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    Film Discussion

    Wait, are they on the UK Netflix?
  2. I'll get it to play until MCC comes out, looking forward to it, but MCC is kinda overshadowing it really.
  3. Nades

    Film Discussion

    Anyone recommend a good horror film on Netflix?
  4. Having a break from it at the moment, got annoyed with the scripting. Definitely better then FIFA 14 though.
  5. I think they probably done it on purpose to try get some people to buy another console when they release with a bigger storage version down the line. I bet some people have gone and got the AW limited edition Xbox One despite already owning a 500GB version.
  6. Hope they're for everything, even Campaign. Can't deal with more Campaign delay.
  7. Its a joke that the console wasn't 1tb at launch.
  8. Wonder how death animations will be like in H3, they were different if you had host, so with dedicated servers, was wondering how they would be. Dont want to lose that backflip :P
  9. Yeah, it's something that's definitely been needed. I missed the guide from the 360, this is similar so it's all good.
  10. Oh ok, my bad! Thanks guys, that's good news. Have to say seeing Halo in 60fps is weird....in a good way. My eyes are just not used to Halo with them 30 extra frames!
  11. Has anyone tried out the new update yet?
  12. They are using the terrible Halo 4 medals even on Halo 2 classic Have they said if we can switch to the classic medals? I know they said we can switch them off completely, but I just want the classic medals tbh.
  13. I'm gonna go on now to see if the AR's are now poop.
  14. I'm still pretty annoyed they didn't nerf the Fusion Rifle for MP. The MP was great in the first week as everyone was using the same weapons, now it's feeling unbalanced and frustrating.
  15. So many good memories, best gaming days of my life. I can remember the week it came out, I was ill off school. I was half dead playing through the campaign, but still loved it. Also used to love making new accounts and destroying randys, would be interesting to know how much Microsoft got out of Halo 3 just for the second accounts people made. It's not just the game that was amazing, met some good mates on there too. My favourite game, ever.
  16. How will stat tracking be? Is it going to be simplistic like just kd and games played or will medals and everything else be tracked? Also, will stats be tracked for all the games?
  17. Completely agree on that, death animations in Halo 3 were amazing. Also why were host animations different to non host ones?
  18. I've always thought Halo 3 graphics seem clearer, when playing Reach or H4 I can hardly tell what armour theyre wearing, on Halo 3 its clear as day what theyre wearing.
  19. Is it any good? Think I might hold off for the full game.
  20. Sometimes you can have too much. Reach being in there would be too many games for me, Id rather have a remade version of it to look forward to in the future.
  21. I'm looking forward to Destiny, that and FIFA 15 will keep my occupied until MCC. Kinda irrelevant but have they stopped stat tracking on Halo Reach? No ones stats are updating at the moment...
  22. The population on the MP games out at the moment for Xbox One is a joke, I know it'll improve over time, but most people are heading to PS4. That's as much of a problem as anything. Ghosts at peak times has just 30k on it, Black Ops 1 matches that to this day.
  23. As I said you'll be able to see it! Once you've seen it you'll be able to see if you like it or not, you know how they play anyway. Not a big deal. Dont blame me for the pricing lol.

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