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  1. The gimmick doesn't last long enough unfortunately
  2. Picks up flag: Capture the flag you doughnut. Dies with flag: How can you do that?
  3. I am a little embarrassed that as a grown-ass man I would also be tempted to have Gordon Ramsay voice my Halo AI. I would rather his UK personality than his US one though.
  4. Well my original character was NC but my Outfit play Vanu because on Soltech Vanu are ALWAYS underpopped and we like a challenge. So... SPANDEX BUTTERFLIES IS MY FACTION. I mean it's free so it's not like there's any loss in giving it a go
  5. As someone that played organised planetside 2 twice a week, Planetside 2 has crippling, longstanding problems that are yet to be fixed or even addressed. Things are improving but there are core problems that must be looked at. The game is all about the titanic battles with hundreds of players yet those battles are usually confined to 4 corridors in a facility. It sucks. On the ultra-rare occasion you get an open, massive battle it is absolute ecastacy... ... but that is literally 1/100 battles. I hope with the new direction the dev's have (I understand they are a tiny team) that they can address some of these issues.
  6. I would very much like to see larger scale battles in Infinite. They have the power to do it now so I want to see it. Things like 5 scorpions and 10 warthogs driving in to 5 wraiths and 15 ghosts. Banshees and Wasps join the fight overhead. Grunts/Elites holding a big defensive position, ODST's drop down to disperse as Marines land in Pelicans and charge in. Don't need many, just one or two but damn. Gimme.
  7. NavG is a sincere, honest poster who has never given me any reason to doubt the veracity of his statements. Yes. NavG is my spirit animal. He does not provide "KoolAid".
  8. I think it's extremely important... ... In competitive. I don't have the time, interest or passion to play any competitive games these days. Most of the time I want to chill with friends, not shout call outs and get all roudy because a random didn't pull flag.
  9. I genuinely wonder how Reamis reads NavG's posts
  10. That's pretty introspective man, good for you.
  11. I don't particularly miss the age of mics. It had it's time, it was a fun, glorious and sometimes twisted time but I don't miss it.
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