telling me it cant retrieve information from XbL...
  14. Sorry for being off topic, but did they shut down the H3 servers?
  15. Bringing back the H3 EXP system would be a good start. Make it so you get armour or skins or something if you get a certain amount of EXP. 5000 EXP to get some really good armour.
  16. Thank you. We dont need these two weapons in arena. Its making precision gunfights too inconsistent and lowering the skill gap as they're easy to use. Theres nothing wrong with just keeping them in Warzone.

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