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  1. Would you rather be so forgettable that your posts are ignored?
  2. Nice to know the gif game is still on point around here.
  3. Sometimes. Mostly it's just "Dad please notice me". "Dad don't leave."
  4. Pretty much how it feels to be a Halo fan.
  5. Definitely. Unfortunately strafe is nerfed even harder by 343's obsession with bullet magnetism.
  6. Generally my ideal Halo is: The movement of Halo 2, the art of Halo 3, the guns of Halo 1 and the UI of Halo: Reach. Not verbatim obviously, just as a groundwork.
  7. Man the Halo 5 sniper is embarrassing to watch. Reticule is 15m away and it hits the head.
  8. I call it map-splat movement. Because all the maps have been splatted. By the movement.
  9. im not steph im tim. R U gon b on fortnight 2night?
  10. That is pretty cool. I love custom games for that kind of stuff. Just not matchmaking...
  11. The amount of salt I see about this is so hilarious. Just like the CoD beta when the PS4 pro's were absolutely crushing it. Crimsix even played a full game with aim assist off and dominated which was amusing.

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