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  1. My only hope (and it's a hilariously unrealistic hope) is that Halo: Infinite pulls a Halo 2 where the campaign was under stress the entire time due to poor engineering decisions and ended up being a rushed shadow of what was intended... ... but the multiplayer never suffered or lagged because the multiplayer team was working non-stop for 3 years and other than environment artists being hard to siphon off, was essentially nailed. Infinite MP reveal, especially as it's free, could really go well. People don't give a shit about graphics in MP, most PC elitists wank furiously over their rigs only to have all graphics on lowest. They just need to show el-classico gameplay (no "special" game modes or "new cool things" just show straight up 8v8 CTF or 4v4 KOTH or something) with the new engine, limited abilities and some spartans backflipping once they get headshot.
  2. BTB is the best casual Halo experience cmv Agree with this 100%. If they do make arena social, make it 5v5. More players breaks the flow of maps and that is actually a good thing in social (imo) @Reamis25 and @HeX Reapers stop.
  3. I believe that post someone did where Halo 5 v2 was in development 2015-2018 and they scrapped it because of the very poor response and Infinite rose from the ashes in 2018 using some of the stuff they used in Halo 5 v2 but decided to sweeping change. It's painfully clear Infinite has had a terrible dev cycle. If the gameplay trailer had the same graphics as the 2018 E3, everyone would have thought "Ah ok, that's why." but to see those graphics for "next gen". Lol.
  4. Perfect Dark Zero was the last game I played with little to no bullet magnetism. It was S H I T. But also infection with 16 bots + 24 players was stupid dumb fun.
  5. The delay is great news. Delay means care.
  6. All I can think about this is Titanfall 2, which is hitscan. Titanfall 2 has to be the biggest ever example of "fun to use, not fun to go against." I cannot express how much this resonates with me. In Titanfall 2, sometimes I would combo my movement chain perfectly and some scrub sitting still can just mouse-over me and deck me because he hits instantly. I did everything right, yet I am still punished. I stopped playing that game because of this exact reason. No matter how good my movement is, if they can place their reticule on me, I am dead. No need for prediction or movement knowledge, just basic movement tracking. If I change direction, their second rounds of bullet may miss but the first hit even though I reacted successfully. If the game had projectile, my correct reaction would be rewarded with less or no damage. Side note: I am a believer that a good fix for Halo's precision weapons being balanced well in 4v4 but poorly in BTB is give them projectile that loses velocity and starts to drop after a certain range. This range is calculated based on the 4v4 maps max/median range. 4v4 maps are then entirely unaffected by the velocity decrease or bullet drop, yet in BTB players have to compensate for it allowing maps to have longer sight lines because hitting at range is exponentially harder (yet not random). Bloodlines is one of the worst maps I have played in my entire life. Hitscan BR that doesn't miss and one of the most generous snipers in Halo history. Hemorrhage is the same. Hitscan ruins those maps beyond words. Projectile > hitscan any day of the week.
  7. Now I know why adding a block option to chat triggered you so hard. You'd be blocked within seconds and be all alone.
  8. Coming from the guy that frequently complains that people on this forum pick on him. > Is an asshole > wHy ArE pEoPlE sO mEaN tO mE
  9. Yeah it's weird that H2A Campaign is so close to perfect in terms of visuals, yet the Elite's shields are so hard to see if you're hurting them
  10. At least in Halo 5 they tried to add bullet impact on the Prometheans but it was still appalling. In Halo 1 and 2, when you shoot Elites they glow, they groan in pain and if there's no shield blood comes out. If the shield pops they have a big shield pop effect. In 343's Halo they have zero indications you're doing damage until you pop shields. It makes all guns feel worthless. Imagine that when you shoot a Knight, they have a visual indicator such as molten metal pop out. Just ANYTHING to show each bullet is doing something. Such garbage enemy design.
  11. Has some fun encounters and decent scale but any mission vs Prometheans is boring to hell. Hope you like bullet sponge enemies that have no impact reactions and just teleport away when weak. Also hope you like only using the suppressor because there's no ammo for other weapons.
  12. So if you go the top right and click on your profile with the drop down arrow, there is a menu option for "Ignored Users". Go into there and you can add users to ignore. On mobile it's just one extra step: tap the hamburger menu at the top right, then tap "account" then you should see the ignored users menu option.
  13. Probably baffled why he does get more viewers and subscribers despite putting zero effort into building a community for 20 years.
  14. All the old Halo pro's do is bitch and moan. 90% of their streams are painful to watch because all they do is bitch and moan. Ogre 2's stream is just him complaining for 8 hours.
  15. I tried this co-op and it's super good https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/1 Edit:
  16. Definitely not what I meant by the post. It was solely from a personal perspective and was not intended to lay judgement on anyone else. There was once a stage when we had Josh Holmes (Creative Director) and Quinn Del-Hoyo (Sandbox Director) frequenting this forum and taking feedback. We also had feedback to ESL about HCS amongst other members. We did have some discussion with 343 here at one stage and they actively responded. I understand this completely. For me gaming needs to be challenging, but a type of challenge I enjoy. I don't play game that are easy, they bore me very quickly. Even in Halo, playing against people that can't shoot back because they're so new/bad is extremely boring for me, as is the opposite (being stomped). I get my kicks from close, tight games that are fun and balanced. However, I have a few friends that despise difficulty. When they game, they want to relax and not think. It's an escape. That's why we play games like Deep Rock Galactic/Insurgency Co-op and Helldivers (though holy shit Helldivers gets rough). Halo 3 BTB KOTH for example gives me this. It can give really tight, close matches whilst still being casual and fun for my friends who aren't interested in sweating it up in 4s. Yeah that's why I labelled it "Actual review" because a lot of people were 343-can-do-no-wrong-just-adapt-halo-boomer and then there was the 343-can-do-nothing-right-you're-bad-halo-zoomer so I wanted to be more objective compared to others. Especially trying to move beyond just talking about graphics.
  17. Here's how I see it: I'm done hating on Halo. We're never going to get classic Halo back with the exception of MCC and I am having a fantastic time playing it, warts and all. Hating on it has gotten me nothing and nowhere. Playing it has given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Complaining about BR spread, bloom, sprint, clamber, AA's, art and all the rest had given me some enjoyment and catharsis for the poor decisions that have been made over time, but you know what? I still have almost 1000 hours in MCC since launch, I still organize Halo 1/2/3 campaign playthroughs with my brother at least once a year. The boyz still get on and play BTB matchmaking for fun. Hating on Halo has got me nothing but... well hate. I said it before: The more I visit this forum the less I enjoy MCC. If I have a gaming night coming up where we plan to chill and play some Halo 3 BTB, I don't visit here for a few days. Competitive Halo has been on life support since 2011. It's done. Anything done now is a resurrection and kudos if it succeeds. I've moved past pretending this place has any influence over Halo's future and that discussing every semantic to death is worth any effort. If 343 can release a game that looks like Halo, sounds like Halo and plays at least mostly like Halo that's great. But more importantly I just want to have fun. I want to hop on for a few hours with the boyz and capture some flags. I have a full time career, I have my hobby in my YouTube channel that passed 50k subscribers this year, I'm getting married, buying a house and training for a triathlon. When I game, I want something fun with a hint of competitive to get my blood running. If I play with friends, I want something we can have a laugh and banter about whilst we play. I don't particularly want to play a game then go on a forum and bitch about every issue with it anymore. Bigger fish to fry y'know? If the game is bad, the aiming doesn't work etc. etc. then Halo will remain dead. I've had 19 years of enjoyment, that's ok. There are other games to play these days. Besides, we've already got the dream: we can try the new Halo without paying 343!
  18. Super keen to roll Firefight with the boys when it comes out.

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