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  1. https://www.pcgamer.com/the-story-of-halo-2s-iconic-multiplayer-maps-tight-deadlines-a-tiny-team-and-a-visit-from-napoleon-dynamite/ Interesting read of the Halo 2 mapmaking process.
  2. Hey I've just decided to get in on some of this esports cash so I started my own esports company. We're new on the block but we're going to be a big name before the year is over! The team name is 100% WILL NOT FAIL so make sure you get that #100%WNF hashtag trending on social media! I borrowed $250,000 from the bank in a short term loan, but I've spend most of that on getting shirts and mugs printed as well as signing my two best friends as social media manager and general manager. We're looking for talented young Halo stars in this alive and thriving series to join us for $250 p/w as long as they stream 30 hours a week and change their twitter handle to @100%WNFplayername. We're also looking for some cool media talent. I noticed you've made some images and stuff for other brands, would you be interested in making a logo for us? My grandma tried to make one but it was a knitted jumper and I couldn't scan it well. I can pay you in exposure through our twitter feed which will explode when we win our first big Halo 4 tournament and I can also organise getting you a pair of BRAND NEW Astro A40s. hmu when you can, this offer will not last!!
  3. Only Halo Spartan Assault, Halo Wars, Halo Wars 2, Halo 5 and Halo 4 remain.
  4. > I love Halo 4, the story is great > I can't remember the campaign Arlong pls
  5. If your story requires external content to be appreciated your story is bad. However, as I said, I think the story was handled well and had some cool moments. Gameplay matters a lot to the story, though not entirely. Perfect example is Spec Ops: The Line. Gameplay is medicore at best yet I have finished it three times for the story.
  6. It had some cool moments and I think the whole basis of the story being the death(AI death?) of Cortana was excellent and they actually handled it pretty well. But the pathetic quick time event ending in combination with poorly fleshed out descriptions and buildup for the prometheans combined with absolutely gutter-trash encounter design make it shit. If I believed you could watch an analysis video without getting bored I'd link you one. To quote a YouTube comment I saw earlier: "Makes sense why 343 Industries is named after Guilty Spark: They seemed to have good intentions at first, but ended up betraying us instead."
  7. Halo 5's story is so bad it made Halo 4's redundant. Why have Cortana die when she just pops up in the first 15 minutes of the next game? Also if you want a giggle, watch this and skip to 22:18. Bungie knew it was a bad idea.
  8. I would have a lot of respect for 343 if Halo: Infinite starts with chief slumbering in space and rampant Cortana had infected his mind, making him dream up Halo 4 and 5. He wakes up and realises neither of those games ever actually happened, it was just Cortana going crazy, and Halo: Infinite is where the story actually starts. It'd be a big cop out but boy would it be nice if Halo 4 and 5 were wiped from the canon.
  9. This is exactly what happened to me. I was so focused on "fair" and "balanced" and "focused" and "competitive" and "skill" that I missed an entire section of the game raging in ranked. Then I started playing with some more relaxed friends who only played social and I really started appreciate more of the Halo sandbox. One of my best mates is an awful shot but an phenomenal warthog driver. Running around in the Funvee always a good time. 100%. Longshore has so much hate but I love it! Also High Ground.
  10. BTB on Assymetrical 1 Bomb/1 flag maps such as Zanzibar, Burial Mounds and Terminal is an underrated Halo experience. I love it so much, especially when things get close as the time ticks down. Man Halo 2/3 really nailed the social part of Halo. I love competitive Halo a lot, hence being here, but god damn do I love me some social Halo as well.
  11. Sorry but I like BTB and therefore you're wrong ok? Isn't that how the internet works? Ok for starters, this is good transparency. Imagine if they had zero communication on this entirely (hello, 2014!)? This is, quite literally, almost complete transparency. You're criticising the wrong element of this. It also makes rational sense to merge two bugfixes into a single hotfix rather than have two seperate ones. The bureaucracy that large companies have to get through to make even small patches go live is substantial, so cutting this guff into a single patch makes sense. I get all the 343 hate, I've posted enough of it here. But at least complain about the right things. Complaining they launched it in this state: valid. Complaining about their support team tweeting the specifics of a hotfix and it's status: stupid.
  12. Zanzibar is a more iconic (and better) map to the franchise than Blood Gulch cmv

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