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  1. They got Shroud as well. Straight into the sub 10k viewers.
  2. It would never happen ever but I agree it'd be an interesting stat.
  3. I remember 6 melee's with a BR to kill.
  4. No. I made a post saying I'd like to play a gritty and realistic side-game set in the Halo world that had a similar vibe to SOTL. No-one else stated anything about it. The game's story is fantastic and it feels like the gameplay came secondary to it. The gameplay is like discount Gears of War but the story was so strong that I found myself wanting to keep going just to finish it. The theming, voice acting and character arcs are all fantastic and I don't regret it for a moment. I would actually say the same about Portal. I don't like Puzzle games and I didn't actually enjoy the gameplay that much at all, but the world building and story was so mysterious and inviting that I just wanted to keep playing to see where it went. The story carried me through. Same as INSIDE. Story can carry a game if it's good enough.
  5. Cooper is the ghost of shitposting past.
  6. Petition for My Namez BEAST to be renamed to "Upvotes every IcePrincess post within seconds"
  7. You will never know because he's with the Coopers now.
  8. I've been on the fence about this for a while but I'm heavily leaning towards no.
  9. Yeah but everything brings positivity if it's "good".
  10. It's ok guys we have the Slipspace TM engine coming for Infinite. There's no way 343 can break a brand new engine that hasn't been used before.
  11. "Thank you to the amazing broadcasters and observers who have educated, entertained, and excited millions around the world all while representing Halo in the best way possible" There's the six million Halo enthusiasts we know.
  12. I would not be shocked on any level but I would also be sad.
  13. You would love iCombat down here. iCombat is laser tag on crack. Your weapon is a 1:1 scale M4 rifle with modern optics. The magazine has a gas cylinder in it and when you shoot, it pushes the hammer back so you have recoil. Every 30 rounds you need to replace the magazine and cock the rifle. It's dead accurate up to 300m in daylight. That's not all though. You wear a "shock belt". When you get hit, it zaps you. Different levels of zap of course. You can take 4 hits (no cool down between them) and then you're out. It is legit the most fun outdoor combat activity I've ever done. Guns are dead accurate, look and feel awesome. There is incentive to not get hit (zap) and there's no need for facial protection. Also there are spawn beacons. You walk up, press the button and you're back in. One on each team. It is seriously awesome. There's also KOTH. There's a beacon on the map that counts the seconds alive players are within the vicinity. It's great.
  14. Pfft "new" arguments in Halo. That'll be the day.
  15. If you need to read the EU to understand the story than the story is garbage.
  16. Playing through Spec Ops The Line for the first time and whilst the gameplay is bland and cumbersome, the story is superb. I can actually picture an ODST sequel with a story like that. Imagine the Spartan IV program didn't go as intended and they started going on power trips with their new found strength and stamina. They go nuts, terrorizing the locals and make their own kingdom. Then an ODST team gets called in to take out this rogue cell and walks into a shitstorm. So you'd be fighting against Marines to start with then some spec ops then finally the Spartan IV unit. Be pretty cool. Not exactly "sci fi" but anything is better than Halo 4 and 5's story.

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