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  1. Yea man lol mic doesn't woek at all can't even get it to work on my PC as well
  2. They say you don't need a chat adapter you just plug in your headphones into mix amp which plugs into the xbox and thats how you talk
  3. My Power cord from Mix amp to the side of my xbox one and optical cable plugged in. My Headset cord from Mic to mix amp. Sound works fine just can't chat
  4. Hey don't know if i can post this here but was just wondering. I bought the New Astro TR for Xbox one and was wondering if anyone had issues like me with there mic not working when trying to chat on xbox one? i plugged everything in like it should be.
  5. At least he didnt get a swirly like Carsonz did in the Gears of War scene. Back in the MLG days
  6. For how many events the Sudds have been to now and how much they honestly play and all the chances they get i dont understand how they are not pro yet lol
  7. Yea that tournament they beat Warriors which was impressive but that best match to watch was them vs aptitude will never forget that match.
  8. Annex vs Rc will be most entertaining seiries I'm my opion. Maybe will see Contra go off on Omega again with the snipe Really want Annex to win though
  9. I hope its Warlock but just got a feeling its ivory tower
  10. Anyone wanna scrim right now message BooBad or Gunplex
  11. Team Name: BooBaD & Gunplex aka Swaggin Like Frodo Baggins GT BooBaD GT Gunplex
  12. You guys wanna hope on sometime this week and scrim me and Gunplex? Or are you gonna be bussy doing kick flips on your porch
  13. When you buy a new Xbox One, how many free accounts of xbox live Gold do you get? For how long exactly if you do (ex Free 3 month of Gold)? I was just wondering because about 3 months ago I made a second tag for Call of Duty Ghost to just play game battles on and i haven't put a credit card or anything on the account and I'm still able to play custom games all the time on it still up to this day!
  14. ^ so by the information I gathered from the info, you only play local events?
  15. Times have changed the scuff is gonna be allowed especially if MLG picks it up for an event!
  16. Team Name: Swaggin like frodo baggins Winner: swaggin like frodo baggins Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  17. Swagin Like Frodo Baggins Gamertag #1 BooBaD Gamertag #2 Superior Stoked
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