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  1. It's existence for example. Battle Canyon. I think it's my favourite Reach map.
  2. After 24 hours finally got into Team Hardcore and everyone said it feels like a different game... and they were right. I love it. Also people need to take less notice of the AR kids. The SMG kids spammed the forums when MCC came out and 343 removed SMG starts and increased the weighting of BR starts in Halo 3 regardless. The silent majority prefers BR/DMR starts just like the silent majority prefers no sprint. Just breeds negativity bringing that shit over here and bitching about it.
  3. Mythic Arena is a hybrid between new and old Halo experiences Players will see base movement speed, strafe acceleration, and jump height increased. In terms of Spartan Abilities, only Thrust and Stabilize remain with a few reductions in their effectiveness. Because the movement and scale of the maps is smaller than the typical Halo 5 map, we found that two-melee kills were becoming too powerful during our testing. As a result, we've opted for a three-melee kill system that should bring more depth to close range engagements Keeping to follow Halo 5's precedent, Power Weapons follow a static timer
  4. If anyone wants a fun party mode, get zombie race from my file share. Game mode and map are in there. Zombies in mongeese have to try and get to the end of the track whist the human knocks them off the edge. Took us a while to make but I remember it being a great salt cleanse after matchmaking. GT: Shekkles
  5. Laptop yes, Desktop no. It's on the known issue on the support site though. Tell your shirt friend her girl is pretty.
  6. It looks like vehicles are 17km away and when they splatter you on the ultra high FOV
  7. 100. Playing on a laptop on my TV and anything higher looks weird. Anything lower feels like a disadvantage.
  8. When is the great @Hard Way vs @TheIcePrincess match happening?

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