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  1. Seeing this new forge stuff makes me kind of hopeful. I'd happily grind this game again if we got some quality maps put into matchmaking. I honestly feel like shitty maps are one of the main reasons recent halos have sucked. Give us some good news maps, bring back all the old objective gametypes, and if they ever did throw us a "classic" playlist, I think a lot of people would come back to this game.
  2. This is tough. I really don't enjoy watching spray-and-pray 1v1s and I think most people feel the same. ARs as a pickup would work fine I think. I almost want to say pistol only starts would work since players will have to constantly move for weapons and the sandbox will be utilized, but that leaves spawned at a major disadvantage to any team with power weapons. As lame as it is, I think BR starts is the best option right now.
  3. Ah thanks for the clarification. I guess the hype is real now
  4. After watching the newest gameplay, I'm definitely feeling more optimistic. I still feel like it could use a few tweaks though. It would be nice if the AR had a slightly larger spread. It looks too easy to use mid range and most players are opting for it because of the pistols degree of difficulty. Mid range is where the pistol should shine. It also looks like the flag is an insta-pickup but someone correct me if I'm wrong. It's great that juggling is back but I feel like the skill of juggling gets negated since you don't need to worry about picking up the flag after you drop it. The only other thing that I haven't seen addressed and probably won't be is being able to crouch jump. I was really hoping they were going to use a different button for ground pound like holding melee so we could still ghandi hop and stuff but that's probably wishful thinking at this point.
  5. Can someone explain why we want the pistol buffed? I'm torn because I can see how faster kill times would be appropriate because of the AAs and such, but I also feel like the pistol looks pretty good as it is. Currently it does get out-classed by other rifles which I guess could be a problem but it would also promote weapon pickup which in turn promotes map movement. I'm thinking a pistol only start may work, either as it is or maybe a slight RoF boost would keep it in check. Definitely not feeling AR starts.
  6. Did they nerf the AR with that last little update? Feels a lot weaker now for some reason. Also I don't know if this has been confirmed but I'm pretty sure they took the CoD approach with nades and they seem to gravitate towards players. I've seen frags hit flat ground and turn at an angle and I feel like this may be to blame for nades being so strong. Anyone know for sure?
  7. I played a few games this morning and I feel pretty much how I thought I would. The Halo experience felt forced. If the sandbox was anything but classic Halo weapons, I don't think I'd be able to tell that it was a Halo game. That makes me sad Sprint - I mainly found myself using it just to get to battles faster. The shield delay is a nice touch I guess but it doesn't change the fact that people can still sprint away when they are weak and you will usually end up getting punished by the rest of their team if you try to chase down and clean up your kill. That shouldn't happen when you were winning your individual gun fight. Compared to H2A, I also feel slow when I'm not sprinting. Removing sprint and increasing base speed is an obvious fix, but it won't happen. Smart Scope- It's whatever. I don't mind the aesthetic change but for the love of God the sniper scope needs to go back to how it was; no ADS crap. Quickscoping is almost impossible now, making clutch snipes that much harder. Weapons - I thought the weapons felt pretty nice. AR is definitely too strong, especially with the scope. AR should lose to an SMG up close and lose to a BR anywhere around mid range. SMG should get a range nerf. Sniper, aside from the scoping, felt pretty nice. Though I did get a few "headshots" that I didn't deserve. Low aim assist is nice, but that gives even more of an advantage to the automatics. Nades felt pretty good, but I do agree with what someone else said that it is hard to tell where they are landing. Not sure why that is. Clamber - Not totally against it. Felt pretty natural, but I think the base jump height should be increased. Jumping in Halo was a skill in itself and clamber takes away from that a bit. Ground Pound/Spartan Charge - Stupid. Never attempted either. Got killed by a charge a few times and it is basically like the Reach double melee or commando in MW2: a crutch for people who can't shoot. Crouch jumping was a HUGE part of Halo and ground pound interferes with that. If they really want to keep ground pound, maybe make it hold or double tap melee while in the air, then crouch jumping can still exist. Oh, and I just played CoD: AW for the first time yesterday. Clamber, thruster, and ground pound are in that game too. ..The hell 343? Thruster - Actually not too against this. Didn't feel too overpowered to me. I made some nice thruster plays and didn't really feel cheated if someone used it against me. Flinch - GTFO Other than that, I didn't totally hate it. Midship felt a little to big, the other map seemed ok. Maybe a little too much geometry like someone said. TOO MANY MEDALS. Not a bad game but not really a Halo game.
  8. So got this update, got one game really fast then the map crashed or something. Tried again after the "server fix" and can't find anyone. Cool beans, man.
  9. Favorite Youtuber by far. I was surprised that a super bounce actually worked. Wonder what other ones we can still pull off.
  10. As much as we hate it, it looks like sprint is here to stay. So my question is, does anyone have any practical ideas for balancing sprint in Halo. (Besides "Yea, take it out") The no shield recharge is a nice touch, but is is that enough? I was thinking maybe getting shot while sprinting could knock you out of sprint completely for about 2 seconds or something. Also, since map design is an issue, what if 343 could just make small maps. I think of skyline and the pit remake in H4 where the maps were small enough to traverse without sprint and sprinting was kind of awkward because of the lack of space. Doing this could make sprint less useful without 343 having to remove it. What do you guys think? Any ideas?
  11. It's hard to say when a lot of people who have played it are giving it good reviews. I want to believe them, but they did that for H4 too so... It's even harder because I watched the entire H2A Invitational and it was awesome. Looked like real Halo and I thought that would be similar to what they had planned for H5. Watching the one H5 game today played by the same pros from the tourney was just not fun to watch.
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