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  1. With so many H3 playlists they might aswell take it out of Social Slayer that way I have more chance of playing H2 and CE.
  2. For me it was pretty good before the update, but it's been almost unplayable since the update.
  3. This game has got even worse since the latest update. Connections are an embarrassment.
  4. They released this update too early, not even close to fixed, the only change I've noticed is the shot reg is sometimes better on CE, H2 and H2A. The playlist update was fine until the last couple of days, cant find games in most playlists. In a perfect world they completely fix this game, add EXP, Reach, and then make the game free for everyone.
  5. Is there an actual reason why you spawn with your AR out on CE rather than Pistol?
  6. Just wish they would fix this game, then add H3s EXP system...would play it all the time. Would be nice if they added weapon stat tracking too it'd be nice.
  7. Does the PR slow movement down in CE on MCC like it does on the OG Xbox?
  8. I honestly can't tell the difference in the shot reg since the update. If anything at times its worse. I'm getting people telling me its perfect and when I saw some people's clips it looks like lan.
  9. Bungie are getting rid of some of the old Halo stats. Just thought I'd let people know in case anyone wanted to save their stats before being removed.
  10. Have they said anything more on adding an EXP system? Seriously think H3's EXP system should have been a staple in the series, it's perfect. Playlist EXP and your overall EXP gives you more reason to get on and play.
  11. I'd play Solace anyday over Molten.
  12. Haven't posted in like 6 months, but just wanted to come here and let everyone know Molten is the worst map in Halo history.
  13. Not gonna lie I think the H5 pistol is the most enjoyable weapon to use out of any in Reach, 4 and 5.
  14. H2A campaign art style actually looks like how I imagined the next Halo would look like after H3.
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