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  1. Anybody looking to run H3 hardcore, add my GT: DOBZY
  2. Halo 3 1. Keep it as non-hitscan but improve the netcode for shot registration (especially not on LAN) 2. Buff the pistol 3. Multi-host instead of single host
  3. I seriously am confused to this day how anybody who is a fan of the Halo series from the beginning can even stomach to put the Halo 5 disc into their XBox. To each their own, but god damn. Some people must be a glutton for misery.
  4. My Halo 5 Strategy Guide: 1. Remove disc from XBox (or case if properly used) 2. Snap disc in half and discard into trash 3. Do anything else with your time 4. ??? 5. Profit
  5. I would rather eat a bucket of nails then watch people crouch and AR on Halo 5.
  6. Mixed playlists are poop. If people sign on to play BTB on H3, why would you expect them not to quit if Halo 1 gets selected? Because of some moral obligation to satisfy other's desires? Blaming the users rather than 343 is absurd, as unless you have no job or no life and can just afford to play games all day until you get what you want, most people have limited time to play and want to make the most of the limited time they have, because that's the point of gaming -- to enjoy the experience. I usually don't have more than 45 minutes a day to play video games because of being an old man with a demanding job, hobbies, etc., so I'm sorry if it ruins your day if I don't give a crap about Halo 1 BTB but you best believe if that's what gets voted I'm going to be betraying everything in my sight until I get booted. If you have a problem with that, contact 343.
  7. There should be no sprint, anything that takes Halo farther away from its core of structuring around gunplay should not be included. I don't need to sprint, ground pound, shoulder charge, and clamber to feel immersed. I need to be able to walk, strafe, and jump. That's it. Scale the maps appropriately.
  8. Add GT: DOBZY for Evolved Customs. Just shoot me a message that it's for Evolved, as I can't stomach to play anything other than this.
  9. A way to "exploit" the system is when you start off to only get bronze and silver packs until you've unlocked all the lower level requisitions, and once those are no longer available it will start refunding you part of the REQ points you spent on the packs. From there, if you purchase gold packs, you will basically be guaranteed to pull nothing but ultra rares or legendary cards as everything in the lower tiers has already been acquired.
  10. I am terrified of adding people from Waypoint or Reddit lol
  11. Does anybody know if there is a thread or list of people who actively play H3 customs? I just can't take H5 anymore (though I've hardly been able to take it, I think I have like 60-70 games of Arena total and Warzone is just boring), and I'm trying to find people to play some competitive real Halo with as Team Hardcore has been dead for months.
  12. If anybody is looking to play H3 customs, please add me: Do13zilla [that's a 1 and a 3, not a B]
  13. I wish kids who made Halo montages over the past few years paid attention to why this is amazing. It's not about getting huge multi-kills against morons in stupid gametypes, it's about being creative and making impossible small plays that completely demoralize opponents and leave you thinking and learning at the same time.
  14. Halo 4 in some regards looked really nice, while in other facets (or forge type palets) looked really poor. It was markedly better than Halo Reach. Halo 3 is surely the standard for how a Halo game is supposed to look. Even 8 years later the game looks gorgeous from an aesthetic standpoint.
  15. Nobody wants to watch vidoes of people banging on scrubs. It reminds me of when people would post videos of H4 gameplays with radar on and ordinances. Give me a break. Might as well just be screaming into the mic "look how bad I am!"
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