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  1. If the game was good it wouldn't have systems that suck.
  2. They should just make a game that doesn't suck
  3. I have no doubt it's built off the Halo 3/R/4/5 engine, but the fact that they're giving it a fancy new name means that they want it's name out there. That way they can add "slipspace" onto things. Such as "Gears 6: Powered by Slipspace A MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY"
  4. Can we all take a minute to appreciate @Vyrst's contribution to this thread.
  5. I did not like the animations on Reach. Not talking about the "duck 'n' dodge" move, which I loved, but just the general moving around looked stiff. Might have to play in 4k60 though (haven't played since relaunch) to appreciate them better though.
  6. Putting gameplay aside, after Halo Wars 2's art style comeback I'm excited to see how Infinite looks. A nice return to when the series was at the forefront of gaming will be awesome. Not Megabloks friendly white curved architecture Elites are dumb brutes and dumb brutes are removed Halo 4/5 nonsense.
  7. I have 2.0 post to post removal ratio. I have 148.0 warnings given to warning received ratio. I have matured past the need to react to every post that calls me ou- Shit.
  8. Next person to unironically post stats or ask for someone's GT to check stats in order to validate their self worth gets a weeks ban.
  9. Halo 2 has the best movement by far imo. Yeah but if we make all 30 weapons weapons the same then anyone can use anyone weapon. Idiot.
  10. Is it a "jump" if you're letting go of a piece of driftwood to get on board a luxury yacht?
  11. Look at the name of the Steam group and look at what they're all playing. PC gamers think they're better than thumb twiddlers because their input choice and rig allows games more complexity in both features and play. But this means nothing. The massive majority of PC gamers drag knuckles with the rest of us.
  12. You seem to be mistaking "elitism" for "intelligence"
  13. This is actually a great point. These people are the people that give money without thinking. You know Anthem, the total failure dung heap mess made $3.5m from the online store in the first month of release? I always ask myself "who the fuck are these people that bought loot crates and shit in a game that doesn't even work and is shit". Then I play Reach and see someone running in a straight line over and over and over again, take 20 minutes to pick a weapon up from the ground and go 5 and 32 with tool of destruction frag grenade. Then proceed to rejoin matchmaking and do it again. These people make you rich.
  14. I also have heard stories about that. Anthem, Army of Two 3 and Medal of Honor all struggled with it. The pipeline is apparently SHOCKING.
  15. I still believe Slipspace will be "Microsofts" engine. So Gears of War will be moved to it, Fable 4 and Halo. Like Frostbite for EA.
  16. I still believe that if you have AR starts and DMR secondary these people would be happy because they wouldn't notice.

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