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  1. Thanks for the response. I just tossed a follow your way on twitter so I can stay in the loop.
  2. Speaking of FFA, does anyone know if they plan to bring FFA back for HCS? Even if it was only at the LAN tournaments I would love for this to happen. Do a Friday FFA, then the 4v4 tournament on Saturday/Sunday. I miss seeing who was the most individually skilled player. Plus Karma's run of the FFA tourny in Halo 2, back in '06 I believe, was legendary.
  3. I heard they bought their 50s this statement brought to you by a kid who only got to a 46,,,
  4. As much as I dislike the Sudds I wouldn't mind seeing them actually get a team that sticks together. I'm terrified of the level of cockiness they will show if they ever break top 8 in a game/tournament that matters though.
  5. Vibe was the name of the team that I couldn't put my finger on. I feel like I should've known since I was at the Season 1 finals(missed most of day 1 though). And thank you for the link I have given the account a follow so I hopefully wont miss it. Simms might have some more knowledge on that front but I don't know how to link accounts to a post.(Going to use this time to test the @ format. @@TheSimms ) This is gold btw: Septic left Vibe to team with the Sudds (lol)
  6. I didnt know that. I should probably look at the EU teams. I know about TCM but that is about it. I haven't really seen anything regarding EU Halo tournaments on twitch before either.
  7. This is actually a solid point. I always had the impression of Kampy though that he was just someone who wrecks kids in pubs but was never on the same level as the pros. But as to why faze would support him and not make a team is beyond me. Maybe they are waiting for the scene to get a little bigger before diving in? I can't imagine Halo makes orgs too much money as much as I love their support.
  8. All that matters is that I am in this video...even if it is my back(2:54 light blue shirt on the left). Cool video none the less.
  9. I dont mind the jump cuts. It seems to be the most popular video style now adays. He just needs to not cut mid word like he did quite a few times that video. But for a first attempt while sick it wasn't half bad. 6/10 would watch another video by him.
  10. After listening to it I don't really have a problem with it. He just sounded tired and a little salty. There didn't really seem to be an venom/hatred in his voice. It seems more like he was just having a bad night and people being assholes didn't help it. Should he get thicker skin, maybe. But I think the community could also do with having less assholes in it. I don't care if we aren't as bad as another community, we don't need to be like them. When I used to play H2 back in the day almost everyone I met online was nice. It has devolved so much since then, to the point of me using skype to talk to my friends so I don't have to talk to people online. That said the naded picture was hilarious and I am happy it was made, even if that does make my prior statement a little hypocritical.
  11. I would have to wonder if Walsh would take it over his current casting gig though. It would be cool if he could do both at the same time, but I would have to believe there would be a conflict of interest issue.
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