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  1. In Germany, a scuf controller costs me around 150€, will be the elite controller price. Im ok with that, no need to import a scuf for 150€ (would be around 180$ I think).
  2. Damn! H5 has now AR starts again and that ruins the whole thing totally! I hate that fucking AR Start! They dont learn from previous playlists decisions as it seems!
  3. Hello, need to go to work, cant watch the finals. Will the finals be available on YT or VoD in the next days? Or does someone capture the event? Thanks in advance!
  4. These German Halo Teams show up there... who comes from the states? Vibe - Zyruz - Septic - Brightside - Hybrid TBA - Buk 20 - Buk 57 - Xavi - Lethal TCM - Ramirez - Riotz - Chalkie - TuFoxy dzs - Speed - TriczR - BlizZ - Jobst TBA - Baller - Grizzly - Froop - LX TBA - Dukey - cRank - Element - TuLaShock sG - Anima - Danj0h - Strife - Sunrise DMM - Soul - AlienHunter - Dynamics - Floback NXG - HARDLINER - Snipemare - Nubcake - Nutsack
  5. They better have good TV Settings. I played the championship at gamescom last year, horrible lag because of stupid tv settings. Also only a few seconds to change your controls before the game started, so no chance to setup the tv to get rid of the lag. If that happens again this year its fail.
  6. Awesome, want to play H2C now! You know what Guys? Back then when Halo 2 has been released, there were not that much chances to record a game and share it with the world. I remember XBC and XBL matches where I went crazy, but I had no equipment to capture these matches, even not the know-how back then. Im happy for all you guys out there who can do that now!
  7. All I need to know is if I can play Halo 2 Multiplayer at Gamescom in August.
  8. I live in Germany. Jumper lives a few kilometers away from me too and I guess he might go to Gamescom too if Multiplayer is playable.
  9. On of the most important questions at the moment is, if the Multiplayer is playable at Gamescom 2014 in Cologne Germany? If anybody has contact to 343's Frank OConnor, please ask him! I would go to cologne and record some stuff and report about my experiences!
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