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  1. It's not taught anywhere except the military. That's why there's so many bad managers. Also the Peter Principle is a huge factor. I know at my work there is zero management or leadership tutorage, lessons or mentorship. None. And they wonder why the leadership is so poor. Most people take the leadership positions as a "promotion" and not because they actually want to lead.
  2. 100% of the time crunch is poor leadership. 100% of the time. Reading about Halo 2's developement, it's Jason Jones's fault the crunch was so crippling. He was worn out and didn't delegate, leaving many decisions in vacuum.
  3. And Drop Shipped, evade and Camo in Reach. Removed in under a month from standard matchmaking.
  4. I would bet that PC gamers are second only to mobile gamers when it comes to whaling. You think Dota, LoL, World of Warships/Tanks and Warzone make millions and billions from all the PC players playing for free?
  5. I am a purist as well and I do not like, nor have liked, each Halo title since Halo 3. Reach, 4 and 5 are not particularly fun for me. As it's been 11 years, I've accepted defeat. Halo is dad, so perhaps this new game bearing it's name will be fun. I refer to campaign when I say echoing OG Halo. Both in style and substance. It will not emulate OG Halo campaigns, but there will be echoes of them within it. I do not speak for Snipe Three. Speaking of infinite, the "Sidekick" has become even more TACTICOOL:
  6. Prediction time: - Infinite will be a decent game, but not a great game on launch. - It will echo OG Halo but not compare with it. - The fact that it's free to play and crossplay will make a nice playerbase on launch. - Anyone expecting OG Halo will be disappointed, people going in with an open mind to a new experience with no regard to OG Halo may be pleased. - I will probably like it. Note: I have no problems changing any of these predictions once multiplayer is revealed.
  7. I have one and I love it so much. 4 Years old now and zero issues. The HDR alone is worth it, let alone the pure blacks.
  8. You don't like bullet sponges with no visual or audio indicators you're even hurting them only for them to teleport away when weak? What about most levels devolving into only being able to use promethean weapons and the Light Rifle running out of ammo so you have the "suppressing fun" rifle. Or the entire meta being "shoot the enemy with BR/DMR/LR/Carbine until you run out of ammo and then pray your shitty secondary can clean up the rest? I could go on...
  9. I'm about 80% convinced. Some people are just cooked.
  10. If it is Toast then it's closer to 120th. I am not exaggerating.
  11. The soundtrack was bad as well. Then came Halo 5's weird UI beeps, squeaks and pulses and super generic soundtrack. Hoping with the talents they've been scrounging MS Studios for can bring it back to Halo 1 and 2's genre-defining jumps.
  12. I think it sounds pretty punchy. I'd like to have more echo like how rifles sound in the open air, this sounds a bit too compressed. At least it's better than chopsticks-falling-on-a-metal-table that is the Halo 4 BR.
  13. They will be. Think about it: 1) It's a soft reboot. 2) It's set on a Halo ring. 3) People have been craving the flood since Halo 3 and 343 will be keen to show their version of it. I would be very surprised if they weren't in the game.
  14. They soft rebooted their entire studio
  15. https://store.steampowered.com/app/505740/Eximius_Seize_the_Frontline/
  16. You're cooked. The worst part is, and this really is the worst part, these features aren't difficult. I have been playing a brand new indie game that is an RTS/FPS Hybrid made by 7 people and it has one of the best observer modes I've seen in my entire life. Seven people made that game. This shit isn't hard, they're just bad at it. They couldn't even get aiming right on an FPS. I see many people that are so incredibly anti something that when I ask them what they're actually for they say "not this". Cool way to live. I don't give a shit what you hate, I want to know what you like. But they don't like anything, they just like hating. I feel 343 is like this. They've spent so long trying desperately to "not be Bungie Halo" that now with an entire generation between Bungie Halo and now they've realised they don't have any vision whatsoever and Infinite is the product of that identity crisis. They're trying to drag old fans into the new game with a taste of cLaSsIc ArTsTyLe but appeal to new gamers who don't give a shit about Halo and they'll fail at both as usual.
  17. I can get behind this just to assist players learning the map.
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