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  1. 343 haven't done well with the maps at all. Getting Uplift every second game is a joke.
  2. I like Turf but the corridors are too tight for anything other than nade spam and shotguns.
  3. @Boyo After reading his profile the actual ban reason was because he kept going on about how bad a players dad's parenting was for letting them play games. Like he would not drop that shit. Edit: Beast was correct, other than the above he was just captain contrarian. Mix that with condescension and you get conversation derails all the time.
  4. He was a passionate young man who thought that insulting everyone all the time was the best way to roll.
  5. If the game was good it wouldn't have systems that suck.
  6. I have no doubt it's built off the Halo 3/R/4/5 engine, but the fact that they're giving it a fancy new name means that they want it's name out there. That way they can add "slipspace" onto things. Such as "Gears 6: Powered by Slipspace A MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY"
  7. Can we all take a minute to appreciate @Vyrst's contribution to this thread.
  8. I did not like the animations on Reach. Not talking about the "duck 'n' dodge" move, which I loved, but just the general moving around looked stiff. Might have to play in 4k60 though (haven't played since relaunch) to appreciate them better though.

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