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  1. Hard Way is on a flight from Hawaii back to Ohio right now. We'll spend the week planning and peeing ourselves in excitement. Then I've got another buddy on a flight from Texas on Friday. This will be a fun weekend.
  2. I forgot to say that I have four of the old Xbox Cams as well as a newer Microsoft WebCam that a buddy and I used to use to stream old stuff.
  3. Hey everyone. This event will be at my house. to answer some questions.. My internet service is 30/5 and I do have Gigibit WAN if you have an AC band device. We have everything needed to support 8v8 Halo:CE (4 32" flat CRTs and 4 networked Xbox Originals) Then we have another three Xbox Originals ready to use. We have plenty of controllers, though I would encourage you to bring your own if you've got a favorite. Then we will probably take full advantage of the other two floors of the place. I have room for 10 or so stations on the main floor.. then another three or four in the spare room. And we have plenty of ethernet. Just bring a screen and 360 and we SHOULD be set. Obviously bring any extras that you might want to have.. copies of extra games etc...
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