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  1. I big part for me was someone somewhere just went "fuck it, everything looks shiny and new. We're going with that and we're owning it." And boy did they own it. Game's art directions hold up because of how well unified it is. It's fantasy enough to avoid ageing through "lack of realism" and focused enough to shine where it needs to.
  2. Paging @MultiLockOn Why would you pre-order a game in the first place? That's like betting on a horse that has lost every single race for 10 years.
  3. You know when you're so scared of failure (e.g. an exam or test) that you fail? I feel that's how 343's leadership works.
  4. Swapping seats in the warthog without getting out
  5. Nope. 343 locking that down so they are the source of truth on everything Halo.
  6. Each post has a report option to the top right.
  7. Would you say that it was a... big show?
  8. My biggest takeaway from that video is that Recharge is one of the worst maps ever made. It reminds me a lot of Riptide and Riptide was one of the worst maps ever made.
  9. Ok my ban is over what the hell happened here
  10. No that's rep abuse and it will get a ban. Speaking of which I broke the rules earlier today so I have to give myself a 24 hour ban.
  11. I would agree with that but 7 headshots to kill with the starting weapon is silly and not fun when the other starting weapon takes less time and less aiming to do the same thing. Or I could play another game that's fun.
  12. I agree with this. I am firmly against it being permanently disabled. Even though I perpetually have all chat disabled myself, I would never wish that experience taken away from others. I do agree with @Geaux Andrew that all chat being removed is too far and a bad move. That'd be like me wanting the shotgun removed because someone corner camps with it. Just don't go in that corner...
  13. It's not about removing toxicity, it's about allowing people who aren't interested in it to not be exposed to it. One of those controls is the ability to disable all-chat. I want to play a multiplayer game, do I need to tolerate relentless insults from other players just because they feel like it? That's not why I'm playing the game. I shouldn't have to be dragged down to your level just because you want to upset people. There are plenty of people that get off on shit talking and that's fine, but for the people that aren't interested, there should be controls to avoid that behavior such as mute/disable chat.
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