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  1. If you didn't think the campaign was in an absolute mess after the reveal then you're a big ol' goose.
  2. 'How to never ever learn from your mistakes: the 343 story'
  3. 343 love overpowered power weapons. Rockets have a 65km explosion radius. The sniper adds a 65km hitbox onto enemy heards. Binary rifle is a one-shot kill rifle that somehow got playtested and then someone thought "yeah ok". I know Halo 2 has some atrocious weapon balance but 343 had 15 years of console online mutliplayer to look back on and still fucked it.
  4. There were no large rooms though, only tight corridors and small rooms. Bungie's issue was that they couldn't get the scale of Halo 1 working with stencil in a way that performed. If you watch the Halo 2 E3 demo the environment, particularly geometry and textures, is sparse and bare. The demo itself chugs hard. It is a huge shame they spent so much time on that engine and how Bungie leadership was so poor. The levels like "Covenant Ship" which was between Cairo Station and Outskirts (you board the ship and blow up it's reactor in a wraith) were replaced by cutscenes. Game would have been way better with that level. But they squandered it with poor management.
  5. If you ever wondered what Halo 2 would have looked like on it's original stencil engine, go play/watch Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Has stencil shadowing and was same era. Great looking game.
  6. I'm already riding the wave but for a completely different genre and I want to continue this. If it dips I'll get back around to it or if I get more free time.
  7. I really want to make a video called "343 Hate Halo" because it's true and I have all the evidence but my own YouTube channel is in the midst of 400% growth and I taking time away from that to work on an anti-343 vid that will get 500 views is probably not worth it. So let me just say it here. 343 hate Halo and are slowly but surely erasing it's history and legacy. Oceania have always been at war with Eastasia.
  8. I wanted to buy it because of that big, pretty map but watching others play it I can't see anything that would make me stay beyond staring at scenics. I feel like the worldbuilding outside of the visuals is poor. As you said: meh. However, I'd be happy to pick it up next year (I haven't bought it yet) if it's smoothed out and not $90. Also prediction time: Infinite will be a generic action game that's not terrible but not amazing and die off in 12 months. I'm not predicting a catastrophe like MCC, more of a meandering drawn out wringing like Halo 5. With sprint and clamber making the movement the same as the last two CoD's there's nothing Infinite can offer that those games can't except for combined arms warfare and weapon pickups. They need to really nail the BTB to keep the game relevant imo. Combined arms should be the selling point and I don't mean Warzone because Warzone in Halo 5 makes me puke.
  9. I haven't preordered a game since Halo 3 and that's because it physically ran out of stock on shelves. Since 2007 that's not a problem though and preordering is for idiots.
  10. It's actually a proper next-gen game. It's a shame they even bothered releasing on older stuff as it's so good on newer stuff.
  11. As long as the Binary rifle fucks off a cliff.
  12. Yes, but I want the bullet to be on a flat trajectory until beyond mid range, then it drops. So find the longest range on 4v4 maps then make the bullets drop after that. This way it balances BTB maps a little more as you can't just hitscan map people (Reach and H2A have this as a crippling issue). Halo 3 soft-fixed it by adding spread but this is a dogshit fix. Projectiles that lose a little velocity and drop a little after range would mean shots at long range are actually earned in BTB. But I would not want it to affect 4v4s.
  13. But it does and it's never going away.
  14. I've been thinking about this and sprint can work in Halo (hear me out) if you stop sprinting when shot. Additionally, it should be a very mild speed boost anyway. Sprint is in Halo for a few reasons but the main one is that most tourist and casual gamers like having a button to press that lets you get from A to B faster than normal. If you are in BTB or Campaign and there is a big open space in front of you, having a button and animation that plays making you get there faster is nice. But, if it was made an out-of-combat only crutch than it would be fine. Once hit, your character stops sprinting same as descope. Additionally, if the speed boost you get is very mild, it won't break map flow. Of course I would rather it just go away but it never will so I can see ways to make it work.
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