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  1. I really enjoy how much you've committed to the pringles brand.
  2. Halo 3 maps change completely with zero spread BR. It's not even the same game. It changes that dramatically. Source: El Dewrito.
  3. I went from 50 hours in MCC to 200 when I found out. Also I really can't decide which Halo I like most of the original trilogy. They all came at important moments in my life and also became important in my life. I think I love all three equally. I can't ever choose which one I like most.
  4. I've only ever met one person in real life who genuinely preferred SMG starts. I asked them why and they said "because the people with BR always kill you over and over." He was the most thumbless player you have ever seen in your entire life. The kind of player that trades sniper for needler in Halo 2. Worse than that, he'd walk over the needler, stop just out of pickup range for a whole second, run back and overshoot again. He'd repeat that 500 times, finally get the needler and die only to scream ceaselessly about how broken the BR is even though he died to a grenade. Needleress to say, every time I see someone who prefers SMG starts all I can see is that guy in my TAFE class.
  5. They said "Everyone calls it Gears anyway" at E3 last year. Edit: Source.
  6. We still don't have playable Brutes.
  7. ^ Person on forum created specifically to discuss the competitive side of games.
  8. I hate people that like 2019 over 2018. 2019 is clearly worse and people need to stop living the lie that it's better than 2018 just because it's the latest.
  9. It's almost as if being able to shoot from spawn is good for gameplay.

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